Kodak’s Document Imaging Honored with Best of FOSE Award at FOSE Conference 2011

<p>ROCHESTER, N.Y , Aug. 31—Kodak was among the top companies honored with a Best of FOSE award during the July 2011 FOSE Conference and Exposition in Washington, D.C. The KODAK i2800 Scanner, a compact scanner offering numerous user benefits in productivity and efficiency, was named the winner of the Best of FOSE Award in the peripherals category. Each year, Government Computer News (GCN) staffers, consisting of writers, editors, and researchers judge exhibitors for the Best of FOSE Awards that recognize outstanding and innovative IT products best suited for government use.</p> <p>The government technology industry relies on document imaging tools to effectively maintain both the accuracy and security of data distribution among employees. On all government levels, including local, state and federal, KODAK Scanners, Software and Services are utilized to meet shared workspace needs as well as records management requirements. The FOSE Conference and Exposition provides a forum between the public and private sector to introduce digital solutions to the government market as well as the international and commercial technology communities.</p>


KODAK i5800 Scanner Improves Transactional Document Processes, Delivers Best-in-Class Total Cost of Ownership for Production Capture

<p>ROCHESTER, N.Y., August 2, 2011—Kodak announces the KODAK i5800 Scanner, a production scanner with next-generation performance to drive efficiencies across enterprise-level transactional document processes. The user functionality and digitally-driven features of the i5800 Scanner help service bureaus and medium to large businesses achieve productivity gains and generate cost savings from high-volume document workflows including digital mail rooms, census projects, insurance claims and invoice processing.</p> <p>“By enabling users of the i5800 Scanner to unleash advanced imaging features at rated speed, businesses meet real-time demands without compromising the accuracy of data extraction,” said Budd Webster, Business Director, Scanners, Document Imaging, Kodak’s Business Solutions and Services Group. “This core capability helps businesses enable better optical character recognition and route indexed information to defined destinations sooner to complete critical processes as quickly as possible.”&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160;&#160; </p> <p>The i5800 Scanner backs its strong performance with exceptional value, saving businesses up to 53 percent on total cost of ownership over five years. Compared to select non-Kodak scanners, the i5800 Scanner provides businesses with a better investment over five years including list price, service and support, consumables and additional image processing costs. </p>


KODAK Imaging Technology Used To Explore Jupiter

<p>ROCHESTER, N.Y., Aug. 2 -- When NASA’s Juno spacecraft is launched this week to begin its five-year voyage to the planet Jupiter, image sensor technology from Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK) will be on board to help capture images of the gas giant as never before. </p> <p>The KODAK KAI-2020 Image Sensor was selected by Malin Space Science Systems to serve as the “eye” of JunoCam, an instrument that will provide full color images of Jupiter as the spacecraft orbits the planet.&#160; The Juno spacecraft is designed to investigate Jupiter's origins, interior structure, deep atmosphere and magnetosphere from an innovative, highly elliptical orbit that will come as close as 5,000 km (3,100 miles) to the planet’s cloud tops.</p> <p>“Kodak has a rich history of participating in space exploration, and we are excited to see this legacy continue as part of the Juno mission,” said Chris McNiffe, General Manager of Kodak’s Image Sensor Solutions group.&#160; “The selection of KODAK Technology for use in JunoCam speaks directly to the dedication and efforts of the design and manufacturing teams that continue to make KODAK CCDs ideal for use in the demanding environment of space.”</p> <p>&quot;JunoCam is the eleventh time we have selected a Kodak CCD for a spaceflight imaging system,&quot; said Michael Ravine, Advanced Projects Manager, Malin Space Science Systems.&#160; &quot;Being able to draw from the many options available in Kodak's commercial image sensor line has allowed us to tune the performance of each camera to each mission's specific needs.&#160; And our previous cameras that use Kodak sensors have logged more than 10 years of deep space operations, clearly demonstrating their reliability for space applications.&quot;</p>


E-BizDocs Improves Productivity with KODAK Capture Pro Software, Contex Wide Format Scanners

<p>Herndon, V.A. -- August 2, 2011 -- Contex, the world's leading developer of wide format scanning and imaging solutions, today announces that Albany, NY-based E-BizDocs reports increased productivity when using Contex wide format scanners with KODAK Capture Pro Software. E-BizDocs, an electronic document management service provider, uses the combined solution to scan wide format drawings within the same workflow as office-sized documents. The Contex and Kodak solution uses the same interface for narrow and wide format scanners, which streamlines the document scanning process. As a result, E-BizDocs reduces multiple steps from its workflow and improves overall efficiency in its scanning services.&#160; </p> <p>&quot;Before installing the Contex SD4490 with KODAK Capture Pro Software, we handled wide format documents differently than office-sized documents,&quot; comments Howard Gross, President of E-BizDocs. &quot;The workflow required setting up additional workstations and forced us to compete for scanning resources. We had to turn away some business because these wide format projects caused difficulties in our standard scanning workflow.&quot;</p> <p>Gross adds, &quot;Today, we can scan technical drawings using our Contex scanner and Kodak's Capture Pro Software with only minor changes to our workflow. And we can use the same resources we use to scan our customers' office documents. This saves steps in our process and eliminates the need to notify the quality-assurance team about variances in the document sizes. It makes scanning wide format as easy as scanning standard office-sized documents.&quot; </p>

KODAK VERSAMARK VL4000 Printing System Delivers Cost-Effective, Personalized Transactional Documents for Toppan Security Printing in South East Asia

<p>Rochester, NY, July 28 -- Toppan Security Printing Pte. Ltd, one of Asia’s leading security printers, is leveraging its new KODAK VERSAMARK VL4000 Printing System to gain a competitive edge by helping its customers transition to cost-effective, personalized, full-color transactional documents. From secure billing statements to complex confidential bank notices, the VERSAMARK VL-Series Printing Systems delivers Toppan the high quality, turnkey inkjet solution it requires for full-color page variability.</p> <p>From printing highly secure documents to personalized transactional documents, Toppan finds that its customers are growing their businesses with the VERSAMARK VL-Series Printing Systems. It offers affordable entry to full-color variable data-printing and enables Toppan to capture additional revenue. In addition, Toppan cited Kodak’s digital front-end knowledge and expertise as instrumental in helping it make the transition from black and white capabilities to full-color transactional documents.</p> <p>Until now, transactional printers in this region have relied on black-and-white devices for their work, but the quality and affordability of the VERSAMARK VL-Series Printing Systems are laying the foundation for a new business model. “We’re both honored and excited to work hand-in-hand with Toppan to bring Kodak’s world-renowned reliability and the VERSAMARK VL-Series Printing Systems to the forefront of the transactional market in South East Asia,” said Cedric Ong, Digital Print Business Development Manager, Asia Pacific Region, Kodak. “We’re confident that this investment will help Toppan to grow its customer base and its business.”</p>


KODAK NEXPRESS SX Digital Production Color Platform now available and shipping worldwide

<p>Rochester, NY, July 27 -- The new KODAK NEXPRESS SX Digital Production Color Platform with Print Genius is now available and shipping worldwide.&#160; The platform offers exceptional quality and productivity, and has been designed to meet the needs of commercial printers, direct mail houses, in-plant printers, and data centers. New features include speeds up to 131 ppm, a longer sheet size (26″/660 mm), smaller ink particle size with the new KODAK NEXPRESS HD Dry Ink,&#160; new Fifth Imaging Unit Solution Light Black, and a new matte printing effect option.</p> <p>At 26″/660 mm, the long sheet option delivers 27 percent more printable area. The benefits of this longer sheet include reduced waste and increased productivity, and enable new applications such as six-page brochures, posters, larger dust jackets for books, and a variety of labels.</p> <p>“The NEXPRESS SX Platform continues to build on the philosophy of doing more with one press; the technology innovations on the platform are backwards upgradeable to presses from 2006.&#160; Our commitment is to protect our customers’ initial investments and to ensure they are able to integrate future innovations with their existing equipment,” said Stephen Fletcher, General Manager, Digital Printers &amp; Presses, Kodak.&#160; “The new platform features innovations that increase productivity and expand the gamut of applications that customers are able to produce, including a unique, in line matte finish option, never before available on a cut sheet digital press.”</p>


KODAK Capture Pro Software Adds Compatibility for CONTEX Wide-Format Scanners to Integrate Large and Small Document Workflows

<p>ROCHESTER, N.Y. and HERNDON, Va., July 26—An agreement between Kodak and Contex will allow enterprise organizations to unify information from large-format and standard sized documents into KODAK Capture Pro Software. The new compatibility between Contex’s wide format scanners and Capture Pro Software will provide users with a single interface to integrate information from these sources and deliver into databases and EDM/ECM applications.</p> <p>“Contex and Kodak working together provides users a major step forward to help bridge the divide of managing large and small documents in a single workflow,” said Phil Magenheim, President, Contex Americas. “Channel partners selling scanners along with EDM/ECM services and solutions can now provide a common interface and common support for diverse sources of document-based information.”</p> <p>Contex’s large format scanners are used to reproduce large format drawings, charts, maps, or other over-sized documents directly into EDM/ECM workflows. KODAK Capture Pro Software provides users with a single interface to efficiently capture and manage images and critical index data from small and large format scanners within an office setting. KODAK Service and Support will also be available for users of all CONTEX XD and SD Scanners, and for new CONTEX Scanner installations including the CONTEX XD2490, SD4450 and SD4490 Scanners. </p>


Kodak and MMRGlobal Sign Private Label Equipment Purchase Agreement

<p>ROCHESTER, N.Y. and LOS ANGELES, CA, July 25 -- Kodak and MMRGlobal, Inc. (OTCBB: MMRF - News) today announced an agreement to supply Kodak’s document scanners for use with solutions offered by MMRGlobal in the healthcare industry. MMRGlobal will provide physicians’ offices and mid-sized healthcare practices with the KODAK Scan Station Pro 550. The system comes with a version of the KODAK Capture Pro Software and MMR’s proprietary solution to digitize, archive and share patient charts.</p> <p>The MMRPro Solution digitizes patient-related healthcare information from paper documents for use within MMRGlobal’s proprietary healthcare software platform. MMRGlobal’s MyMedicalRecords multilingual network includes more than 500,000 members. Deliveries of the new solution will begin immediately.</p> <p>“Kodak and MMRGlobal have been working together for the past several years,” said Robert H. Lorsch, Chairman and CEO of MMRGlobal. “The plan is to offer the best in document management and imaging for healthcare professionals using the MMRPro Solution. The system allows physicians to have ready access to all their patient records on a PC or MAC system, iPad device or smartphone, anywhere at any time, making the MMRPro Solution one of the most versatile entry-level solutions to the implementation of an EMR system in a medical office.”</p>


KODAK NGENUITY 9000 Series Scanners Add New Features to Support Users and Optimize Document Driven Processes

<p>ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 20—The latest enhancements to the KODAK NGENUITY 9000 Series Scanners will help users and customers benefit from new levels of productivity and image quality. Improvements to the scanner line’s performance and functionality will help businesses achieve faster processing times and more easily process complex jobs. </p> <p>The NGENUITY 9000 Series Scanners receive a boost in image quality performance with the addition of a 300 dots per inch (dpi) accelerated scanning mode, which captures images at a higher resolution to improve image quality as scanning speeds increase. The powerful production scanners also include a patch code detection feature that enables users to switch seamlessly between color and black and white scanning to help eliminate workflow disruptions and improve overall post-scan document management.</p> <p>“Since our original purchase, the new features in the NGENUITY Scanners have helped our imaging team speed up production time, and make significant strides in our efficiency,” said Tausha Dunlap, Imaging Production Coordinator, Iron Mountain Information Management. “Our group serves a broad base of client needs, scanning more than 100,000 pages per day—everything from onion skin to older typewriter paper and thicker envelopes. Standardizing on the NGENUITY has enabled our team to take advantage of key features that reduce manual labor time, and better automate our digitization process.”</p>


New Version of KODAK Creative Production Software Provides Photo-Specialty Retailers New Revenue-Generating Opportunities

<p>ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 18 -- As part of its on-going strategy to enable photo-specialty retailers to offer premium photo products, Eastman Kodak Company, (NYSE:EK) today released KODAK Creative Production Software (CPS) V5.0. This system-agnostic workflow software provides an on-ramp to offering premium products, from photo books, postcards and two sided-cards to personalized calendars and collages. The software is available globally, in 11 languages.</p> <p>“Regardless of where photo-specialty retailers are in their business transformations, we want to make sure that they can offer these high-value, revenue-generating premium products,” said Dennis Olbrich, General Manager, Film, Paper and Output Systems, and Vice President, Film, Photofinishing and Entertainment Group, Eastman Kodak Company. “KODAK CPS V5.0 truly enables businesses to do more with what they currently have in place and offers a high level of customer service and value-added product differentiation, with minimal investment.”</p>



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