Fujitsu Launches DMP Integration Service to Enhance Companies' Promotions with Big Data Integration, Analysis

Fujitsu DMP Integration Service

Tokyo, August 23, 2016

Fujitsu today announced the launch of DMP Integration Service to provide effective promotions by integrating and analyzing a variety of internal and external data. This "data management platform" service is set to respond to the rising needs of companies that want to put to use their data accumulated in internal systems to strengthen engagement with existing customers. Sales of the service will commence from August 23, with availability initially only in Japan.


Fujitsu Introduces New Departmental Scanners Featuring Ultra-Compact Design with Advanced Document Imaging And Capture Capabilities


Sunnyvale, Calif. – Fujitsu, the market leader in document imaging scanners, today announced the availability of its latest fi-Series scanners, the ultra-compact, high-speed Fujitsu fi-7460 and fi-7480 departmental scanners. Designed for professional workloads and engineered to last, the Fujitsu fi-7460 and fi-7480 reliably handle a wide variety of mixed batched media as the smallest A3 scanners in their class (14.96" x 8.23" x 6.61"), making them ideal for all office environments.


Fujitsu Unveils Document Processing Platform, PaperStream Server

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – March 2016 - Fujitsu, the market leader in document imaging solutions, today announced the availability of its latest scanning software, PaperStream Server, into the Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. Software Solutions Portfolio. PaperStream Server is a web-based enterprise-class document processing platform that enables organizations to collect, enhance, process, index, and route business-critical content into Line of Business (LOB) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems.


Fujitsu and VMware Expand Global Collaboration in the Cloud

Tokyo and Palo Alto, CA, November 09, 2015 - Fujitsu Limited and VMware (NYSE: VMW) today announced new areas of collaboration to empower customers with flexible and secure cloud technologies.

Enterprises use hybrid cloud services to help optimize existing system assets, as well as to quickly and securely provide business services. In response to such needs, Fujitsu and VMware work together to support their mutual customers around the world.

Fujitsu Launches MetaArc, Its Digital Business Platform

Delivering six mobile and IoT products and services, led by K5 cloud service

Tokyo, September 29, 2015 - Fujitsu today announced its FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc, which incorporates cutting-edge cloud, mobile, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Facilitating customers' digital innovation, Fujitsu will from today offer an initial lineup of six new MetaArc products and services, led by FUJITSU Cloud Service K5.


Fujitsu Introduces New Network Scanner Designed To Improve Business Processes And Maximize Efficiency

Sunnyvale, CA, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc., the market leader in document imaging scanners, today introduced its latest network scanning solution -- the FUJITSU Network Scanner N7100. The new network scanner seamlessly integrates within a company’s existing network infrastructure, allowing users to easily scan and share information on the network in order to streamline business operations, reduce operating costs and enhance work processes. The N7100 features increased scanning speeds, powerful PaperStream IP image enhancement technology, intuitive touchscreen display, and improved paper-feed functionality.

The N7100 requires minimal user training which makes deploying a network scanning strategy simple and allows companies to quickly extend business processes and boost productivity in paper workflows. Featuring a compact design and ultra-quiet operation, the N7100 is designed to simplify document collaboration for all types of organizations and is ideal for use in satellite offices, multi-floor sites, self-service customer intake settings, high-traffic areas, and shipping and receiving locations. Additional features of the Fujitsu N7100 that help companies and government entities increase workplace efficiency include:


Webinar: No more bad images – Fujitsu's new PaperStream IP image cleanup tool

Thursday December 11, 2014 | 2pm ET / 11am PT - Bad images are a thing of the past. Image cleanup is directly integrated into the TWAIN and ISIS driver making the installation and configuration of Fujitsu scanners even easier. And wait till you see Assisted Scan… Join Fujitsu and one of their customers in this webinar to learn how image cleanup can be simplified to improve overall business processes and profitability.


Fujitsu Laboratories Develops Ring-Type Wearable Device Capable of Text Input by Fingertip

Kawasaki, Japan, January 13, 2015 Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced the development of a compact and lightweight wearable ring-type device that offers handwriting-input functionality and a reader for near-field communications (NFC) tags. 

Wearable devices have been making inroads into the workplace in recent years, notably with head-mounted displays (HMDs), in line with putting ICT to use so as to not stop what they are doing. But HMDs do not make it easy to select displayed information such as "yes" or "no," to input figures, make notes on workplace conditions, or perform other necessary actions. 


Fujitsu Develops Data-Transfer Acceleration Technology

Kawasaki, Japan, April 8, 2014 — Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced the development of a technology for accelerating data transfer speeds that can be applied to various types of network environments used for cloud, mobile applications and other services.

Companies are today increasingly positioning their business systems in the cloud and consolidating their servers into datacenters. This is driving rapid growth in data transfer volume between multiple datacenters as well as datacenters and end-user equipment. While specialized hardware or network upgrades could speed up transfers, these are expensive approaches and cannot be easily deployed in cloud, virtual or mobile environments.

Fujitsu Laboratories has now developed a technology that uses data deduplication and compression to reduce the volume of data transfers, enabling dramatically greater data transfer speeds with only software. This technology can increase effective data-transfer rates by 10 times without the added cost of network upgrades, and can boost transfer speeds in a wide range of network environments between cloud datacenters and end-user equipment.


Fujitsu Enters Scanner Rental Space

By Lisa Reider, Senior Product Editor, Scanners and Environmental

Fujitsu recently announced a new scanner rental service called RentScan by Fujitsu designed to cater to any business looking for short-term capture functionality. The company offers monthly rental agreements for its 60-ppm (120 ipm) fi-6140Z/fi-6240Z series, 90-ppm (180 ipm) fi-6670/fi-6770 series and 130-ppm (260 ipm) fi-6800. However, additional Fujitsu scanners may become available for the service at a later date. According to Marni Carmichael, senior director of Fujitsu’s Enterprise Communications Management, the ScanSnap SV600 may be the next scanner available for rent. The SV600, which retails for $795, is an overhead scanning solution designed to capture images without contact.

According to Carmichael, Fujitsu’s scanner rental rates are fixed monthly fees based on the customer’s anticipated scan volumes. Carmichael said a typical 30-day rental agreement for the fi-6670 will cost $799, which includes maintenance and remote installation. On-site installation can be performed for an additional fee. For organizations looking to digitize large volumes of documents in a short amount of time, $799 is probably a lot more attractive than purchasing the fi-6670 outright, which has a suggested retail price of $5,995.



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