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The Changing Benefits Of Multifunction Printers

Today business owners are doing their research when it comes to replacing their printing fleet. Companies want products that are eco-friendly, reliable, efficient and flexible. Companies are turning to standardizing their printing fleet to reduce network traffic, save space by consolidating multiple devices, lower cost and improve workflow. The most popular option for standardizing is multifunction printers (MFP). Demand for these devices has been on the rise increasing from 2.8 million in 2005 to 3.1 million in 2007. MFP’s are now offering a wide range of features to meet the needs of business owners.

Popular Features Today's Businesses Love About MFPs:

  • Offers Monochrome and Color Shipments for color MFPs increased from 246,00 in 2005 to 477,000 in 2007. When you want a machine to do it all including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, color and monochrome printing, a MFP machine does it all.
  • Competitive Prices – As demand for MFP machines goes up, you would think the price would too, but you would be wrong. MFP devices are more affordable now then ever with some dealers offering leasing and renting options.
  • Eco-Friendly And Saves Space - When you consolidate large pieces of office equipment into one, you will really notice the change in available space. By consolidating your printer, copier, fax, and scanner into one piece of office equipment you will use 40%-50% less floor space and decrease your electricity bill by only powering one machine. MFP’s also make being eco-friendly easier for large companies allowing double sided printing, eco-friendly mode for printing, and allowing managed print services to control unauthorized prints.
  • Only Pay For What You Need – Venders now offer various models of MFP’s with a variety of features and functions. After assessing your office needs, you can order a MFP that suites your needs and budget. By consolidating your devices into one machine you also reduce the need for large support and maintenance teams.
  • Boot Productivity – With a machine that can perform more then one task at once, your employees can also multitask efficiently. Giving your company access to state-of-the-art technology gives them the tools to perform at their best.

Since the release of the MFP there has been some drawback with business owners being concerned if one function breaks the whole machine breaks, but that is no longer an issue. With the benefits of the MFP meeting business needs, the demand and improvement of the MFP will increase. When you are ready to save time and maximize your resources contact us to get started!

Advantages of Multi Function Printers

A Multifunction Printer (MFP) is a piece of office equipment that combines a printer, a copier, a scanner and fax into one machine. MFPs consolidate assets, reduce costs, and improve workflow.

Every office has the need for printing. According to Forbes, scanning and faxing are essential to a firm's operations.

The publication stated that: "More companies rely on scanning and faxing than you would imagine, despite the prevalence of online and digital solutions."

Insights from the Lab: User Interventions

By Marlene Orr, Senior Analyst, Printers/A4 MFPs, October 18, 2013

When deciding on what device to purchase, users must consider multiple aspects of performance: reliability, productivity, image quality, ease of use, toner yields and cost of ownership, to name just a few. When considering ease of use, ease of programming print and copy jobs is just one factor of many. Another factor to consider is how much time users will have to spend interacting with the device for procedures such as changing supplies.  One might think that something as mundane as changing toner or ink couldn’t possibly vary that much from one device to another. But in the research conducted for our extensive White Paper on the HP Officejet Pro X576dw versus laser products, BLI found the results to be quite surprising: For printing 60,000 impressions, the range from the fewest to the most interventions for small workgroup laser models varied by more than 50 interventions! While you’ll have to read our White Paper to get the full results, we can share some key highlights here.

Upgrading your Office Equipment to Stay Efficient

As a business, it’s definitely a smart decision to save money wherever you can. This can mean saving money in regard to personnel, to paper waste around the office, or by using equipment that may be considered outdated. There are definite advantages to keeping old office equipment around, but you would be surprised by the amount of money that is saved in terms of efficiency and power usage when making the decision to upgrade to a newer device.

Newer devices are known to be superior to their older counterparts in many ways. There are many factors that determine what makes newer office equipment superior, but the most determining factors include their output, the efficiency in terms of power usage, and the overall ease of use it offers employees. Investing and installing new office equipment has many advantages that are often overlooked by business owners.

Cost Saving Benefits Associated with Multifunction Systems

If you are operating a small business or a large business, printing and other office functions are daily tasks that don’t you don’t think twice about anymore. One thing that is sometimes overlooked is the fact that most of these office functions cost money. Although the cost associated with printing one sheet of paper are relatively low, printing a thousand sheets of paper can be quite expensive.

A multifunction system allows you to cut down on said costs by being more efficient than many stand alone printers. Costs associated with printing are sometimes ignored in the office and a multifunction printer makes sure that you’re paying attention. Saving money is something every business should be interested in, especially if it’s as easy as upgrading your equipment.

The Unsung Heroes of your Office

For many businesses, between all the day-to-day operations like meetings and other daily tasks, it’s hard to stop and think about the fundamentals that keep your office running. Things like a smooth running network and Internet connection, printers functioning at efficient levels, and documents being stored and routed securely are very important to your office as a whole. Management and staff often overlook these fundamentals as these parts of your office are typically running smoothly and have no cause for concern.
The unsung heroes of your office are the machines and systems that keep it in business. If one of these processes were to break down or be taken out of the system, an office would immediately notice the change. Although taken for granted, as is normal, these office processes and function make sure a company is able to do business that day.

Four Ways that a Multifunction System Contributes to a Greener Office

There are plenty of reasons why a business would take the step in purchasing a Multifunction System for their office. Whether it is for the purpose of boosting efficiency and productivity in the office, or if it’s for consolidating much needed space, a multifunction system can contribute many benefits that a business can realize in a short amount of time. Companies typically realize that they have made a smart decision in investing in a Multifunction System shortly after it has been installed.

Benefits of a Multifunction System that are sometimes overlooked are the various Green initiatives that are associated with the machines themselves. It’s easy for a business to know that productivity will be boosted by a Multifunction System, but it’s a little more difficult for a business to realize the eco-friendly benefits that can be realized when making the switch from individual pieces of office equipment.

The Importance of Sound Office Equipment

Although it is sometimes overlooked, having quality functioning office equipment at your business can save a lot of unnecessary hassle and wasted time. You want to be able to find the accurate balance between saving oncosts and purchasing machines that are capable of the workload. Should you buy used or brand new? Should you opt for one multifunction system or individual printers for each workstation? These are all important factors to consider when making the decision to purchase new office equipment.

An important factor you must also consider is figuring out the use or function of the new equipment that you are purchasing. If you don’t print much and have a relatively small office, it doesn’t make much sense to get the most advanced multifunction system on the market. Conversely, if you are a growing business that plans on expanding further, an investment such as this may be necessary.

Printing Industry Seeing Growth

According to industry experts, the printing industry has been seeing growth and will continue to see growth in the year 2012. This marks the first increase since the year 2007 and is welcomed by copier dealers and commercial printers alike. That being said, recovery may still remain inconsistent throughout the rest of the year. It is still important for those involved in the printer industry to be wary of changes and fluctuations in sales.

It has been quite a rough couple of years. The recession has made printing, and the printing needs of businesses, take a back seat in many aspects of daily business life. Even though the trends are pointing in a positive direction, the industry as a whole has yet to break the numbers that were showing a number of years ago. This peak was met in the year 2000, and it seems that the current numbers are still roughly -20% from the all-time peak in that year.

Konica Minolta’s Bizhub Series Recognized with Prestigious Award

With another brilliant display of melding beauty and functionality, Konica Minolta has won the coveted “The Good Design Award 2012”, which is organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP). This honor was awarded to seven distinct models of color multifunction printers that Konica Minolta offers the market. The award comes as no surprise, as Konica Minolta has always been well known as a steward of great design concepts that also perform very well in the field.

Specifically, Konica Minolta’s color multifunction printer bizhub series was highly evaluated for the user interface of the device. This interface allows users to operate seamlessly and consistently among various devices making it outstanding in terms of both functionality and design. Paving the way for the future, Konica Minolta’s devices have always been staples of innovation and end-user compatibility.


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