OKI's Color Digital MFP Receives HardwareMAG Silver Award in Singapore

<p><strong>TOKYO, August 24, 2011</strong> -- OKI Data Corporation, an OKI Group company specializing in the printer business, today announced the receipt of <a href="http://www.hardwaremag.com/">HardwareMAG</a>'s Silver Award for its A4 color digital LED multifunction printer, <a href="http://www.okidata.com.sg/printers/multifunction-printers/a4-mfp/detail.... in Singapore.</p> <p><a href="http://www.hardwaremag.com/">HardwareMAG</a> started as an IT magazine serving the Singapore community since July 2001. Today, it has become South-East Asia's premier consumer technology title with independent editions in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia, outside of Singapore. HardwareMAG prides itself for its top-notch in-depth reviews, thought-provoking feature stories and award-winning product comparisions, giving consumers in all five countries the power to decide in their tech-buying decisions and knowledge every month.</p> <p>Ideal for very small workgroups (VSWG) and small offices/home offices (SOHO), the <a href="http://www.okidata.com.sg/printers/multifunction-printers/a4-mfp/detail.... color multifunction printer features a compact design and small footprint with four-in-one functionality, giving customers the flexibility to easily print, copy, scan and fax from one compact device on a wide range of media. Combining fast print and copy speeds, reliability and ease of use with high quality high-definition color printing technology, this affordable desktop device will easily fit into any small workspace and handle the most demanding applications.</p>


OKI Signs Distribution Agreement with Northamber

<p><strong>Tokyo- August 10, 2011</strong> -- OKI Data Corporation, an OKI Group company specializing in the printer business, today announced it has signed a new agreement with <a href="https://www.northamber.com/">Northamber PLC</a>. Under the terms of the agreement, Northamber will offer the complete OKI portfolio, ranging from <a href="http://www.oki.co.uk/printers/dot-matrix-printers/index.aspx">dot matrix</a> printers to <a href="http://www.oki.co.uk/printers/multifunction-printers/index.aspx">multifu... devices</a>, to its reseller partners across the region.</p> <p>Northamber has over 30 years experience in the IT equipment market and is the largest and longest established trade-only distributor of IT equipment in the UK. The company has around 300 resellers on its books, including IT resellers and VARs to mass retailers.</p> <p>&quot;We wanted to partner with an additional printer manufacturer that could expand and strengthen our proposition to resellers. OKI was the perfect choice,&quot; says Henry Matthews, Managing Director, Northamber. &quot;It manufactures high-quality, reliable products that are a good fit for specialist applications and niche markets and this matches our own focus on value added solutions.&quot;</p>


ViewPlus Technologies Inc. Selects OKI proColor™ Series for Use with the Revolutionary EmFuse Color Braille Station

<p>MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., August 10, 2011 - OKI Data Americas is pleased to announce that one of its innovative OKI proColor Series printers has been selected for use in the EmFuse Color Braille Station by ViewPlus Technologies Inc. OKI's printing know-how and ViewPlus' knowledge of Braille embossing have married in the EmFuse system to create media that delivers both color printing and embossing together within a single document. The result is as extraordinary visually as it is conceptually, and the system's use takes print-on-demand capabilities to a new level for both sighted and the visually-impaired individuals, alike. The EmFuse Color Braille Station -- including the OKI proColor printer -- handles color printing and Braille embossing with ease, even printing/embossing double-sided on up to 12 inch by 18 inch and A3 paper. The system has the ability to utilize Braille paper or standard office media including cardstock, copy paper and labels. Its high paper-handling capacity, high-definition color output, and long-lasting toner cartridges make the system ideal for any organization -- educational, governmental, or otherwise -- that requires production of Braille documents and materials. </p> <p>According to Jeff Gardner, CEO of ViewPlus Technologies, Inc., the OKI proColor printer was selected for the EmFuse system because, &quot;It was the only printer that is capable of handling the required size range and weight of media to convey the raised Braille embossing in addition to high-impact color output.&quot; </p>


OKI Data Americas to Unveil the OKI pro900DP Digital Envelope Press Featuring Embedded EFI® Fiery® System at Minuteman Press World Expo

<p>MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., July 25, 2011, OKI Data Americas will demonstrate its pro900DP digital envelope press – part of the innovative OKI proColor™ Series of printers – at the Minuteman Press World Expo, July 26-29, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV. The pro900DP Digital Envelope Press features an embedded EFI® Fiery® System, offering color matching and color consistency across multiple types of products and profiles, plus the unique ability to print full-color envelopes in conjunction with variable data and/or variable graphics. Like the other printers within the OKI proColor™ Series, the pro900DP Digital Envelope Press provides unprecedented short-run, color-critical printing capabilities at an affordable price-point. </p> <p>“Minuteman Press owners can fill a void in the market, increasing both sales and profitability through the purchase and implementation of the OKI pro900DP,” said Rich Egert, General Manager of the Strategic Technology Provider Business Group for OKI Data Americas. “OKI continues to offer innovative, high quality, short-run color printing solutions through its proColor™ Series. Minuteman Press recognizes the capabilities and the usefulness of the pro900DP Digital Envelope Press, which is why OKI is delighted to participate in this prestigious event.” </p> <p>The OKI proColor™ Series portfolio includes the pro910 and pro930 cut-sheet printers, the pro510DW digital web press, and the pro900DP and pro905DP digital envelope presses. </p>


OKI Data Americas to Demonstrate Newly-Enhanced Total Managed Print™ (TMP) Portal at Imaging Channel World Expo 2011 and Managed Print Summit

<p>MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., July 19, 2011 - OKI Data Americas will demonstrate its newly-enhanced Managed Print Services (MPS) solution, Total Managed Print™ (TMP), at the World Expo 2011 July 19-21, in Las Vegas, NV. OKI’s cloud-based, brand-agnostic TMP Portal features a flexible suite of nine customizable modules that can be leveraged to build an MPS business model or enhance an existing MPS platform. </p> <p>The OKI TMP Portal was developed to help Dealers manage their MPS transactions through automated, streamlined processes embedded in a simple-to-use MPS interface for maximum efficiency, total control, and easy integration into existing services platforms. Furthermore, the utilization of OKI’s TMP Portal facilitates customer engagement, relationship development and retention, and helps dealers realize predictable and ongoing revenue streams. The OKI TMP Portal is free of charge to OKI channel partners and provides a comprehensive system for assessing, monitoring and optimizing print fleets of any size. </p> <p>“OKI is pleased to be a Silver sponsor of the Imaging Channel’s Managed Print Summit in addition to exhibiting at this year’s World Expo,” said Tim Brien, Director of Managed Print Services for OKI Data Americas. “Word Expo has a proven track record for being a premier gathering spot for key players in the managed print industry. OKI’s participation in the conference demonstrates our continued commitment to the dealer channel through the delivery of innovative, MPS solutions, systems and tools.” </p>


OKI Data Americas Announces OKI proColor™ Financing for Graphic Arts & Production Products

<p>MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., July 19, 2011 - OKI Data Americas today announced the establishment of OKI proColor Financing – a financial services program enabled through various financing and lending sources to support OKI’s proColor dealer network. Through this program, OKI proColor Financing provides comprehensive financing solutions to facilitate more convenient access the innovative OKI proColor™ Series of printers developed for color-critical applications in graphic arts and production environments. The financing and incentive options available through this program include no down payments and no advance payments, plus there is an electronic application and approval process with prompt turn-around for customers who qualify. </p> <p>Three specialized financing programs are now available through OKI proColor Financing, including: leasing options for deal demonstration units, and both leasing and purchase options for dealers and end-users, alike. These programs provide the dealer channel with the ability to secure demonstration units to facilitate sales, and for dealers to, in turn, offer convenient financing alternatives to their customers. The result is greater access to – and broader distribution of – the pioneering OKI proColor™ Series. </p> <p>OKI proColor Financing simplifies the final part of the sales cycle with customized financing programs developed to accommodate both dealers’ and end users’ budgets. The quick turnaround allows customers more convenient access to the innovative OKI proColor™ Series of printers in order to more readily begin to benefit from the line’s revolutionary short-run, full color capabilities. </p>


Case Study: OKI Data – Interaction Center and Service Management Implementation

Capture1Business Challenge
As a printing and imaging companies move to a more service oriented business model, OKI Data, a leading manufacturer of high quality printing equipment, strategically positioned itself in the marketplace with a new offering: managed print service. However, this business model required increased flexibility and agility for contracting and service fulfillment that their existing applications could not support.

In addition to a new business model, the company was looking to improve its systems, technology, and processes for delivering high impact services to its customers and distribution partners.

Their home grown customer service solutions, steadfastly based on Lotus Notes, were not integrated to service fulfillment and revenue management applications which were based on R/3, resulting in poor tracking of profitability.

Additionally, numerous manual processes limited their flexibility and impeded the roll-out of new service offerings.

OKI Data Americas Announces Availability of the DigiPro Lineal Slitting System to Accompany the OKI pro510DW Digital Color Web Printer

<p>MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., July 14, 2011, OKI Data Americas today announced the availability of the DigiPro lineal slitting system for use with the OKI pro510DW digital web press. The slitter – developed by DigiFlex Distribution, LLC – is designed to fit pre-existing rewind units for the OKI pro510DW. DigiFlex Distribution will offer the DigiPro slitter within the Flexographic market. This new addition to the innovative OKI proColor™ line will further enhance the OKI pro510DW’s usefulness. </p> <p>The DigiPro system is simple to install and allows users to slit inline as part of the printing process, producing a finished product in a single pass. Previously, printing wide web formats without this system required offline slitting equipment. The DigiPro system is designed to allow users to make lineal adjustments during the printing/slitting process, to ensure optimal cutting of all media. The system is designed to lock slitter positions prior to printing, and can be adjusted in-between prints based upon user needs and media specifications. Such finishing solutions are ideal for use within the graphic arts and production markets. </p> <p>“OKI Data Americas continues the expansion of its innovative proColor Series through the development of such complimentary components as the DigiPro lineal slitter,” said Rich Egert, General Manager of the Strategic Technology Provider Business Group for OKI Data Americas. “OKI’s continual advancements in digital printing generate limitless possibilities for the print-on-demand market, and introduce affordably-priced solutions to the graphic arts and production markets.” </p>


OKI Data Americas Presents K-12 Educators and IT Professionals with Effective and Affordable Printing Solutions at the International Society for Technology in Education Tradeshow and Conference

<p>MOUNT LAUREL, N.J., June 24, 2011, OKI Data Americas, which markets its products under the OKI™ brand, will present K-12 administrators, educators, and IT professionals with innovative and cost-effective printing solutions and technologies at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2011 tradeshow and conference, June 26-29, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA. The OKI exhibition booth (#725) will feature products that demonstrate the simplicity and affordability of printing and document management, as well as the benefits of incorporating newer technologies into the school environment. </p> <p>OKI will feature information and demonstrations of selected printing solutions. In addition, tradeshow attendees will be able to have hands-on interaction with OKI’s color, mono, and multi-function printers, and participate in the Riddle Me OKI challenge with the opportunity to win valuable prizes. </p> <p>“The products and solutions OKI will be showcasing at ISTE are designed specifically to meet the needs of schools. OKI is dedicated to satisfying those needs through effective and affordable options for educators and administrators, alike,” said Mike Garofola, Senior Marketing Manager for Channel &amp; Education at OKI Data Americas. “OKI is committed to providing printing solutions that enhance the classroom learning experience, and incorporate best practices in printing technology and document management.” </p>


Data Capture in Transportation and Logistics


Manufacturer supply chains are becoming longer and more complex and have real challenges getting timely and accurate information to the right place at the right time. These globally distributed supply chains present the largest challenge to the transportation and logistics organizations whose efforts to make operational and execution processes more efficient and effective are regularly hampered by late, inaccurate, and incomplete data caused in large part by the inefficient transfer of logistics data through the use of manual forms and input to capture that data.

Although the use of digital capture devices appears slightly more mature in the transportation and logistics part of the supply chain, there is still the view that substantial improvements can be made in the business process. While nearly 80% of logistics functions still use paper forms and 52% of the data is input manually, more worrisome is that one-fifth of the data captured manually is not entered at all. This leaves only 28% of the data being entered either with a digital scanning process or through the use of a digital pen. Certainly, this lack of automation is contributing significantly to the poor level of data accuracy and corresponding shipping errors within transportation and logistics.

The benefits of moving to digital capture of transportation process data are significant. Respondents identified improvements in their ability to store/retrieve information, improved process efficiency and lower costs, improved data accuracy and timeliness, as well as a more robust form of signature capture for regulatory compliance. This last point is significant as we are seeing a lot of interest in governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) in the supply chain in general and in logistics specifically. Management of trade and customs compliance, anticounterfeiting, and supply risk management are all increasingly dependent upon accurate transportation process data to function seamlessly. It is the view of Manufacturing Insights that automated, digital capture of logistics data is a critical foundational capability to effectively manage GRC and a distributed global supply network.


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