EFI and Ricoh Announce New-Generation Fiery Servers for Ricoh Pro C901/C901s Graphic Arts Edition Color Production System

<p>CHICAGO,&#160;&#160; October 04, 2010 — The Production Printing Business Group (PPBG) of Ricoh Americas Corporation and EFI™ (Nasdaq: EFII), a world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation, today launched two new high performance Fiery® servers for the Ricoh Pro C901/C901s Graphic Arts Edition. These servers target a wide range of production printing environments from light production to extreme printing environments where advanced color management, high productivity and speed are critical to ensure success. In particular, the new Fiery E-41 and E-81 are ideal mission-critical printing solutions that handle the most complex printing jobs. Both systems offer the latest advancements from EFI in both hardware and new System 9 software, while the E-81 based on the Fiery QX100 platform offers an advantage, both in horsepower and standard configuration. </p> <p>“The Fiery name stands for consistent, professional-quality digital printing and with this launch we are providing increased speed and ease-of-use for our customers,” said Carl Joachim, vice president of marketing for PPBG, Ricoh Americas Corporation. “We’re once again pleased to have Fiery servers at the helm of our Pro C901/C901s, ensuring superior image quality, outstanding performance and seamless workflow management.” “The versatility, speed and reliable performance of Fiery technology is a great match to Ricoh’s Pro C901/C901s,” said John Henze, vice president of Fiery marketing, EFI. “EFI and Ricoh provide a combination of must have features and productivity-boosting options to ensure customers across a range of target markets have everything necessary to easily handle their printing needs.” </p> <p>Fiery servers provide the ultimate usability. Easy to manage Hot Folders and Virtual Printers produce finished jobs with one drag and drop command eliminating rework and errors. Fiery Paper Catalog enhancements optimize quality and streamline production for engine driven or print shop driven workflows. Additionally, the Fiery E-41 and E-81 offer a consistent and common UI that minimizes operator training, errors and waste. </p> <p>The new Fiery servers reach a new standard in image quality and consistency with Fiery color management tools including Fiery Spot-On, Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition, Fiery Colorwise and Fiery Color Profiler Suite. In addition, Fiery servers guarantee accurate output every time with user’s choice of Adobe CPSI or native PDF workflows with APPE. </p>


Totalflow is Ricoh’s New Global Brand for Production Solutions and Services

<p>CHICAGO,&#160;&#160; October 04, 2010 — The Production Printing Business Group (PPBG) of Ricoh Americas Corporation today announced a new strategy for solutions and professional services called TotalFlow™. TotalFlow is a Ricoh branded open architecture under which all production printing solutions will be positioned. For customers seeking to improve process efficiency and effectiveness, under the TotalFlow umbrella Ricoh will provide a &quot;one-stop&quot; experience, including both Ricoh and leading 3rd party solutions. TotalFlow provides four fundamental document processes for customers: Capture, Manage, Produce, and Innovate. The TotalFlow concept is designed to help manage entire workflows, simplify workflow processes and expand access to a wide range of solutions. </p> <p>Under Capture, Manage and Produce, TotalFlow offers a full range of offerings, including web-to-print, personalization, document and job management, and multi-channel marketing capabilities, all supported by Ricoh’s industry leading printing platforms. </p> <p>Innovate consists of services such as Ricoh’s newly launched Business Booster Program which includes a Resource Center, Consulting Services, Marketing Services and much more. The Ricoh Business Booster program is available today and can be accessed at </p>


Ricoh Launches the Ricoh Pro C901/C901s Graphic Arts Edition Color Production System at Graph Expo 2010

<p>CHICAGO,&#160;&#160; October 03, 2010 — The Production Printing Business Group (PPBG) of Ricoh Americas Corporation today announced today the official launch of the RICOH® Pro C901/C901s Graphic Arts Edition, an advanced digital color production press designed specifically for professional production printing. Ricoh will be showcasing the Pro C901/C901s Graphic Arts Edition at GRAPH EXPO from October 3-6 at the McCormick Place South in Chicago (booth #2017). The Pro C901/C901s Graphic Arts Edition expands Ricoh’s production color product portfolio, building on the highly successful Ricoh Pro C900/C900s. </p> <p>The RICOH® Pro C901/C901s Graphic Arts Edition brings enhanced print quality, reliability, and substrate handling capabilities to the mid-production graphic communication market. The C901/C901s Graphic Arts Edition is equipped with new technologies which enable high-quality imaging on a wide range of media at maximum output speed. Rated at a speed of 90-pages-per-minute, or 5,400 pages-per-hour, the Pro C901/C901s Graphic Arts Edition offers near-offset quality results with Ricoh’s PxP™ chemical toners and oil-less fusing technology, as well as consistent image quality with advanced image stabilization, single direction development, mechanical paper registration, enhanced fusing technologies, and automatic calibration. </p> <p>The system will have several powerful server based controllers that customers can choose from to drive the Pro C901/C901s Graphic Arts Edition. Available at the time of launch, customers can select the Fiery EFI E-41 or Fiery EFI E-81. In addition, the Creo C-81 will be available shortly after launch. These controllers are all robust and feature rich, and provide customers an array of options that best suit their workflow. In addition, users will have preset and custom media settings available via a new Paper Library feature. The combination of powerful controllers and the new Paper Library provide improved operational efficiency, and ease of use. </p>


Aim Mail Centers Embrace Mobile Technology by Upgrading to Ricoh Hotspot MFPs

<p>West Caldwell, NJ,&#160;&#160; September 28, 2010 — Ricoh Americas Corporation, a leading provider of digital office equipment and advanced document management solutions and services, announced that AIM Mail Centers, a national retail chain of franchised business solution centers, will upgrade the technology at its stores nationwide to Ricoh HotSpot Multifunction Printers (MFPs). Ricoh HotSpot MFPs offer mobile users the added convenience of printing remotely and enable users to print securely across the Internet, without the need for a device-specific driver or special software. Mobile printing solutions for the Ricoh HotSpot MFPs are powered by PrinterOn®. </p> <p>“Ricoh HotSpot MFPs fit into the future vision of our AIM Mail Center stores, which are becoming business solution centers rather than shipping centers,” said Michael Sawitz, CEO, AIM Mail Centers. “Ricoh has been a key technology provider to us for over 15 years, and we are excited to work with them to upgrade our equipment to Ricoh HotSpot MFPs, which hit right at the heart of what we’re trying to accomplish as we shift our business model.” </p> <p>“Today’s smartphone is essentially a hand held computer, but it lacks the ability to print. Ricoh’s HotSpot MFPs allow mobile technology to truly function as a computer, opening a whole new world of options for those on the go,” said Matt Sakauchi, Vice President, Office Printer Business Group, Ricoh Americas Corporation. “AIM Mail Centers is one of the first businesses of its kind to fully embrace mobile technology with Ricoh HotSpot MFPs. We are excited to roll out the installations, which will be completed at all stores over the next four years.” </p>


Ricoh Named as a Leader in Analyst Firm’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Print Services Worldwide

<p>West Caldwell, NJ,&#160;&#160; September 23, 2010 — Ricoh Americas Corporation, a leading provider of digital office equipment and advanced document management solutions and services, today announced that Gartner, Inc. named Ricoh as a Leader in its Magic Quadrant for managed print services (MPS) worldwide (1). </p> <p>With its “Outservicing” approach, Ricoh’s Managed Document Services (MDS) program goes beyond MPS, offering a highly customizable suite of services to streamline printing and document processes and empower customers to concentrate their efforts on their most critical priorities. </p> <p>According to Gartner, “Leaders provide MPS to a wide range of customers, including the largest and most geographically dispersed, so they must demonstrate a truly global reach. They must demonstrate not only the skills to deliver today’s MPS, but also the understanding, initiative and resources to prepare for tomorrow’s MPS. Leaders characteristically augment the full scope of MPS with a wide range of added-value services. As a result, they are frequently shortlisted by large and midsize customers.” </p>


InfoPrint Solutions Company Master Inventor and Fellow Wins Prestigious IEEE Award for Globally Recognized Developments

<p>BOULDER, Colo. – Sept. 8, 2010 - InfoPrint Solutions Company, a Ricoh company, today announced that Dr. Joan Mitchell has been named the recipient of the 2011 IEEE Masaru Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award. The award, sponsored by Sony Corporation, is a result of Dr. Mitchell’s immense contributions to a range of technology solutions including the invention of color printing algorithms, typewriter components and facsimile software. IEEE is the world’s largest professional association advancing technology for humanity.</p> <p>Dr. Mitchell, who retired in 2009 after nearly 35 years of service to both IBM and InfoPrint Solutions, created an array of game-changing technologies still used today. These contributions include the co-invention of the ribbon technology used in the IBM Quietwriter typewriter, which enabled more speed and efficiency than other typewriters on the market. She also worked on the development of a data compression technique that was proposed to the CCITT standards for facsimile. Another globally recognized creation was an algorithm which is the foundation of G4 data compression used in Internet and fax machines. Added to this, Dr. Mitchell has written and contributed to four books throughout her career and holds 110 U.S. patents for innovations in printing technology, data compression, image processing and JPEG imaging and coding. </p> <p>“Dr. Mitchell’s work has impacted our everyday lives from the digital cameras, fax machines, printers, scanners, to the image processing used on photos sent from the Mars space rover, to the Internet images that we look at every day,” said Dr. Sandra Johnson, senior technical staff member at IBM and one of Mitchell’s award endorsers. “She is truly a technical innovator and leader, especially in the field on image compression theory and applications for printing technology and digital image processing.”</p>

Ricoh Removes Roadblock to Help Insurance Provider Go Digital

Capture1 Document Management Challenges
• High-cost, low-speed analog copier fleet
• 400 printers sitting dormant in warehouse
• Aging fleet of analog equipment and poor service
from current hardware provider

This insurance company employs more than 18,000 people and works with a nationwide network of agents to serve more than 15 million customers. As the largest subsidiary of a multinational insurance powerhouse, it was encouraged to join a global procurement initiative that would consolidate sourcing and share providers to achieve better cost savings. Ricoh was chosen as the single provider.

The insurance company, however, was not eager to upgrade its existing fleet of analog copiers, and wanted instead to extend the current agreement one year. They believed an upgrade would increase their copying costs.Ricoh also discovered that the company had a backlog of printers originally purchased for resale to agents. These AS/400 “designed” laser printers weren’t selling because agents anticipated a move to Webbased printing applications. Plus, the printers had been sitting in the warehouse for almost a year, and they were quickly becoming outdated. To make matters worse, the company’s former document equipment supplier had no interest in relieving it of the backlog.

Accountants assumed the printers would be a significant loss. But they didn’t anticipate the creativity of Ricoh’s commitment to customer satisfaction. When Ricoh sales representatives visited the insurance company to discuss the new procurement strategy, they offered to buy the backlogged printers at cost, so the company would lose no money and be free to work with a new vendor. Next, Ricoh guided the company through a digital transition that ushered in higher productivity and lower document management costs.

Ricoh Helps Global Energy Company Reach a Higher Standard of Document Management

Capture1 Document Management Challenges

• No global standardization
• Single-function devices
• No enterprise-wide scanning

As a member of the Fortune Global 500, this international, integrated energy company serves customers in nearly 50 countries around the world. When executives took a close at its global document management network, however, they discovered output inefficiencies that compromised productivity and cost the company millions of dollars.

The company’s fleet had grown to 5,500 printers and 1,700 copiers deployed at offices throughout the world. Its multifunction devices offered scanning with no enterprise-wide delivery capabilities. Plus, it required many time-consuming steps for the user.

As the company grew, especially internationally, fleet management became more difficult. Device management was centralized, but multiple geographic contracts complicated the procurement, service, and maintenance processes. As a result, the company decided to standardize its output device fleet and streamline document workflow for its employees.

The company sought a document management vendor that offered international distribution, superior service, and the latest technology advances. Ricoh was one of two finalists. After multiple visits with top executives at the Atlanta Technology Center to solidify IT relationships, the company chose Ricoh to implement a document management strategy for its offices worldwide.


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