Supplies Network Adds Lexmark BSD Equipment to its Product Line

St. Louis, MO March 9, 2015 – Supplies Network is pleased to announce it is now an authorized distributor of the Lexmark Business Solutions Dealer (BSD) equipment product line. As a high-volume BSD supplies distributor, the addition of this exclusive equipment line allows BSD resellers to simplify sourcing to a single distributor for BSD and the entire Lexmark product portfolio. This equipment lineup ships same-day via Supplies Network’s national distribution network for fast, cost-effective delivery.

“Lexmark has been a great partner for many years. This announcement further solidifies our commitment to their products within the BTA channel and the growth of their hardware business as a whole,” said Monte White, Vice President-Product Marketing. “Supplies Network is making considerable investments to become the single-source destination for all imaging products and this announcement supports that vision.” Lexmark BSD products complement Supplies Network’s comprehensive Managed Print Solutions offering and are available to all authorized Lexmark BSD partners.


Lexmark Certifies Print Audit Embedded as Compatible with Lexmark eSF

Calgary, Alberta - December 2, 2014 - Print Audit® is pleased to announce that Print Audit Embedded has been certified as compatible with Lexmark eSF-enabled multi-function peripherals (MFPs).  Print Audit Embedded is now the most comprehensive print management solution available for Lexmark MFPs.  The software brings powerful cost recovery, rules-based-printing, secure release and pull-printing capabilities to Lexmark eSF-enabled devices.

Print Audit Embedded installs directly onto Lexmark eSF-enabled MFPs, allowing users to control and recover printing, copying, faxing and scanning costs. Seamlessly integrated with desktop versions of Print Audit 6 and Print Audit Secure, Embedded is a complete document tracking, chargeback, secure release and pull printing solution that eliminates the need for external hardware.


Lexmark Smart MFP Ecosystem More Dynamic with New Serverless Capabilities and Mobile Solutions

Nov 19, 2014

  • Lexmark International, Inc. (NYSE: LXK) announces enhancements to its smart multifunction product ecosystem, designed to help solve unstructured information challenges. With its inherent flexibility, the Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem improves workforce productivity while helping organizations enable processes, print less, decrease costs and reduce risks.
  • New serverless solutions and apps offer efficiency for large and small businesses, government agencies, schools and universities, as reducing or eliminating servers helps minimize investment related to hardware costs, IT administration and energy consumption, among others.

Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS) Best practices. Best results. Best choice.

No output strategy.
No operational efficiency.

Businesses still depend on paper to serve customers, run supply chains, care for patients, open new accounts and all the other activities that drive performance and growth.

To move and use that paper-based information, organizations rely on processes and people. When these are aligned and efficient, your entire business benefits through faster turnaround, better decisions and responsive customer service.

Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS) connects print, process and people to drive productivity and performance.

It creates environments for business growth and customer satisfaction through:

  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Proactive Management
  • Business Optimization

Lexmark PrintCryption Card Assures Security of Confidential Print Jobs

The Challenge

Imagine financial reports, salary reviews, budgets, bank statements, contracts, or corporate restructuring plans falling into the wrong hands. The results could be disastrous, both financially and legally. Keeping confidential materials out of the wrong hands is a concern faced by all organizations, public-sector and private, regardless of size, line of business or number of employees.

As internal corporate networks and the Internet have grown, they have evolved simultaneously into a fertile ground for legions of hackers, crackers, disgruntled employees, and others who are, at best, merely gaining access to unauthorized data purely for sport, or, at worst, bent on criminal action. Indeed, it is with almost mind-numbing regularity that we read news accounts reporting the outright theft or malicious alteration of financial or medical network-based data.

Given that cyber-intrusion occurs and that the pilfering of data streams can never be prevented completely, the logical course of action is to make these data streams useless to prying eyes. The technique is a model of simplicity: scramble the data at its point of origin and descramble it at its destination. Banks long ago adopted this approach, ensuring that customers’ account numbers, balances and PINs are never exposed “in the clear” as their ATM transactions travel between a remote teller machine and the faraway mainframe computer on which the card holder’s account resides.


Case Study: Lexmark Uses MDM to Turn Information Into a Business Asset

Lexmark International undertook a master data management (MDM) program when it realized that its systems could not give decision makers the answers to the questions they were asking about the business. The MDM team designed an ambitious program that can serve as a model for MDM leaders who must plan their own initiatives.

Key Findings

  • The IT organization surveyed Lexmark's eight financial analysts, and discovered they spent 22,000 hours a year just to find the information they needed for their reports.
  • Lexmark assembled a data governance council, chaired by the CFO, including the CIO and thevice presidents in charge of sales and marketing, finance, the supply chain, R&D, purchasing and HR.
  • The MDM team and governance council identified five domains for the initiative: customer, vendor, product, material and person.
  • Lexmark can now produce profit-and-loss reports for specific products in 10 minutes — it used to take a week, with heavy manual work to find and cleanse data.


  • Don't simply seek a senior executive to sponsor the initiative; find one who will actively participate throughout the life of the program.
  • Embed the MDM discipline in business processes. MDM is an integral part of transactional and operational processes so that people cannot circumvent them or change data in a subscription system without doing so in the MDM system.
  • Measure results as a way to improve the implementation. To improve decision making, the MDM team defined clear data quality metrics, which are used to measure progress at regular intervals.

Streamlining Paper-Based Document Processes with Distributed Capture Solutions


This white paper examines the challenges that businesses face with their existing paper-based document management methods. The paper also demonstrates how Lexmark distributed capture solutions enable employees in distributed office environments to efficiently and securely manage time-sensitive information within today’s complex business processes.

Even with the ability to transmit documents electronically, the paperless office has yet to become a reality. Inevitably, there are times when hardcopy documents created by outside sources need to be incorporated with digital documentation―for example, invoices, expense reports, medical records, contracts, legal documents, or documents that contain original signatures. With a distributed capture solution, both digital and hardcopy documents can be managed efficiently.

Distributed capture is defined as a workgroup solution that gives users at dispersed locations the ability to scan, capture and save documents in a highly secure digital format. The electronic document can then be automatically distributed via e-mail or fax, through a file transfer to a shared server folder or directory, or delivered directly into an enterprise application.

There are many cost benefits of capturing documents in real time, at the point of use, rather than using a traditional centralized scanning approach. These include: 

  • Elimination of costs for bundling, shipping, sorting, scanning and indexing documents at a central scanning facility
  • Immediate availability of files, forms and data
  • Reduced cycle time of transactional documents
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Improved compliance

Lexmark’s Perceptive Software Launches Perceptive Cloud Share

Jul 10, 2014

News Facts

  • Lexmark’s Perceptive Software announces the release of Perceptive Cloud Share, a lightweight, scalable and intuitive cloud solution that simplifies the sharing and collaboration of enterprise social content, including rich media.
  • Built upon the Perceptive Evolution platform, Perceptive Cloud Share brings customers best-of-breed rich content management in the cloud, making rich media content available from any device, anywhere.

Lexmark once again named a leader in Quocirca MPS Vendor Landscape

LEXINGTON, Ky., June 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

News facts:

  • Lexmark International, Inc. (NYSE: LXK) announced it has again been positioned as a leader in managed print services (MPS) by leading European-based industry analyst firm Quocirca.
  • "Lexmark continues to strengthen its position as a leader in Quocirca's evaluation of the MPS market. Since its $280 million acquisition of Perceptive Software in 2010, it has transformed its overall business, deepening its business process expertise," Quocirca reports. "Its strong position in the market is boosted by a mature service portfolio and its indust

Lexmark’s Perceptive Software and Source Technologies Launch Perceptive Secure Print

News Facts

  • Lexmark’s Perceptive Software and Source Technologies have launched Perceptive Secure Print, an integrated software and Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) printer solution that delivers secure printing for documents, such as checks, on an as-needed basis.
  • Perceptive Secure Print allows businesses to utilize blank check stock instead of preprinted stock, immediately eliminating many fraud enablers while also eliminating the cost of preprinted checks. MICR laser printers print the entire check, including the fixed data found on preprinted stock as well the variable data (e.g. payee name, legal amount, date, etc.).


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