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Print Business Outlook Conference 2014, New Instructional Color Management Certification Program, Slated for February in India

NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies, together with co-organizer the Indian Printing Packaging & Allied Machinery Manufacturers' Association (IPAMA), will hold the Print Business Outlook Conference 2014, on February 18, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency in Chennai, India.

Following the success of the NPES Print Business Outlook Conference 2013 in New Delhi, this second annual program, themed "Printing Business Beyond Boundaries," will bring together more than 200 print leaders representing commercial printers, newspaper publishers and package printing markets for a full day of timely education sessions.

5. Samsung ML-2525W Review


Are you looking forward to purchase a smart and reliable printer at affordable price? Lucky you are, ‘cause you’ve just found what you are looking for! Samsung ML-2525W is an extremely reasonable investment and an outstanding option for those want to upgrade their office or home with an inexpensive printing machine. Samsung ML-2525W outperforms the majority of its competitors and only print speed characteristics do not allow this machine to become a true legend.


An extremely quick start and one touch functions should be particularly highlighted, as they bring the Samsung ML-2525W device to the new level. Start your printing session just in one click! Push the print button on the control panel (which is quite handy in general to be honest) and print the document from the current screen of your PC or hold the button and activate the settings menu to make adjustments and customize the results.

8. Okidata C7300dxn Review


Okidata's C7300dxn is a low-priced laser printer that is capable of executing documents at a relatively average speed – no more and no less. Certainly, it’s incomparable with the newest feature-rich devices, and moreover, there is a good number of aspects where its venerable age generates unacceptable for a comprehensive printer issues.


The printer’s size is 16.9"x16.9"x24.4", it weighs 105 lbs, but it is still compact enough to place it on a desk, just be sure that the furniture can deal with such a heavy load.

This laser printer can deliver 24 monochrome pages and 20 color pages per minute, which is, undoubtedly, an average result. It needs 10 seconds to start the first B&W printing job and 12 seconds to launch the tasks that demand color toner. The quality of the resolution is generally admirable – 1200x600 dpi should be enough for the biggest part of users.

2. Dell 3130cn Review


Several years ago the overwhelming majority of common people could not afford to buy a color printer, as these devices were too expensive and purchasing an inkjet unit was a more reasonable option. Luckily, due to the rapid development of hardware technologies, today it won’t cost you the earth to buy a laser machine. Dell 3130 is an outstanding example of an affordable laser printer; equipped with Ethernet controller and operating at 31 monochrome pages per minute printing speed, undoubtedly, it’s a rational investment to think over.


The first laser machines that appeared on the market were too bulk and heavy, and Dell 3130cn is not an exception, it’s bigger than an average model for sure. One can easily store up to 250 sheets of paper in the Dell’s cassette; a multi-purpose flip-out section can handle around 150 sheets of letter-size or legal documents. However, you can extend its capabilities by purchasing an additional 550-sheet tray and attaching it under the laser unit.

Dell 2155CDN Review


Choosing the right multifunctional laser printer in the budget sector is always a challenge. Take a close look at Dell 2155CDN if you haven’t made your mind regarding what printing unit to purchase – the Dell machine is really worthy of attention and respect. Are you running a small firm? Or maybe you are in need of regular printing, copying and scanning…? A single hardware unit of Dell 2155CDN provides outstanding opportunities and extremely high delivery quality. Actually, you should not expect hundreds of thousands of pages to print each month from an inexpensive printer; however, it has an impressive number of strong points to stand out from the crowd.


40,000 pages to execute with no risks to damage the core mechanisms each month is not a problem with Dell 2155CDN. Perhaps, some category of office workers will find this result unimpressive, especially taking into account the fact that exceeding the limit may contribute to failure of the printer, but anyway, 40k of pages should be enough for an average active user or a small business. Forget about annoying “no paper in tray” critical notifications – the tray of Dell 2155CDN can easily hold around 250 sheets, so it shouldn’t get on your nerves too often.

Brother MFC-9325CW Review


The first and, perhaps, the main reason for purchasing Brother MFC-9325CW is totally affordable price, so it’s quite unreasonable to expect a bullet print speed or a breathtaking resolution. However, it’s a perfect option for those who are looking for a color laser multifunction printer and not willing to spend crazy money on it. This feature-rich device leaves an utterly positive impression – this real print Bro will never let you down.


What’s the point to complain about slow speed of printing when it comes to a totally budget device? It costs as little as four or five hundred dollars, but provides the ability of color faxing, scanning, copying and printing vivid colorful photos or documents - that makes thousands of customers forget about some technical characteristics and make a choice in favor of this incredibly attractive MFC. By the way, the operating at around 30 pages per minute devices cost more than $1,000. I guess most of you are now ready to sacrifice the print speed.

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