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Going Green

Becoming an environmentally friendly company is a big concern for many business owners. There are many reasons why one would want to run a “green” office.

Becoming green will help reduce your carbon footprint and significantly reduce your energy bills, while helping you develop a reputation for being an honorable company, which will create new business opportunities.

Many people might be under the impression that the only way to go green is to completely cut out printing from your business plan. But throwing away the printer isn’t practical for any office.
Companies need to focus more on being mindful of what they print, how they print, what they use to print and what they print on.

Methods of Saving Paper at the Office

Businesses of all sizes and stages can benefit from the notion of saving paper at the office. While printing is still considered a large expense in everyday operations, business owners don’t need to sacrifice rational thought when it comes to attempting to save paper where they can. In fact, saving paper at the office and making sure waste is cut in terms of paper can have a significant effect on balance sheets at the end of the month. This has business owners paying attention to the amount that is printed in a given day or week.

But how can the average business work to save paper? Also, how can paper be saved throughout the whole business, and not just in a single department? These questions can be answered by both a print management system that encompasses the entire company, as well as individual efforts designed to save paper.

Upgrading your Office Equipment to Stay Efficient

As a business, it’s definitely a smart decision to save money wherever you can. This can mean saving money in regard to personnel, to paper waste around the office, or by using equipment that may be considered outdated. There are definite advantages to keeping old office equipment around, but you would be surprised by the amount of money that is saved in terms of efficiency and power usage when making the decision to upgrade to a newer device.

Newer devices are known to be superior to their older counterparts in many ways. There are many factors that determine what makes newer office equipment superior, but the most determining factors include their output, the efficiency in terms of power usage, and the overall ease of use it offers employees. Investing and installing new office equipment has many advantages that are often overlooked by business owners.

Integrating your Printer Fleet Today

When copier dealers use words like multifunction, print management, and printer fleet, it is sometimes not received by ordinary business owners looking to boost the efficiency in their offices. What business owners know are things like increasing the productivity of their workflow, cutting costs around the office, and making a profit at the end of the quarter. That’s where the dealer and business owner relationship comes into play. The process of making an office more efficient in both productivity and cost is the goal of both parties.

There are several ways that business solutions providers work to reduce the cost of business operations for a company. One of these ways is through print management and the integration of a business’s printer fleet. This is really just a fancy way of saying all of the printing devices currently being used in your office and making sure that they are all operating efficiently and on the same page.

Cost Saving Benefits Associated with Multifunction Systems

If you are operating a small business or a large business, printing and other office functions are daily tasks that don’t you don’t think twice about anymore. One thing that is sometimes overlooked is the fact that most of these office functions cost money. Although the cost associated with printing one sheet of paper are relatively low, printing a thousand sheets of paper can be quite expensive.

A multifunction system allows you to cut down on said costs by being more efficient than many stand alone printers. Costs associated with printing are sometimes ignored in the office and a multifunction printer makes sure that you’re paying attention. Saving money is something every business should be interested in, especially if it’s as easy as upgrading your equipment.

Print Management and Your Business

There are many terms that are thrown around in the copier and managed services industry that don’t necessarily mean anything to a business owner or the layperson. Although some of these terms may seem foreign, the term Print Management actually says something in the name that describes exactly its purpose or intent. Managing the printing in your office is a very important aspect of your daily business operations and business owners everywhere may be surprised by the cost associated with the paper that is used on a monthly basis.

You typically know your copier dealer for office equipment like printers and multifunction systems. You may have also dabbled in some other services typically offered by that same dealer like Document Solutions. What you may not be familiar with is that that same copier dealer usually has a wide array of services to offer your business the best chance in remaining productive, efficient, and cost effective. This is exactly where Print Management comes in.

Using Print Management as a Productivity Tool

The success of your company can very well depend on the amount of work that your office is getting done or has the ability to get done in a given day or week. The amount of tasks that can be completed in a given day are directly tied to productivity levels. That is why it is very important that productivity levels are as high as they can be in your place of work. The formula for this is simple, the higher the productivity levels, the more your office is able to handle.

But making sure your office is being productive at all times is challenging. There are many factors that weigh into making sure that an office is productive and the work is being done efficiently. While we know there are certain things as business managers that we don’t have control over e.g. worker productivity, our clients’ productivity, etc., there are certain aspects of the office that we do have control over. Examples of what we can control include how we use our print management system.

Why Managed Print Services Are So Important

If you’re a business owner in today’s world, there are many factors to consider when making decisions around the office. Is the decision you’re making good for the company as a whole? Does this decision fit within your overall objectives and mission statement? How does this decision add value to the company? These are all very important vantage points to consider when making a change or an upgrade to different technologies in and around the office. Keeping employees in mind, making sure the decision is cost-effective, and weighing pros and cons also fit somewhere into the decision making matrix.
Although some decisions made around the office are extremely difficult, when it comes to deciding on whether or not to use Managed Print Services, the decision matrix shrinks considerably and skews dramatically toward the pro side of things.  No matter what industry you’re in, you most likely have heard of Managed Print Services. Combining a cost-effective approach to printing in conjunction with boosting efficiency in the office should be a no brainer to many business owners. This may very well be the case for you, but for others the choice isn’t as obvious.

The Buzz about 3D Printing

One of largest innovations to hit the printing industry in recent years has been the advent of 3D printing technology. 3D printing does exactly what it sounds like it does; it is the process of making a three-dimensional solid object from a digital model. Essentially, it can build a three-dimensional rendering of whatever a computer program tells it to print. This can come in the form of miniature figurines, scale models of cars, or even large objects the size of cars!

There are a few steps that a 3D printer must take before rendering a specific object. The process must start and end somewhere and there have been years of research and development that has gone into making what seemed impossible only a few years ago, possible today.

The Changing Nature of the Printing Industry

If you are in or interested in the printing industry, then you are most likely interested in the future of the industry as a whole. As new technology emerges and becomes more accessible, the power that was once in the hands of large corporations is now in the hands of the skilled individual. This means big changes for the industry as now the regular person has the capabilities that could only be afforded by large corporations of the past. This will ultimately change the game for managed print providers and their customer bases.

The advent of the Internet has had many profound effects on the daily life of the consumer and one of these effects has already made its way into the printing industry. Internet publications have opened up new ventures for the printing industry. This has become more apparent through the fact that publishers will distribute materials and information through the Internet, and then print the actual materials on site.


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