Kofax ControlSuite Improves Office Productivity and Document Security with Innovative Print and Capture Capabilities

Irvine, CA – April 16, 2019 – Kofax®, a leading supplier of Intelligent Automation software to digitally transform end-to-end business processes, today announced Kofax ControlSuite, an entirely new print and capture software solution that simplifies and enables the central management and governance of content flowing through multi-function printer (MFP) fleets, mobile & desktop devices, email, and print streams.


Kofax Announces the Closing of its Acquisition of Nuance Document Imaging

Irvine, CA, February 1, 2019 – Kofax®, a leading supplier of Intelligent Automation software to automate and digitally transform end-to-end business processes, today announced the closing of its acquisition of Nuance Document Imaging (NDI), a division of Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN).

NDI provides software to help organizations optimize their information-based capture and print processes from being labor intensive, error prone and costly, into becoming highly efficient, automated and secure.


DFC Global Uses Kofax SignDoc to Transform Customer Onboarding Processes

Irvine, CA, August 9, 2017


Impression Solutions Becomes Print Audit Premier Maven Partner

Calgary, Alberta - December 17, 2014 - Print Audit® is pleased to welcome Impression Solutions Incorporated (ISI), an established distributor of imaging technology and office equipment, as a Print Audit Premier Maven partner.  Print Audit Premier is a unique membership program that gives office equipment dealers virtually unlimited access to all of Print Audit's MPS and print management solutions.

Print Audit's Maven partnership program is designed to bring exclusive benefits to Print Audit Premier members. Through the Premier program, Impression Solutions will be able to provide their resellers with a wide variety of print management tools under a subscription model.  The capabilities included with Premier are remote meter reading, cost recovery, rules-based printing, in-depth print assessment, as well as secure print release and pull-printing solutions.


Kofax White Paper

Executive Summary

Mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices are an engaging and fast-growing method for enterprise interaction with business applications. This white paper addresses the integration challenges, approaches and benefits utilizing mobile devices within invoicing and accounts payable automation applications. Learn how mobile devices can be leveraged for invoice capture and data extraction, receipts, trailing documents, discrepancy resolution, approval workflows and additional processes. We will also discuss ERP integration, security and compliance.

Mobile Technology for Advanced AP Automation

Smartphones and tablet computers are the devices of choice for today’s business worker. Half of all adults have a smartphone. Android and iOS tablets and smartphones are the fastest growing computing devices in 2012, and applications that run on these devices are exploding. Typically, these are fun apps for consumers. But business applications for these devices are emerging. However they face a series of challenges, including security, compliance with internal policies, integration with systems of record and synchronization with enterprise software applications.

Finance executives, managers, and process owners are challenged to integrate these devices with process automation solutions. Accounts payable use cases include invoice scanning, invoice review and approval, receipt submission to expense reporting, the capture of miscellaneous documents such as 1099’s and applications and invoice inquiries. While applications for these use cases can reduce costs and increase process responsiveness, careful attention must be paid to the impact to core processes. Do they strengthen or weaken internal controls? Are they secure? Do they increase the quality of information or do they create new opportunities for errors? Is their information visible at all times? Are the functions they deliver to users identical to the functions that users can access from their desktops? 


Capture the Enterprise – How Capture Can Transform the Mailroom

Executive Summary

Every day, organizations receive high volumes of various types of documents through the mail, fax and email that launch different internal business processes. Reviewing and interpreting these documents, entering data from them, and forwarding them on to others for further processing consumes company time and resources, which increases operating costs and negatively impacts customer and supplier responsiveness. A digital mailroom powered by enterprise-level capture technology solves these problems by converting incoming mail, fax and email into structured electronic information that feeds multiple downstream business processes, systems and repositories across the enterprise. It does this using the enabling technologies of classification, separation, extraction, validation and delivery automation. 

In almost every organization there are accounting, human resources, purchasing, contract management and customer service processes. In addition, there are vertical market-specific processes, such as insurance claims processing, mortgage processing, electronic health records management, new bank account opening, case management in government, and so on. In many cases an electronic infrastructure and electronic workflow are used to orchestrate the complex sequence of steps required to complete the process, but the process cannot start until the required information is captured from incoming business documents.

This white paper overviews how modern capture enabled business processes can transform traditional incoming document reception and processing into an efficient ”digital mailroom” that helps organizations reduce costs, drive process efficiency, and improve customer service and market competitiveness.


Must-Have Metrics for Enterprise Information Capture and Management

Executive Summary

Most organizations have developed key performance indicators and metrics to help monitor and manage various aspects of their business. But too often, companies fail to track the most useful metrics on the health and operational efficiency of their business.

This white paper explains why you need metrics and presents a framework to help you develop and use them. It also identifies and describes key metrics that every company should use and emphasizes the need to review them regularly to ensure they support your organizational goals.

Enterprise Metrics

Every organization needs key performance indicators to monitor and manage various aspects of their business.
Balanced Scorecard, widely used in large enterprises, provides a useful framework for organizing metrics into four main areas: financial, customer, process and innovation/learning. Many organizations have found that understanding and applying Balanced Scorecard concepts to the development or use ofmetrics is complex and requires extensive training. However, metrics are essential to understanding and improving an organization’s performance and financial health.

6 Dimensions of Capture Enabled BPM

Executive Summary

Capture Enabled BPM™—the combination of Capture and BPM technologies to automate information-intensive business processes across the enterprise—is transforming the way companies do business. Automatically capturing information at the back office for document archival, at the front office for feeding a business process, or at the Point of Origination™ for accelerating a transaction, helps organizations reduce costs and errors, improve efficiencies and customer response times and ensure compliance. Automating the business processes that use captured information—whether they consist of simple workflow routing, more complex but predictable processes, or highly dynamic processes that change with business needs—provides similar benefits: faster and less costly processing, better information quality and visibility, and improved collaboration and productivity. With these benefits, organizations are now able to provide a higher level of customer service for more competitive advantage and business growth than ever before.

The automation possibilities are limited only by the variety of documents and business processes an organization employs regardless of whether Capture Enabled BPM is used in:

  • An HR department to process and store employee onboarding documents
  • A Legal department to better automate fraud investigations
  • An AP department to extract data from invoices, get them approved, and better control late payment penalties and early payment discounts
  • Branch offices to capture and store new account applications
  • Customers to capture personal documents from their mobile devicesthat are required by the loan origination or insurance claims process

Kofax Capture Enterprise Implementation Considerations


Optimized for enterprise-wide usage, Kofax Capture is a modular application. Right out of the box it can support the needs of a small or medium sized business or a single department, or it can expand to meet the needs of a high-volume enterprise.

Kofax Capture's flexible design makes it easy to incorporate customizations that perform highly specialized tasks to accommodate unique enterprise requirements.

The Kofax Capture platform offers exceptional compatibility with scanners and other caputre devices, content and document management systems, workflow applications, and databases. No matter what hardware or enterprise applications are implemented, Kofax Capture ensures consistent capture, indexing, and validation of the information needed by an enterprise.

As the capture industry leader, Kofax has the experience and expertise to address the neesds of any size enterprise. To do so, Kofax adheres to the following precepts:

Leverage Industry Standards to Include:

  • High availabilty
  • Standard platforms and communication protocols
  • Minimal operator training

Offer cusomtization enhancements such as:

  • Sample custom modules
  • Fully commented and self-documented sourch code examples
  • Extensive API libraries

Provide business process flexibility

Optimize capture and data extraction

CashCall Selects Kofax Smart Mobile App to Streamline Mortage Loan Processing and Enable a Better Customer Experience

 Irvine, CA - Kofax plc, a leading provider of smart process applications for the business critical First Mile™ of customer interactions, today announced that CashCall, one of the nation’s premier consumer finance lenders, selected a Kofax mobile smart app to streamline and automate its mortgage loan processing, enabling an improved customer experience.

CashCall will use Kofax Mobile Capture for Mortgage to leverage mobile devices in capturing the original and trailing mortgage documents necessary to complete an application or transaction. The lender will also use Kofax Transformation Modules™ to automatically classify, separate, extract and validate the business critical content in those documents. By using mobile devices, CashCall’s customers can quickly and easily submit documents such as paycheck stubs, W-2s, driver licenses, investment account statements and tax returns directly into the loan process, which allows the lender to more rapidly service, approve and close loans.



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