Océ Extends Environmental Track Record: Thousands of Trees to Be Planted to Offset Carbon Emissions

<p>TRUMBULL, CONN. – May 31 2011 – Océ, a Canon Group Company and an international leader in digital document management, today announced that Océ continues to enhance its environmental track record. One of the most recent achievements is the planting of thousands of trees on behalf of its customer, Jeppesen, to help offset carbon emissions. </p> <p>The Océ Eco Start program is designed as a first step to help companies like Jeppesen achieve a reduction in the amount of carbon attributable to its production printing operations. When a company purchases an Océ production system, Océ will purchase and have trees planted to help offset CO2 emissions attributable to the energy used in operating the production printer. This is based on the expected use of the equipment over the first year of operation of the printer<small>i</small>. </p> <p>&quot;Jeppesen strongly supports sustainable business practices, and we applaud Océ for helping us achieve carbon-neutral production with our Océ production printer. All our employees are excited about the part we play in planting so many trees to benefit the environment,&quot; said Jeppesen President and Chief Executive Officer , Mark Van Tine. </p> <p><b>Partnership for Growth Plants Trees Around the World</b></p> <p>To plant the trees, Océ partnered with Trees for the Future, a highly rated charitable organization. Trees for the Future has helped thousands of communities across the world improve their livelihoods and environment by planting nearly 50 million trees, removing approximately one million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year. </p>


Océ Business Services' Workshops at National Postal Forum Conference Help Organizations Leverage Mail Center Management Best Practices

<p>San Diego (April 29, 2011) – Executives from Océ Business Services, a leader in document process management and electronic discovery services, will present educational workshops on career transition and quality control in mail center operations as well as host a roundtable on Six Sigma® business performance management strategies at the National Postal Forum Conference. </p> <p>Océ will co-present two sessions highlighting why quality control is critical for every mail operation and how to integrate quality control with existing processes. Topics in these sessions will include TQM, Six Sigma, ISO 9000 and other quality control methods. Océ will also present a session on career transition to help industry professionals create a game plan for conducting a job search, marketing their skills and advancing their career. Additionally, Océ will host a Peer-to-Peer Roundtable focused on harnessing the power of Six Sigma-based document performance management methodologies to continuously improve mail center operations and efficiency. </p>


Océ Announces 2011 “Green Reprographer of the Year”

<p>April 28, 2011, Trumbull, CT – Océ, a Canon Group Company and an international leader in digital document management, today announced that ARC-Southern California is the winner of its fourth annual “Green Reprographer of the Year” award. Océ presented the award during the IRgA 2011 Convention and Trade Show, held April 27-28 in Las Vegas, NV.&#160; </p> <p>“We are proud to congratulate ARC-Southern California as this year’s ‘Green Reprographer of the Year’,” said Patrick Chapuis, President, Wide Format Printing Systems division of Océ North America. “The company has made outstanding strides to implement environmentally sound business practices internally, while assisting its customers to meet their own sustainability goals.”</p> <p>An independent panel of judges, including Denise Gustavson, editor, Wide Format Imaging; Robert Cassidy, editorial director, Building Design + Construction and Ed Avis, principal of Ed Avis Associates, selected ARC-Southern California as the winner based on its innovative and comprehensive approach to promoting sustainability company-wide. </p> <p>Each year, the judges select the winner from a pool of qualified entrants who submit online applications via Océ’s website. Applicants outline their achievements in the area of green business practices and highlight how these efforts have assisted their customers to meet their own sustainability goals. </p> <p>According to Robert Cassidy, “I was impressed with this year’s entries; they were all worthy of recognition. ARC-Southern California stood out for many reasons, most of all its ability to spread recycling efforts to clients and the company’s clever re-routing of its delivery system, which resulted in dramatic fuel consumption savings.”</p>


Océ Business Services and Client Verizon Wireless Win "Best Use of Outsourcing" Award at the 15th Annual Outsourcing Excellence Awards

<p>NEW YORK, N.Y. (April 28, 2011) – Océ Business Services, a leader in document process management services and technology, today announced that Outsourcing Center has presented Océ and its client Verizon Wireless with the &quot;Best Use of Outsourcing&quot; Award at the 15th Annual Outsourcing Excellence Awards. Awards were presented in nine categories at a black tie dinner held last night at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas. This is the second consecutive year in which Océ Business Services has received an Outsourcing Excellence Award. </p> <p>Outsourcing Center conducts the annual awards program and is an online community specializing in thought leadership, best practices, and innovation in outsourcing. The Outsourcing Center's Outsourcing Excellence Awards program recognizes the world's best outsourcing arrangements. An independent panel of industry judges selects relationships that demonstrate best practices, create and sustain a competitive advantage, provide business transformation, achieve value, and benefit both client and service provider over time. </p> <p>Océ provides clients with outsourced document process management services that include mail, records, document imaging and managed print services. The &quot;Best Use of Outsourcing&quot; Award acknowledges an outsourcing relationship where both parties successfully use these kinds of outsourcing services as a strategy to deliver measurable business improvements beyond cost reduction. This includes implementing solutions that enable the outsourcing client to access more advanced technical skills as well as to improve time-to-market for new services, enhance operational efficiency and support strategic growth initiatives. </p>


Océ ColorStream 3500 Printing System Enjoys World Première in Paris

<p>Venlo, The Netherlands, 25 May 2011 – Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, today announced that the Océ ColorStream® 3500 inkjet printing system has been installed for the first time at a customer site. The happy customer is service provider Corus in Fontenay-sous-Bois, close to the French capital Paris.</p> <p><strong>Clients in all business segments <br /></strong>Corus is a service provider specializing in designing and printing transactional documents. The vast majority of Corus' print output is bank statements, insurance statements, pay slips, invoices, subscription and payment notices from around 400 companies across all business sectors. Corus prints 20,000 jobs a month − small, medium-sized and large.</p> <p>Corus uses only Océ printing systems (for black &amp; white and color applications) at its two production plants in Fontenay-sous-Bois and Pringy near Annecy. By investing in the Océ ColorStream 3500 printing system, Corus has reinforced its strategic commitment to the high-volume digital production of customized color documents.</p> <p><strong>Reinforced 4-color printing <br /></strong>The Océ ColorStream 3500 system was unveiled at Canon Expo in Tokyo in November 2010, and the first system installed was at Corus in late January 2011, at the same time as its European launch.</p> <p>The Océ ColorStream 3500 throughput of 75 meters per minute (60,600 A4 per hour) has reinforced Corus’ capacities of 4-color printing to which the company began to migrate in 2004. It first installed Océ cutsheet printers and then in early 2009 introduced a number of Océ VarioStream® 9240 continuous-feed printing systems into its printrooms. The number of print pages in color has thus increased to 50 million pages out of a total of 300 million (black &amp; white and color).</p>


Océ Announces New Template-Making and Masking Paper for Océ Arizona Series UV Flatbed Printers

<p>TRUMBULL, CONN., May 23, 2011 – Océ, an international leader in digital document management, today announced the availability of Océ VACUBOND paper for use with Océ Arizona<sup>®</sup> Series UV flatbed printers to simultaneously facilitate the printing of pre-cut pieces and keep the vacuum table clean. </p> <p>Because of the stationary vacuum table design, Océ Arizona Series printers can be used to print directly onto pre-cut items of any shape, up to two inches thick. Océ VACUBOND paper can be used to print a template for accurate placement of these items on the vacuum table. An operator aligns the pre-cut items to the template and begins printing. </p> <p>Océ VACUBOND paper then serves as a mask to protect the vacuum table, particularly when overprinting (printing full bleeds) pre-cut items. Océ VACUBOND paper strikes the perfect balance between sufficient vacuum pressure and strong pull-through to hold pre-cut pieces in place. At 48 inches wide, it is conveniently sized for Océ Arizona Series UV flatbed printers to enable the operator to easily cover a single vacuum table zone with one cut of paper. </p>


Satisfied Customers Welcome New Canon-Océ imagePRESS C7010VPS Digital Production Press

<p>Venlo, The Netherlands, 17 May 2011 – Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, today announced that the first imagePRESS C7010VPS series color printers have been sold and installed at customer sites.</p> <p>GVO vice president Hans Arns before his new imagePRESS C6010VPSGVO, a Dutch commercial printer specializing in the publication of books and academic literature such as theses, course material and marketing collateral, is the first customer. The imagePRESS C7010VPS series is the first digital production press developed jointly by Canon and Océ. It combines Canon image quality and productivity with the workflow efficiency and processing power of Océ PRISMA®sync operation management. The series comprises three new units: the imagePRESS C6010S, C6010VPS and C7010VPS.</p> <p><strong>Former offset volume moved to digital <br /></strong>Based in the eastern Dutch city of Ede, near Arnhem, GVO vice president Hans Arns is delighted to have added an imagePRESS C6010VPS to his machine park. Being so satisfied with the output, image quality and registration, he was able to move former offset volume to digital. GVO is now producing twice as much volume on the imagePRESS C6010VPS as estimated upfront. GVO installed the new imagePRESS C6010VPS alongside the black &amp; white high volume Océ VarioPrint® 6250 production printer connected to Océ PRISMAprepare make ready software.</p>


Océ Business Services Ranked One of the World’s Best 100 Outsourcing Companies

<p>NEW YORK--Océ Business Services, Inc., a leader in document process management and electronic discovery services, announced that for the fifth straight year it has been named to the top-ranked Leaders Category of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) 2011 Global Outsourcing 100 list. This list defines the standard for excellence in outsourcing service delivery. Océ’s official ranking is 24 within the list of 75 Leaders.</p> <p>Océ was also named to 12 IAOP Global Outsourcing 100 sub-lists. Key sub-list honors include being named a “Top 20 List Climber,” as well as being named a “Best 10 Leader” and “Best 10 Company” in providing document management services. Océ was also named a “Best 20 Leader by Industry Focus” in the financial services, business services and discrete manufacturing industries.</p>


Trends in Scanning and Plotting: What’s New—and Next

CaptureForces Driving the GIS Evolution

The history of a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) dates back approximately 50 years to a time when thematic maps were either drawn or plotted onto translucent film. Long before the use of computer-generated digital maps were widespread, sheets of film were physically laid on top of each other, communicating more information than was ever possible with one single paper map. Creating film overlays depicting landforms, vegetation patterns or road structures was cumbersome and had limitations, even though the potential uses of geographic information were limitless. As GIS technology evolved to a digitally-based system, government agencies and universities were the initial adopters using mainframe computing systems. Today GIS usage is broadening as systems are increasingly PC-based.

GIS is being used by many organizations to save time, money and support better decision-making. For example:

Economic development can be facilitated by analyzing detailed demographic data: Economic Development departments for cities and states can assist businesses in their location planning by providing information about urban characteristics such as demographics, utility infrastructure and economic incentive zones. Mapping the multiple data sets to create a “Commercial Property Outline” saves time, money and supports better decision making.

Océ Business Services Named a Top 100 Global Outsourcing Company for the Fifth Straight Year

<p>NEW YORK (February 21, 2011) – Océ Business Services, a leader in document process management and electronic discovery services, has been named to the top-ranked Leaders category of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals' (IAOP®) <i>2011 Global Outsourcing 100</i>® list. The list defines the standard of excellence in outsourcing service delivery. This is the fifth straight year in which Océ Business Services has been ranked a Leader in <i>The Global Outsourcing 100</i>. </p> <p>&quot;The companies on <i>The Global Outsourcing 100</i> list are proven leaders and rising stars,&quot; said IAOP Chairman Michael F. Corbett, also chair of the judges' panel. &quot;They are the companies you want to partner with to achieve success and better outsourcing outcomes.&quot; </p> <p>&quot;<i>The Global Outsourcing 100</i> rankings help companies make better-informed purchasing decisions with confidence because these companies have gone through a rigorous process that has put their credentials through objective scrutiny,&quot; added Deborah Hamill, senior managing director, global membership of IAOP. </p> <p><i>The Global Outsourcing 100</i> and its sub-lists are essential references for companies seeking new and expanded relationships with the best companies in the industry. The list includes companies from around the world that provide the full spectrum of outsourcing services, from information technology and business process outsourcing to facility services, real estate and capital asset management, manufacturing and logistics. They include not only today's leaders, but tomorrow's rising stars. </p>



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