The Changing Benefits Of Multifunction Printers

Today business owners are doing their research when it comes to replacing their printing fleet. Companies want products that are eco-friendly, reliable, efficient and flexible. Companies are turning to standardizing their printing fleet to reduce network traffic, save space by consolidating multiple devices, lower cost and improve workflow. The most popular option for standardizing is multifunction printers (MFP). Demand for these devices has been on the rise increasing from 2.8 million in 2005 to 3.1 million in 2007. MFP’s are now offering a wide range of features to meet the needs of business owners.

Popular Features Today's Businesses Love About MFPs:

  • Offers Monochrome and Color Shipments for color MFPs increased from 246,00 in 2005 to 477,000 in 2007. When you want a machine to do it all including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, color and monochrome printing, a MFP machine does it all.
  • Competitive Prices – As demand for MFP machines goes up, you would think the price would too, but you would be wrong. MFP devices are more affordable now then ever with some dealers offering leasing and renting options.
  • Eco-Friendly And Saves Space - When you consolidate large pieces of office equipment into one, you will really notice the change in available space. By consolidating your printer, copier, fax, and scanner into one piece of office equipment you will use 40%-50% less floor space and decrease your electricity bill by only powering one machine. MFP’s also make being eco-friendly easier for large companies allowing double sided printing, eco-friendly mode for printing, and allowing managed print services to control unauthorized prints.
  • Only Pay For What You Need – Venders now offer various models of MFP’s with a variety of features and functions. After assessing your office needs, you can order a MFP that suites your needs and budget. By consolidating your devices into one machine you also reduce the need for large support and maintenance teams.
  • Boot Productivity – With a machine that can perform more then one task at once, your employees can also multitask efficiently. Giving your company access to state-of-the-art technology gives them the tools to perform at their best.

Since the release of the MFP there has been some drawback with business owners being concerned if one function breaks the whole machine breaks, but that is no longer an issue. With the benefits of the MFP meeting business needs, the demand and improvement of the MFP will increase. When you are ready to save time and maximize your resources contact us to get started!

Xerox Remote Services Security White Paper

From day-to-day tasks to big projects and presentations the office printer is a staple for productivity. Businesses count on print jobs everyday and it seems there are only problems when you are in a hurry. Keeping your printers functioning properly and regular cleaning will reduce the need for maintenance calls and draining your budget by replacing expensive office equipment.  Printers range in size and functionality but here are some common tips to helps improve the printer lifespan and reduce poor print quality in the office.

Tips to improve print quality on any printer:

  1. Keep an eye on expiration dates; ink and toner can dry in the cartridges if not used regularly causing lower quality prints. While dried ink will not harm your printer it will harm print quality.

Signage Can Add To Your Office Culture!

Printing in house isn’t just for charts, reports and figures. Think about the areas in the office you use signage: bathroom labels, fire exits, out box/in box, etc. When you have the resources to print in the office you can make your office more work friendly and also fun! Communication is key in any size of workplace and sometimes printing could be the key player.

Ways to use print to add to the office:

  • Proper Labels – Having proper labels in the office makes finding and replacing office resources more effective. Stop spending time looking for the printing paper or the “outbox” for mailing; have the location labeled for everyone to see.

Making Print Pop – Best Printing Resolutions

You could have the best printer on the market, but if you don’t understand printing resolution you could become very frustrated with your print job. Here is some printing advice and knowledge that will make that next print job a little less stressful.

The size of your digital file is measured in pixels and DPI or Dots Per Inch. Sometimes this measurement is referred to as PPI, or Pixels Per Inch.

A pixel is a small dot inside of a transparent. Think of it as when someone talks to you about the type of display your computer or T.V. screen has. DPI refers to the number of dots (pixels) per inch. Resolution is how much detail an image holds. Higher DPI means great resolution, but this does also means higher image size.

Use Colored Printing

There has always been the debate on whether or not you should print in color because colored ink can cost more than black ink.

Color is fun, vibrant and can draw in and hold someone’s attention better than plain black and white. But is it worth the cost to print in color? Depending on what you’re printing yes, it is worth it!.

Things you should not use colored ink for:

  • In-house documents and files
  • Personal documents
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