Getting started: A Quick and Friendly Trip Through the Basics of Your Muratec Fax Machine

CaptureA Quick Introduction to Fax

What’s a fax document?
Simply put, a fax document is anything a fax user wants to fax to someone else. It can be just one page or as many pages as you need. It can be text, a drawing or even a photograph.

What’s a fax number?
Because your fax operates on standard phone lines, a fax number is just a regular phone number. And, because your fax is also a high-quality, full-featured telephone, your fax number can even be your regular phone number.

What are resolution and grayscale?
Just as cars are measured by engine size, fax machines are measured by resolution and grayscale. Resolution refers to the sharpness of a fax transmission. It’s expressed in lines per inch (lpi). There are three specific levels of resolution:

• Normal (203 horizontal ´ 98 vertical lpi)
• Fine (203 ´ 196 lpi)
• Superfine (203 ´ 392 lpi).

Grayscale levels — refers to the many shades of gray your fax machine sees on a document it’s sending. It’s likely most of your fax documents will be dark text on white paper. However, when you want to send photographs and other shaded items, you can set your fax machine to transmit in 64-scale grayscale.

MURATEC & DUR-A-FLEX Increased Productivity and an Improved Bottom Line

Capture1Growth is good. But it can also lead to unexpected challenges. Just ask Dur-a-flex.

Consistent efforts to exceed customer expectations paid off recently with a dramatic growth spurt for the East Hartford, Connecticut-based industrial flooring manufacturer. As a result, the company scrambled to modify unused portions of their complex into functional workspace to add employees and capacity.

As department sizes increased, communications internally and with customers Ð began to suffer. Incoming faxes, for example, began piling up and were not efficiently distributed throughout the company for approval and fulfillment. Dur-a-flex looked at several solutions for their document distribution problem, but most required either a long-term commitment or large upfront cost. The company even experimented with using a golf cart to distribute documents to various departments and work areas throughout their campus.

“It was a unique idea,” says Tom Matcheson, Dur-a-flex facilities manager. “I don’t know how many companies have ever used a golf cart to distribute documents. It helped our situation initially, but as our expansion continued we had to find a better solution.”

Enter Muratec dealer American Copy, based in Waterbury, Connecticut. Headed by owner and master service technician Bill Harris, American Copy completed a comprehensive evaluation of Dur-a-flex’s communication and document distribution requirements.

Muratec & Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Muratec, Connecticut local health departments & Public Health Preparedness: Working Together

Capture1The possibility of a natural disaster or terrorist action impacting the safety and health of Americans is troubling, to say the least.

It’s good to know, however, that there are ongoing efforts in place to guard against and effectively react to such an event. It’s also reassuring to know that Muratec technology and reliability are part of those efforts. How so? First a little background.

Last year the Department of Homeland Security funded more than $850 million dollars of grants through the Department of Health & Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control. The money was designated for use by the public health departments of each state and, in some cases, selected large cities.

States submitted applications for grants and were required to identify how the money would be spent according to seven priorities known as focus areas. These focus areas range from Preparedness Planning and Lab Capacity to Epidemiology and Small Pox.

In the State of Connecticut, program administrators can apply a portion of their grant dollars to the Health Alert Network (HAN)/ Communications and Information Technology focus area. This category was created to ensure effective communications connectivity among public health departments, healthcare organizations, law enforcement organizations, public officials and others (e.g., hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, fire departments, 911 centers).

As part of this effort to ensure effective and reliable communications for Connecticut local health departments, Connecticut officials elected to purchase and allocate a combination of communications equipment including laptop computers, Nextel phones and Muratec MFX-1700 units with OfficeBridgeTM Online and dual fax line option.

Regulatory Compliance and MFP Security Solutions Key Issues and Considerations

In the early 1980s securing a computer, printer or fax machine meant placing it behind a locked door. That was before computers were on every desktop, and before the advent of multifunctional products (MFPs). The MFP consolidates functionality into a single, space-saving platform, enabled businesses to address varied document processing needs, specifically walk-up copy and fax operations and network scan, fax and print functions. From document creation through output and distribution, the MFP plays a pivotal role in today’s connected workplace.

Indeed, as a centralized document processing hub, the MFP has transformed the office landscape by speeding the generation and dissemination of information. In the pre-Internet era documents were carried by courier or express mail services. Now those same ocuments are easily converted into electronic files, via the MFP, and communicated locally or globally–in an instant. As technology has evolved, so too has the speed at which business moves.

This shift from paper-based to electronic business processes presents formidable challenges for IT security professionals, and others tasked with safeguarding information assets. With nearly instantaneous dissemination capabilities, business-critical documents can be routed to unauthorized individuals in seconds.

To remain competitive in today’s challenging economic climate, organizations–now more than ever– have to protect information assets from theft or loss. Information security is particularly critical for businesses subject to a labyrinth of federal regulations, such as HIPAA, SOX and GLBA. In this white paper, we will examine the issue of regulatory compliance as it relates to office technology, and thus provide guidance on security solutions that can help support
enterprise-wide compliance initiatives.

Muratec & Merrill: Still Going Strong After Twenty Years

Capture1984 Purchase Continues to Perform Flawlessly

Merrill Sukonick could always count on two things: blistering Philadelphia winters and his Muratec Imagemate fax machine. Twenty years after purchasing the machine on a recommendation from his union, his machine was still providing exceptional performance.

Over the course of twenty years most people would expect to go through several machines, says Sukonick. I’m lucky. I could always rely on the Muratec machine to keep my business communications up and running.

Merrill admits he's no technophile. That's why he's pleased he went with Muratec almost 20 years ago when he needed his first fax machine to meet the document communication requirements for his auto parts business.

I knew nothing about fax machines, but my customers demanded a way to instantly receive invoices, order confirmations and shipping numbers, says Sukonick. The auto parts industry issues a yearly buyers guide rating office equipment and in the fax category the
guide strongly recommended the Muratec. Being new to the world of faxing I followed that advice and have been pleased ever since.

For twenty years the Muratec machine churned out faxes as if it had just been taken out of the box. After such success Merrill made note to tell his associates about the performance and reliability of his Muratec.

I tell my friends and business associates that they can’t go wrong with Muratec equipment, he explains. ÒThe machines are easy to use, fit virtually anywhere and best of all you don’t have to worry about them. I believe Muratec produces the most reliable equipment on the market.


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