Canon U.S.A. Launches Océ ColorStream 3000 Z Series

New 3000 Z Provides Excellent Quality and Versatility with Slimmer Design to Help Reduce Space Impact

MELVILLE, N.Y., September 10, 2015 - Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is today launching the Océ ColorStream 3000 Z series, a high-speed commercial inkjet printing system designed to provide industry leading productivity in spatially restrictive environments.


Secure Printing of Sensitive Documents

Critical protection against counterfeiting, fraud and unauthorized reproduction

With the incidence of fraud, identity theft and counterfeiting on the rise, it's more important than ever to protect all kinds of documents against unauthorized reproduction or misuse.

Producing sensitive documents demands the highest levels of quality and security. And this extends beyond checks to include applications like tickets, passports, ID badges, prescription pads, high-value coupons, cross-border documents, birth certificates and many more.

Oce inkjet technology... perfect for security printing

For years, adding security features like pantographs, prismatic designs and holograms meant producing pre-printed forms on secure paper on offset presses - a costly, resource-intensive undertaking. Now, with versatile high-speed color inkjet technologies like the Oce JetStream platform, printing secure documents is fast, efficient and cost-effective.


Canon U.S.A. Unveils Océ VarioPrint 6000+ Series Of High-Speed, High-Volume Digital Production Printers

MELVILLE, N.Y., December 5, 2013 – Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the Océ VarioPrint 6000 + series of high-speed, high-capacity digital printers that provide high volume print service providers the ability to work more efficiently and extend the variety of output applications they make available to their customers, which can help increase their product offerings and therefore help improve bottom-line profitability.

The VP6000+ series is comprised of three model families: Ultra+ for commercial printers and corporate in-plant environments; TP+ for transactional and direct mail printing applications; and MICR+ for highly sensitive, negotiable financial documents and other security related applications. Each speed model in the new Océ VarioPrint 6000 + series lineup - comprised of the VarioPrint 6320+, 6250+, 6200+ and 6160+ - incorporates a variety of features to help maximize continuous operation by increasing efficiencies in print production.


Effective Records Management in Today’s Business Environment


Successful enterprises have come to rely on information as a major internal asset to leverage or as a lucrative product to sell. There is increasing public scrutiny regarding the need for corporate leaders to assure that business information in the form of records can be trusted, protected and produced when required. The importance of properly managing business records is covered in news sources almost daily, including the failure of some organizations to retain records for mandated time periods (Arthur Andersen) and the discovery in some cases of reputationdamaging emails (Microsoft and many others). Regrettably, litigation frequently is a tactic used to resolve disputes between persons and organizations. Governmental investigations routinely are initiated when audits yield findings of non-compliance with expected business practices or activities. In both of these scenarios, there is an immediate focus on how well management supported the proper retention and timely production of records, in either paper or electronic format. 

The default assumption is that employees perform job functions as delineated by policy, procedure and management directives.

Executive level attention to records management strategies, policies, procedures, and technology systems now is the expected practice in well-run organizations. Executive signatures required on financial statements by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) make it critical to manage enterprise information and evidentiary records in a well-documented and consistent manner. Each organization’s value chain and information workflow must have supporting records management activities and auditable business processes that clearly document the status of activities; i.e., what is known, and when everyone knew it. A carefully developed records management strategy and rigorously enforced company information management policies are the key to achieving excellence in management that promotes customer, investor, regulator, employee and public confidence in an organization’s activities, products, and services.

Business Drivers for Records Management

Today’s complex business environments generate numerous challenges for both management and employees. Fast-paced changes in office technologies, changing governmental mandates and global competition create both obstacles and opportunities. However, a common aspect of all business environments is the constant demand for ontime access to data, information and documentation. Informational business records are needed for operational guidance, reporting to auditors, documentation of intellectual capital, evidence in litigation and a variety of other tactical and strategic drivers. Business records with critical informational content must be locatable and retrievable quickly and accurately. Otherwise lost productivity, public embarrassment and damaged financial status may result. Of equal importance is the transition of most enterprises today from sifting through piles of paper to managing gigabytes of data. This shift creates a mandate for an enterprise to control and manage its office.  

Digital Printing Insider Graphic Arts

Welcome to Océ… Welcome to WOW!

WOW at Work delivers personalized marketing messages across all media channels. Today, the reality of delivering effective marketing communications combines the deployment of personalized, trackable, print- ased materials such as direct mail and newsletters as well as strategically selected web-based media. Transitioning into a marketing service provider with cross-media expertise is essential in the print industry as demonstrated by the successes of those who are leading the way. 

From Web-to-Print to Marketing Supply Chain Optimization

Marketers are spending billions of dollars producing, warehousing, and shipping marketing literature, packaging, documentation, point-of-sale displays, premiums, giveaways, signage, and handouts for all channels of market contact and engagement. The level at which this portion of marketing operations is managed and controlled can materially impact go-to-market effectiveness, as well as the optimal use of marketing dollars in creating business value and a competitive advantage.

While investments in traditional marketing channels have been decreasing over the past few years, marketing consumables still account for a significant portion of the marketing mix.

View the webinar to learn more about:

  • How print service providers are transforming their value proposition from web-to-print into optimizing the marketing supply chain
  • The infrastructure service providers have developed to participate in marketing supply chain management
  • Return on investment for both their businesses and their customers
  • Recommendations for peers in the industry

Participants of the Seventh Annual Océ Future Authors Project Sign Debut Copies of "Pens and Paper: Our Weapons of Mass Construction"

Boca Raton, Fla. – December 05, 2012 – "I can feel the chill water drip down, beads of fresh anguish, a salty waterfall trickling my chin," read BAK Middle School eighth grade student, Michael Wang, from his poem "Tears" at the recent seventh annual Océ Future Authors Project book signing at Spanish River Library in Boca Raton.

Michael opened the ceremony to unveil the book, Pens and Paper: Our Weapons of Mass Construction. The book is a compilation of the works by the more than 40 Palm Beach County middle and high school students who participated in the Océ Future Authors Project, a public-private partnership between Océ, a Canon Group Company and an international leader in digital document management, and the School District of Palm Beach County.

More than 100 people attended the book signing, where the students saw their published works for the first time and were able to sign copies for family, friends, school officials and community leaders. Palm Beach County Schools Superintendent of Curriculum and Learning Keith Oswald, was one of the first fans in line. "There’s no limit on what can be accomplished when we work together for the good of our children," he said. "This project is indeed a model for public-private partnerships. Programs like this offer students an invaluable opportunity to expand their educational experience."


Canon U.S.A. Announces Canon Solutions America, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary Integrating Canon Business Solutions and Select Océ Companies

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., Dec 4, 2012 – Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the launch of Canon Solutions America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., effective January 1, 2013. Integrating the business operations of Canon Business Solutions, Inc., Océ North America, Inc., and Océ Imagistics, Inc., this new name is reflective of the integration of Océ, first announced in 2010. Canon Solutions America will provide sales and support for Canon and Océ hardware, software and services targeting general office, production print and large format markets in the United States.

Joe Adachi, president and CEO of Canon U.S.A., will serve as chairman and CEO of Canon Solutions America.

"I am very pleased that the integration of the Canon and Océ businesses is nearly complete," said Mr. Adachi. "We have worked very hard these past three years to make sure our goal of creating the overall leading presence in the imaging industry will be realized. Canon Solutions America and the other companies formed by the integration will be better positioned to meet the growing demands of customers locally, regionally and nationally by capitalizing on the strengths of each company and maintaining the superior service levels that customers require."


Océ Completes the Océ Arizona 400 UV Flatbed Printer Series With Four New Models

Trumbull, CT, Dec. 4, 2012 – Océ, a Canon Group Company and international leader in digital document management and printing for professionals, today announced four new models in the Océ Arizona® 400 Series of UV flatbed printers: Océ Arizona 460 GT, Océ Arizona 460 XT, Océ Arizona 440 GT and Océ Arizona 440 XT printers.


Managed Print Services: Tackling the Last Frontier in Substantially Cutting IT Speed


The current economic crisis has had a major impact on how enterprises allocate their IT budgets. Despite the fact that shrewd investments in services will provide immediate cost savings, enterprises are still reluctant to spend, requiring greater proof of realistic return on investment in the short- to mid-term and taking considerably longer to make final decisions before getting projects up and running.

Offerings that are increasingly attractive are focused on cost savings, strong business benefits, governance and risk reduction. Now that companies are scrutinising their overheads, many of today's major international organisations are starting to realise that more effective management of print procedures and document archives will save them both time and money, although they often have no concept of the magnitude of that saving.

An economic downturn will usually push expenditure to operational (opex) rather than capital expenditure (capex). The major reasons for this are:

  • Greater flexibility, less cost: Opex-based spend allows budgets to be cut or increased faster and with fewer penalties and costs. It also allows new services to be bought and deployed more quickly and more easily. A utility pricing model — where a single invoice is generated on a monthly or quarterly basis — ensures that companies pay for what they use.
  • Less risk: Moving towards opex decreases the risk of infrastructure overcapacity and consequently financial charges.
  • Budget constraints or reluctance to borrow to fund investments: Avoiding assets on the balance sheet lowers an organisation's need for raising equity or taking loans to finance the assets. Consequently opex-based engagements become more attractive. This is also likely to drive interest for asset-based third-party agreements such as outsourcing and managed services. 

Oce Launches JetStream 5500 Full-Color Inkjet Press

Venlo, The Netherlands, – Océ, a Canon Group company and an international leader in digital document management and delivery, today announced the launch of the new Océ JetStream 5500 full-color inkjet printing system. This innovative printer is the fastest inkjet press in the Océ portfolio. The incredible productivity and low running costs of the Océ JetStream 5500 accelerate the transition from traditional offset printing to profitable high-quality digital inkjet printing.

The ultimate combination in productivity and print image quality

The Océ JetStream 5500 full-color inkjet printing system produces 5140 A4 images per minute on a 30-inch wide web. This solution combines the ultimate in productivity and print image quality. Using the industry-proven Océ DigiDot inkjet drop-on-demand and multilevel technology, an excellent image quality of 600 x 480 dpi is produced at 254 m/min. Moreover, the premium 1200 dpi perceived image quality is produced at 200 m/min.



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