Making Print Pop – Best Printing Resolutions

You could have the best printer on the market, but if you don’t understand printing resolution you could become very frustrated with your print job. Here is some printing advice and knowledge that will make that next print job a little less stressful.

The size of your digital file is measured in pixels and DPI or Dots Per Inch. Sometimes this measurement is referred to as PPI, or Pixels Per Inch.

A pixel is a small dot inside of a transparent. Think of it as when someone talks to you about the type of display your computer or T.V. screen has. DPI refers to the number of dots (pixels) per inch. Resolution is how much detail an image holds. Higher DPI means great resolution, but this does also means higher image size.

Ways to Reduce Printing in Your Office

With a large focus on cutting costs in today’s economy, reducing the amount of printing done around the office can help do just that. Reducing print volume cuts paper, toner and energy costs and reduces the amount of waste the business creates. Here are a few practical measures your office can take today to reduce its printing.

Perform a Print Audit
This will allow the office to measure how much printing is currently being done, and by whom. Unnecessary practices and those who print wastefully can be identified and corrected.

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