BERTL Announces 2011 Spring BERTL’s Best Awards!

<p>FAIRFIELD, NJ - May 10, 2011 - Business Equipment Research &amp; Test Laboratories Inc. (BERTL), a leading independent testing laboratory for imaging devices and workflow solutions, is pleased to announce the winners of the BERTL’s Best Spring 2011 Awards!</p> <p>The BERTL’s Best Awards recognize the superior performance of individual devices, software, management utilities, and entire product lines. BERTL analysts review current product lines and new product introductions to identify the select group of devices and software that out-shine the others. </p> <p>BERTL combines its comprehensive knowledge of the competitive landscape with feedback from buyers about their product and supplier experiences to identify worthy products. While print or copy speeds are important, it is the feature set, functionality, and performance that are key considerations in judging which products are “BERTL’s Best.” BERTL examines network management utilities, concurrency and contention, print and copy productivity, image quality, return on investment, competitive advantages, accessibility, design and build quality, standard functions, modularity of design and upgrade path, installation, and several other categories to determine which products stand out from the crowd.</p>

OKI Data Group Transitions Back to the OKI Brand

<p><strong>TOKYO, June 1, 2011</strong> -- OKI Data Corporation, an OKI Group company specializing in the printer business and currently marketing itself under the OKI Printing Solutions brand name today announced a transition back to its parent company brand &quot;OKI&quot;, effective June 1, 2011. The move is in accordance with OKI's mid-term business plan to maximize its corporate values and brand equity through enhanced brand synergy among OKI Group companies.</p> <p>One of the strategies from the mid-term business plan is a focus on achieving OKI's corporate philosophy, stating: &quot;The people of OKI, true to the company's enterprising spirit, are committed to creating superior network solutions and providing excellent information and communications services globally to meet the diversified needs of communities worldwide in the information age.&quot;</p> <p>All OKI Group companies practice its corporate philosophy, and share the same values, thereby encouraging brand synergy. This unified approach will maximize corporate values through integrated brand communications under the &quot;OKI&quot; brand, bringing about a sense of alliance for the OKI Group worldwide.</p>


OKI Architecture Overview

CaptureThe goal of OKI is to define an architectural framework that facilitates the development and delivery of educational software applications. This architecture is being generally described by two service layers defined by implementation independent Application programming Interfaces (APIs). One, Common Services, provides hooks to institutional infrastructure and other fundamental services that provide a backbone for higher level services and applications. The second layer, Educational, will bundle functionality that is of particular usefulness to the developers of various kinds of educational software applications.

By defining Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that are not bound to any one implementation of a particular service, OKI intends to provide a boundary layer that buffers educational software from infrastructure that is localized or that might go through changes that would otherwise require major re-writes of code at an application level. The services themselves are also intended to be modular, bound together loosely through shared objects and interfaces.

The goal of all this is to facilitate development and sharing of educational software applications, which OKI commonly calls "Tools." Development is facilitated through providing a rich set of services allowing developers to concentrate on the real pedagogical aspects of design and not about basics like how to authenticate a user or where to store documents and metadata. Sharing is facilitated through the abstraction provided by APIs, allowing an application built at one institution, using a particular collection of infrastructure services, to be easily transported to another.

OKI Data Americas Introduces Addition of pro920WHT to OKI proColor Series, with White Toner for Short-run Printing on Colored and Transparent Media

<p>MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., April 27, 2011, OKI Data Americas today announced the addition of the pro920WHT to its OKI proColor™ Series, an innovative line of products for color-critical applications in graphic arts and production environments.&#160; The pro920WHT tabloid/A3 digital color printer brings a new set of creative options to the short-run marketplace with the addition of white toner, allowing direct imaging to dark or colored media, signage and films. </p> <p>“The pro920WHT is the lowest-cost toner-based white solution product available to the graphic arts and production market,” said Rich Egert, Strategic Technology Providers, General Manager for OKI Data Americas.&#160; “The ability to change the position of the white toner broadens the possibilities of printing on a variety of clear and dark or solid backgrounds, and is an ideal solution for lower-cost textile transfer media for direct-to-dark fabric applications.” </p> <p>Available at a list price of $7,495 and operating at fast speeds of up to 31 ppm color/36 ppm mono(1), the pro920WHT employs High Definition (HD) Color printing technology with up to 1200 x 600 dpi resolution to deliver clear, sharp text and graphics whether on ordinary paper, dark colored stock, custom or specialty media.&#160; The pro920WHT joins the pro810 Series, pro910 and pro930 cut-sheet printers, pro900DP and pro905DP digital envelope presses, and pro510DW digital web press to give users unprecedented short-run capabilities at affordable price points. </p>


OKI Support for Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts and Recovery Status Report

<p><strong>TOKYO, April 11, 2011</strong> -- OKI Electric Industry (TSE:6703) today announced its support for Japan earthquake relief efforts and provided an update on the status of the OKI Group following the Great East Japan Earthquake.</p> <p>OKI expresses its heartfelt condolences to all those affected by the earthquake and thoughts go out to those suffering in its aftermath. We hope that the region will soon be able to begin the reformation process.</p> <p>The OKI Group is donating a total of more than 10 million yen, which includes IT network related equipment to help relief and recovery efforts in areas hit by the earthquake. Moreover, in an effort to encourage employee participation in this relief effort, co-organized by OKI Labor Union and the company, OKI Group employees in Japan are making voluntary donations. As OKI’s overseas offices witness the suffering caused by this natural disaster, they are raising money through various efforts which will be donated to the Red Cross Society in several countries and other humanitarian aid organizations.</p> <p>Manufacturing operations at Fukushima, a production site for printers and consumables for the Japanese market, had been suspended after the quake. However, they have resumed full-scale operations as of today. Production at the site may be affected depending on procurement for alternative parts but OKI will minimize the effects.</p>


PrintFleet Inc. and OKI Data Announce a Global Agreement to Strengthen their Managed Print Service Offerings.

<p><strong>ONTARIO, Canada, April 6, 2011</strong> -- <a href="http://www.printfleet.com/html/">PrintFleet Inc</a>, a global leader in managed print software and <a href="http://www.okiprintingsolutions.com/">OKI Data Corporation</a>, a unique and award-winning printing solutions provider, announced today a global contract today in the area of managed print services.</p> <p>PrintFleet Inc. has been selected as the global software platform to power OKI Data's, <a href="http://www.okidata.com/mkt/html/nf/TotalManagedPrint.html">Total Managed Print</a>; a smart and comprehensive MPS offering. This agreement enables PrintFleet and OKI Data to strengthen their presence and global reach into the MPS market.</p> <p><a href="http://www.printfleet.com/html/management_team.html">Chris McFarlane</a>, President &amp; COO, PrintFleet Inc. announced that, &quot;we are delighted to have been selected to power OKI Data's MPS offering. OKI Data is a leading manufacturer and by entering into this global relationship, we will extend our reach into OKI Data's development cycles and further enhance our leadership and ability to support our customers, with access to the most relevant, accurate device data.&quot;</p>

Digital Forms Technologies Streamline Retail Operations

Leading retailers eliminate processes that result in unexpected costs, poor execution, or unsatisfied consumers. Retailers that utilize assets, people, processes, and technology most efficiently will be winners, even in tough economic times. Global Retail Insights’ survey of 75 retailers regarding their use of streamlined printing and data capture technologies makes it clear that for many, there are numerous opportunities to improve. Distributed forms printing and data capture technologies reduce costs, improve process efficiency and data accuracy, and enable "green" operations.

Retailers should evaluate how they can extend the value of current investments and invest in new technology that substantially enhances data acquisition and forms processing and removes barriers to operations improvement. Improving these labor-intensive and error-prone processes will position retailers to be more customer centric, thereby freeing operations to focus more energy on serving customers well.

In this white paper, Global Retail Insights, an IDC company, discusses how retailers are utilizing digital capture technologies to reduce costs, improve process efficiency and data accuracy, and be more "green." Results from a survey fielded in September 2008 provide the basis for an evaluation of the current situation, benefit opportunities, and future outlook for digital capture technologies in retail.

In this white paper we explore the state of forms processing (paper and electronic) across operational areas but target forms processing that supports store operations. Based on the survey results, Global Retail Insights believes many retailers are missing a significant opportunity to improve distributed enterprise forms processing and data acquisition. We identify processes that retailers should streamline from paper to electronic forms utilizing in-store multifunction printing, dot matrix printing, on-demand printing, color printing, and digital pens.

Situation of the OKI Group following the earthquake off the Pacific Coast of Tohoku in Japan

<p><strong>TOKYO, March 17, 2011</strong> -- OKI (TSE:6703) today announces the situation of the OKI Group following the earthquake off the Pacific Cost of Tohoku in Japan.</p> <p>On March 11, a major earthquake hit the north-east of Japan triggering a tsunami that has caused extensive damage and loss of life in the area. OKI extends its heartfelt condolences to all those affected by this disaster and our thoughts go out to those suffering in its aftermath.</p> <p>No significant injuries have been reported to OKI's employees. Most of its operations have been relatively unaffected. However, the production site in Fukushima, which manufactures certain printers and consumables for the Japanese market, has unfortunately experienced some damage. Although manufacturing operations at Fukushima site had been suspended after the quake, they have partially resumed as of March 16.</p>


Data Capture in Transportation and Logistics

Manufacturer supply chains are becoming longer and more complex and have real challenges getting timely and accurate information to the right place at the right time. These globally distributed supply chains present the largest challenge to the transportation and logistics organizations whose efforts to make operational and execution processes more efficient and effective are regularly hampered by late, inaccurate, and incomplete data caused in large part by the inefficient transfer of logistics data through the use of manual forms and input to capture that data.

Although the use of digital capture devices appears slightly more mature in the transportation and logistics part of the supply chain, there is still the view that substantial improvements can be made in the business process. While nearly 80% of logistics functions still use paper forms and 52% of the data is input manually, more worrisome is that one-fifth of the data captured manually is not entered at all. This leaves only 28% of the data being entered either with a digital scanning process or through the use of a digital pen. Certainly, this lack of automation is contributing significantly to the poor level of data accuracy and corresponding shipping errors within transportation and logistics.

The benefits of moving to digital capture of transportation process data are significant. Respondents identified improvements in their ability to store/retrieve information, improved process efficiency and lower costs, improved data accuracy and timeliness, as well as a more robust form of signature capture for regulatory compliance. This last point is significant as we are seeing a lot of interest in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) in the supply chain in general and in logistics specifically. Management of trade and customs compliance, anticounterfeiting, and supply risk management are all increasingly dependent upon accurate transportation process data to function seamlessly. It is the view of Manufacturing Insights that automated, digital capture of logistics data is a critical foundational capability to effectively manage GRC and a distributed global supply network.

Powered by OKI Printing Solutions, Carolina Wholesale Delivers “Solutions for Success” Exhibit at ITEX 2011 National Expo & Conference

<p>MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., March 7, 2011 -&#160; OKI Data Americas, which markets its products under the OKI® Printing Solutions brand, today announced the company’s sponsorship of Carolina Wholesale “Solutions for Success” exhibit at ITEX 2011 Expo &amp; Conference in booth #501 in Washington D.C. on March 22-23.&#160; Powered by the OKI Printing Solutions brand, Carolina Wholesale, one of the largest office machines and supply distributors in the U.S., will exhibit OKI Printing Solutions’ BTA exclusive line of CX products, in addition to other print solutions to help customers manage their devices and streamline business processes. </p> <p>Carolina Wholesale is an OKI Data Americas Master BTA Distributor, providing sales and support to indirect BTA dealers who wish to purchase the OKI Printing Solutions MPS Ready and CX product lines.&#160; Last year, Carolina Wholesale launched a new OKI Printing Solutions Dealer Advantage Program, offering a comprehensive selection of products, programs and services to enhance BTA dealer support coast-to-coast and provide a one-stop-shop for their print and copy needs. </p> <p> “As a trusted partner of OKI Printing Solutions’ for 20 years, Carolina Wholesale serves the specialized needs of BTA dealers throughout the U.S., providing them with such benefits as: competitive pricing, warehousing and inventory storage, faster delivery times, free hotline support, and service and warranty support, to name a few,” said Jackie Paralis, OKI Printing Solutions’ Senior Marketing Manager for Channel Development.</p>



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