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Overall Efficiency, Professional Finishing and Exceptional Document Output Define the New KYOCERA TASKalfa Series of Black and White MFPs

FAIRFIELD, N.J. – November 19, 2013 – KYOCERA Document Solutions America, one of the world's leading document solutions companies, today announced the release of two new TASKalfa multifunctional products (MFPs). The two robust black-and-white devices—the TASKalfa 8001i and the TASKalfa 6501i—are designed to operate in high-volume business environments and feature all of the hallmarks associated with the award-winning TASKalfa line: ultra-reliability, superior output quality and user-friendly controls.

“These devices provide organizations with an ideal solution for professional level functionality with intuitive document handling,” said Danielle Wolowitz, director, product marketing at KYOCERA Document Solutions America. “As business needs evolve and grow, companies require a device that integrates with how they operate today, and into the future. The TASKalfa 8001i and 6501i can integrate with Kyocera’s business applications to easily route your critical documents to the cloud, to document management systems and other critical business systems, which adhering to security protocols you have in place. All of this combined with Kyocera’s award winning long-life technology, you are ensured a strong MFP that delivers when you need it most.”

Kyocera's Hypas Technology


Not so long ago, the MFP was a device for printing, copying, scanning and occasionally faxing. But technology has evolved, and the enhanced capability of the devices has brought about many additional requirements and fundamentally changed the way MFPs are used today. The transition to colour printing for instance relates to the increasing need for document accounting in order to control and manage output costs. Security became a topic with high relevance not only for PCs and networks, but also for MFPs: how to secure the data travelling between PC and output tray, and how to avoid that unauthorized users pick up confidential information from output trays. Other important issues for companies are to increase productivity and to reduce costs. Considering that costs related to document output can be as high as 3% of a company’s revenue, reducing these costs can have significant impact on a company’s bottom line. Process automation for example is an excellent productivity booster: instead of repeating complex steps each time, the automated process can be started with one click directly from the panel and saves users much time while at the same time reducing risks of errors.

All these topics – cost control and cost reduction, security, productivity – are fundamental for the survival of any company, with direct impact on their profit situation. Therefore companies are looking for solutions that address their requirements and individual situation in the best way.

To be able to answer the diverse needs of customers, MFP Solution Platforms were developed and integrated into the devices, as a basis for applications to be executed on the MFP. These platforms enable connectivity between the device and external business applications, which opens up endless options of advanced functionality. For instance, there can be a direct connection between the device and a company’s Document Management System so that documents can be immediately and correctly archived with little effort directly from the MFP panel.

KYOCERA Document Solutions America Unveils Two New Black & White TASKalfa Multifunctional Products

FAIRFIELD, N.J. – November 5, 2013 – KYOCERA Document Solutions America, one of the world's leading document solutions companies, added to its award-winning black and white TASKalfa multifunctional product (MFP) lineup, today, when it announced the release of the TASKalfa 3510i and TASKalfa 3010i. These two new MFPs feature all of the hallmarks associated with the flagship series: breakthrough technology, advanced design, and user-friendly features.

TASKalfa 3510i and 3010i;

Automating Everyday Processes, Powering Workflow and Bringing Office Productivity to New Heights TASKalfa MFPs are designed to boost production and optimize performance—and these two new devices are no exception. The TASKalfa 3510i (35 pages per minute) and TASKalfa 3010i (30 ppm) deliver crisp black-and-white output, brilliant scans in both color and black-and-white, optional fax capabilities, and a range of advanced finishing options.

KYOCERA Document Solutions America Extends Its Line of Award-Winning Color Multifunctional Products

FAIRFIELD, N.J. – November 5, 2013 – KYOCERA Document Solutions America, one of the world's leading document solutions companies, today extended its award-winning TASKalfa line with the announcement of the TASKalfa 2551ci multifunction product (MFP). Featuring many of the hallmarks that have become associated with the flagship series, this new MFP offers advanced technology, flexible design, and user-friendly features.

TASKalfa 2551ci: Innovative, Reliable, and Powerful

The new TASKalfa 2551ci (25 ppm color, 25 ppm black) offers the kind of performance specs that today’s businesses have come to expect from TASKalfa MFPs. It features vibrant color and crisp black-and-white printing, color scanning and copying, and Super G3 fax options for high-speed document delivery. It will enhance productivity, streamline office workflow efficiency and simplify on-screen document management.

KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. Positioned in the 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Print Services, Worldwide

October 28, 2013 - KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. (President: Katsumi Komaguchi), a leading manufacturer of document imaging solutions and document management systems, announces that it has been named a “Challenger” in the 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Print Services, Worldwide* for the second consecutive year.

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed Print Services (MPS) is published annually and evaluates companies on their completeness of vision and ability to execute Managed Print Services. KYOCERA has been developing and strengthening its Managed Document Services (MDS) business for many years, and meets all of the inclusion criteria.

New Kyocera Business Application Allows MFP Users to Scan Directly to ECM

FAIRFIELD, N.J. – October 9, 2013 – KYOCERA Document Solutions America, one of the world's leading document solutions companies, added to its impressive lineup of HyPAS business applications today with the introduction of OnBase Connector. This new Kyocera developed application allows Kyocera multifunctional product (MFP) users to scan, index, and route documents directly to Hyland Software’s OnBase enterprise content management solution—thus optimizing the speed, efficiency, and security of an organization’s document-processing system.

Hyland Software’s OnBase is widely considered one of the most flexible and user-friendly enterprise content management (ECM) solutions on the market. It centralizes business assets into one secure location—affording users easy access, and in many cases, meeting legal retention requirements. Kyocera’s OnBase Connector facilitates the scanning of documents into the repository. It also simplifies the review, approval, and reporting processes.

Kyocera Introduces Business Application That Saves Documents When Networks Go Down

FAIRFIELD, N.J. – October 9, 2013 – KYOCERA Document Solutions America, one of the world's leading document solutions companies, strengthened its lineup of HyPAS business applications today. With the introduction of PreservDOX, a Kyocera-developed, powerful business application, users can be assured access to mission-critical documents if network resources go down.

PreservDOX provides a level of protection that goes above and beyond conventional back-up processes. It allows PDFs to be saved to a synchronized folder on a PC or server, and automatically routes and stores the files on a predefined Kyocera multifunctional product’s (MFP’s) hard drive—thus allowing for immediate access should the network go down and printing becomes impossible. PreservDOX also safeguards the privacy of backed-up files by eliminating unauthorized access to the data. This kind of protection does more than provide peace of mind; it keeps many businesses in compliance with federal regulations.

Kyocera Extends Award-Winning TASKalfa Technology Into Seven New Multifunctional Products

FAIRFIELD, N.J. – August 27, 2013 – KYOCERA Document Solutions America, one of the world's leading document solutions companies, strengthened its award-winning TASKalfa lineup today when it announced the launch of seven new color and black-and-white multifunctional products (MFPs). The new devices deliver maximum document workflow by employing many Kyocera hallmarks: proven technology, advanced design, user-friendly features, and seamless compatibility with Kyocera business applications.

Four of the seven new TASKalfa devices are high quality color MFPs: the TASKalfa 5551ci (50 pages per minute [ppm] color/55 ppm black); TASKalfa 4551ci (45 ppm color/ 45 ppm black); TASKalfa 3551ci (35 ppm color/ 35 ppm black); and TASKalfa 3051ci (30 ppm color/ 30 ppm black). In addition, Kyocera is introducing three black-and-white MFPs, each of which features high output speeds and the latest Kyocera technology: the TASKalfa 5501i (55 ppm black); TASKalfa 4501i (45 ppm black); and TASKalfa 3501i (35 ppm black). Both the color and black & white MFP series incorporates Kyocera’s updated, highly intuitive color touch screen interface with a tablet-like design, including a ‘pinch and grab’ function.

For More Efficient Documents Don't Forget to Sweat the Small Stuff

With document production consuming 3% of revenue and office machines consuming 15% of energy, what seems like a minor aspect of business operations can play havoc with both budgets and environmental targets. The good news is that with a little attention to detail, both cost and carbon emissions can be drastically reduced. Read on for tips that can improve energy efficiency, reduce waste of resources and cut costs – all without any reduction in productivity.

Efficiency begins at home

The high profile energy-hungry systems such as datacentres have already come under scrutiny, and a range of options presented ranging from virtualisation to offshoring, but some of the easy wins could be much closer to home. Gartner estimates that on average organisations spend 3% of their revenue on document production, and The Carbon Trust calculates that 15% of commercial energy is consumed by business machines. So it logically follows that optimising an organisation’s printing and copying fleet can help reduce both energy costs and carbon emissions. Yet many organisations pay little attention to the potential gains to be made here when considering their sustainability strategy. For most organisations, consideration of the environmental impact of printing is confined to email footers asking staff to consider whether printing is really necessary, and the liberal distribution of recycling bins around the office. The more enlightened install devices capable of printing double-sided, and use this as the default setting. It may be argued that this is better than nothing, but research indicates that the effectiveness of such steps is limited, and could even be counter-productive. Recent research by KYOCERA Document Solutions discovered a significant backlash against “print green” messages, with 58% of people responding negatively to such entreaties, branding them “ineffective” at best, and “pointless and patronising” at worst.

Kyocera Printers & Multi-Functional Devices in Citrix MetaFrame Environments

Testing performed by Kyocera

Kyocera (KTD1) performs Windows 2000 Terminal Server/MetaFrame XP Presentation Server testing on all Drivers.

Kyocera selected three (3) printing devices for Citrix testing reflecting the current product line. These three devices are representative of all Kyocera devices, using the same base code common to Kyocera Products. All data derived from these three devices is indicative of all Kyocera models. As a result of tests performed, all Kyocera Printers and Multifunctional Devices and print drivers listed in the matrix of this document are supported in Citrix MetaFrame environments.

Initially devices and drivers were tested during a functional testing phase. All applicable category actions were passed during this initial phase. For the actual testing phases a variety of documents were printed from various applications. Inside each application, files of different sizes were output. The file sizes were classified as small, medium and large. Classification was based on page number, not actual file size.

All clients in the test (40) ran the applications and printing concurrently to simulate a large MetaFrame environment.


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