The Changing Benefits Of Multifunction Printers

Today business owners are doing their research when it comes to replacing their printing fleet. Companies want products that are eco-friendly, reliable, efficient and flexible. Companies are turning to standardizing their printing fleet to reduce network traffic, save space by consolidating multiple devices, lower cost and improve workflow. The most popular option for standardizing is multifunction printers (MFP). Demand for these devices has been on the rise increasing from 2.8 million in 2005 to 3.1 million in 2007. MFP’s are now offering a wide range of features to meet the needs of business owners.

Popular Features Today's Businesses Love About MFPs:

  • Offers Monochrome and Color Shipments for color MFPs increased from 246,00 in 2005 to 477,000 in 2007. When you want a machine to do it all including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, color and monochrome printing, a MFP machine does it all.
  • Competitive Prices – As demand for MFP machines goes up, you would think the price would too, but you would be wrong. MFP devices are more affordable now then ever with some dealers offering leasing and renting options.
  • Eco-Friendly And Saves Space - When you consolidate large pieces of office equipment into one, you will really notice the change in available space. By consolidating your printer, copier, fax, and scanner into one piece of office equipment you will use 40%-50% less floor space and decrease your electricity bill by only powering one machine. MFP’s also make being eco-friendly easier for large companies allowing double sided printing, eco-friendly mode for printing, and allowing managed print services to control unauthorized prints.
  • Only Pay For What You Need – Venders now offer various models of MFP’s with a variety of features and functions. After assessing your office needs, you can order a MFP that suites your needs and budget. By consolidating your devices into one machine you also reduce the need for large support and maintenance teams.
  • Boot Productivity – With a machine that can perform more then one task at once, your employees can also multitask efficiently. Giving your company access to state-of-the-art technology gives them the tools to perform at their best.

Since the release of the MFP there has been some drawback with business owners being concerned if one function breaks the whole machine breaks, but that is no longer an issue. With the benefits of the MFP meeting business needs, the demand and improvement of the MFP will increase. When you are ready to save time and maximize your resources contact us to get started!

Is It Safe To Use Other Brands Of Ink In My Printer?

As businesses expands so does the amount of office equipment and supplies. If you have multiple brands of printers, it can become confusing and hard to remember how many printers of what brand you use. The good news is you can stop stressing out about brand names. Printers will accept and use multiple styles of cartridges including recycled cartridges, refill kits, and name brand cartridges. Always consult your equipment manual to learn what type of ink and toner you need and ask an expert about different cartridges that are available that match your needs.

Most big name brands will try to bully you into only buying and using their brand name equipment that cost extravagantly more money for the same ink. Some brands have even gone a step further with their scare tactic to say that using other brand names with the same ink type is violating the buyers’ warranty and charge customers more for maintenance if they suspect you have used other brands; but this is not true nor is it legal.  Here is why:

Proposed NJ Legislation Would Require Printer Packaging to Include Cost per Page

By Lynn Nannariello, Assistant Managing Editor, March 3, 2014

The State of New Jersey is once again proposing legislation that would require manufacturers of inkjet printers to include the average cost per page to print 1,000 impressions on the device’s packaging. The bill, which had been previously introduced but expired without gubernatorial action at the end of the State’s last legislative session, has been reintroduced and approved by the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee; it is now bound for the full Assembly.

Under the law, it would be illegal to sell a printer in New Jersey unless the packaging or a conspicuously placed tag or label attached to the packaging includes the average cost per page for printing 1,000 pages in monochrome and, if applicable, for printing 1,000 pages in color. The cost would be calculated by dividing the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for each cartridge by its rated yield. The law would also make it illegal to sell ink cartridges unless the packaging or a tag or label on the packaging displays the ink cartridge yield determined using ISO standards.

Buy or Lease Major Office Equipment?

Companies of all sized face this decision all the time. Large companies may differ from small companies budget wise but both will have to make the decision. What will cost more up front? What will cost more in the long run? What will fit your company and your budget? Can I write this off on my taxes? These are all good questions; here are some things to keep in mind when you need to make large office purchases even if you are just updating your office machines:

  • How much do you print? How much do you print per month? When it comes to copiers, scanners, printers and multifunctioning machines you will need to have a very good idea on the number of pages your company prints per month. Keeping an eye on your printing not only helps you see any misuse of office supplies but also helps you see if you print enough to buy. There is no hard number to say if you print enough for a purchase but a good rule to follow is if you print less then 700 pages a month it may be affordable to just use a medium size desk top machine. If you plan on doing more then 700 a month it would be best for you to lease a machine.

Use Colored Printing

There has always been the debate on whether or not you should print in color because colored ink can cost more than black ink.

Color is fun, vibrant and can draw in and hold someone’s attention better than plain black and white. But is it worth the cost to print in color? Depending on what you’re printing yes, it is worth it!.

Things you should not use colored ink for:

  • In-house documents and files
  • Personal documents

Print Business Outlook Conference 2014, New Instructional Color Management Certification Program, Slated for February in India

NPES The Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies, together with co-organizer the Indian Printing Packaging & Allied Machinery Manufacturers' Association (IPAMA), will hold the Print Business Outlook Conference 2014, on February 18, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency in Chennai, India.

Following the success of the NPES Print Business Outlook Conference 2013 in New Delhi, this second annual program, themed "Printing Business Beyond Boundaries," will bring together more than 200 print leaders representing commercial printers, newspaper publishers and package printing markets for a full day of timely education sessions.

Advantages of Multi Function Printers

A Multifunction Printer (MFP) is a piece of office equipment that combines a printer, a copier, a scanner and fax into one machine. MFPs consolidate assets, reduce costs, and improve workflow.

Every office has the need for printing. According to Forbes, scanning and faxing are essential to a firm's operations.

The publication stated that: "More companies rely on scanning and faxing than you would imagine, despite the prevalence of online and digital solutions."

Integrating your Printer Fleet Today

When copier dealers use words like multifunction, print management, and printer fleet, it is sometimes not received by ordinary business owners looking to boost the efficiency in their offices. What business owners know are things like increasing the productivity of their workflow, cutting costs around the office, and making a profit at the end of the quarter. That’s where the dealer and business owner relationship comes into play. The process of making an office more efficient in both productivity and cost is the goal of both parties.

There are several ways that business solutions providers work to reduce the cost of business operations for a company. One of these ways is through print management and the integration of a business’s printer fleet. This is really just a fancy way of saying all of the printing devices currently being used in your office and making sure that they are all operating efficiently and on the same page.

Recover Costs in Your Printing Practices

Most people don’t think about the back end costs associated with printing. Many workers have the mindset that once you purchase a piece of printing equipment, then prints are basically free from that point on. This couldn’t be further from the truth and the inability to track these costs exacerbates the issue. With a print management program, your business will be able to recover wasteful spending through these steps:

  • Track and monitor current printing practices around the office
  • Identify wasteful processes, equipment and sources of unnecessary spend
  • Optimize printing practices, equipment and systems to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs
  • Continued management and optimization to improve processes and keep costs low
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