Equitrac Enhances Document Accounting Offering for the Office, Educations, and Legal Markets


Equitrac's document accounting systems product line continues to evolve. In its latest announcement, the company is in a solid position to maintain a market leadership role for cost recovery applications (e.g., legal and other professional services) and to take advantage of the problem of unmanaged document costs and pay-for-copy/print opportunities. Equitrac has done well in the established cost recovery markets and has shown signs of success for document accounting in the emerging general office and education markets. Keys for future success lie in: 
  • A growing market interest in tracking hardcopy usage. Many organizations are beginning to recognize the high costs associated with producing documents on paper. If left unmanaged and untracked, document costs can spiral out of control. Equitrac technology helps identify excessive costs or waste associated with copying and printing so that organizations can better manage and/or reduce the costs of producing hardcopy documents. 
  • Ongoing product evolution. Equitrac continues to add several new or enhanced features to its document accounting system software to bring greater cost efficiencies for the office, education, and professional services markets. 
  • Embedded technology developments. Equitrac has partnered with several hardcopy market leaders including Canon, eCopy, EFI, HP, Ricoh Sharp, and Xerox to develop embedded Equitrac solutions for these vendors' products. 
  • Building on a market leadership position. Equitrac has an established market leadership role in the cost recovery market. As an example, most of the top U.S. law firms use Equitrac technology. Additionally, the company claims an impressive base of more than 10,000 customers worldwide. 

Canon Launches Therefore™ Document Management Solution in U.S. Market

By Jessica Schiffenhaus, Research Editor, October 7, 2013

On Wednesday, September 25, BLI editors joined Canon Solutions America for an open house event at MetLife Stadium, where Canon gave a first look demonstration on the company’s new document management software offering, Therefore.

While Therefore is new to Canon Solutions America, it’s been sold by Canon Europe since 2009. The product itself was developed in 2003 by Australia-based document management provider, Therefore Corporation, and is now partially owned by Canon.

A White Paper Discussing the Process of Writing Search Engine Optimized Copy


The Internet is changing every day, and users are the driving force behind that change. From news to entertainment, technology to new ways of networking, web sites and new ideas are all competing for user clicks. Getting to the core of that change and understanding why it is happening, what its short term and long term effects are, and how to predict future change, is the most important role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without SEO, your web site is not fulfilling its real potential.

Unlocking the Power of SEO: Driving Traffic through Value-Driven Content

Search Engine Optimization is the process of allowing your web site to reach its potential to both current and new users. This means that no web site can stand by itself and expect to thrive in an increasingly connected business structure that stresses links, partnerships and strong active networking. Hyperlinks are the key to SEO and staying ahead of the trend. As important elements to users shift over time, links to your web site allow them to return to your site, keeping it relevant and in the limelight.

While links may keep your site relevant, content is what keeps your site fresh and is the foundation for generating more links. Links are an important piece of being vital to the community your web site is a part of online. Content that is not only informative and useful to users about your subject area, but that also provides unique value, is what differentiates your web site from competitors and from "Black Hat" sites or "Gateway" sites that depend on keywords to lure in web traffic. 

CASE STUDY: CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY - Miron Construction Building Excellence Through Improved Business Processes


  • Needed a more efficient way to transfer plans, permits, specifi cation sheets, estimates, and billing information between architects, subcontractors, and regulatory agencies
  • Needed to signifi cantly reduce the cost of sending hard copy paper documents via mail and courier service
  • Needed to improve accounting processes by digitizing workflow
  • Needed to streamline creation of multi-page Operations and Maintenance Manuals done


  • Installed eCopy ShareScan® on all existing digital copiers
  • Installed eCopy Desktop™ on all employee desktop PCs for simple document editing and sharing
  • Created a centralized Web-based project management site to make documents easily accessible and reduce the amount of time for approval cycles


  • More efficient workfl ow for managing numerous documents sent in and out of the company
  • Significant cost savings by reducing overnight courier services by 45%
  • Improved business communication processes made detail-intensive projects move through the company faster
  • Minimal training was required for employees; and they can access the project management site from home, reducing the risk for losing hard copy paper documents or for unauthorized people to view sensitive information

Integrating Paper Documents into Digital Workflows

Document and content management systems now handle a wide variety of information assets, including electronic documents, audio, video, etc., and make them available to anyone with appropriate access rights, regardless of their physical location. Largely missing from this picture, however, is the ability to share paper-based information.Except for specific vertical applications (forms processing, records management, etc.), knowledge that exists on paper tends to stay on paper.

As network connected digital copiers- also known as multifunction peripherals or MFPs- become the workplace standard for department copying/printing/scanning, it is fast becoming a business requirement for MFP’s to offer the additional functionality necessary to integrate with
existing business applications. By offering this functionality, 3rd parties (VARs, system integrators, and office equipment dealers) are able to provide their customers a solution which links their paper documents with their enterprise applications and resulting digital processes.

Regardless of the economic climate, successful companies are continually looking for ways to leverage their existing infrastructure and applications to save money. Today, MFP “Connectors” are available to greatly enhance
your current business processes by integrating paper-based information with your workflow. Using software developer kits (SDKs) 3rd parties and in-house IT departments can:

  • Dynamically link digital copiers and scannersto existing applications via eCopy technology
  • Save paper documents directly into application databases
  • Provide native integration
  • Validate users at the MFP, providing audit trails forregulatory compliance

The eCopy™ Solution Product Brief: Addressing Security Issues

CaptureOur solutions work with standard digital copiers and office scanners, and provide a simple touch screen interface that makes scanning as easy as copying. This paper outlines the key features that make eCopy products the most secure document integration solutions available today.

eCopy solutions link office devices to mission-critical business applications. Since they use shared office scanners and copiers that connect to your network, security is a prime concern. Additionally, since paperbased documents frequently contain information that is confidential or sensitive in nature, the privacy of scanned documents must be assured. At the same time, if organizations are to realize the huge cost savings that electronic document distribution makes possible, the scanning process must be simple. eCopy has a proven track record in the electronic document distribution business, spanning more than twelve years. eCopy has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and other organizations around the world to develop solutions that meet their most stringent security requirements.

eCopy solutions provide security in four key areas:

  • Authentication
  • Document security
  • Activity tracking
  • Device security

Since every organization has a different set of security concerns, eCopy provides a flexible range of configuration options to suit your specific requirements. This product brief presents an overview of the product functionality and addresses each of these key areas in turn.

The Business Value of "Green" Document Management Solutions

CaptureNot long ago, sustainability efforts were thought to be little more than a nice gesture on the part of an organization hoping to impress current and potential customers. However, in today's business environment, "being green" has become an essential element for driving new and current business opportunities. As part of the desired effect to gain the associated business benefits of being more environmentally sensitive, more companies are making it a high priority to kick off "green IT" strategies, including an examination of all elements of their IT infrastructure.

Often times, hardcopy is an overlooked item of a company's "green IT" strategy. It shouldn't be. The costs of using paper/toner/ink supplies and machine energy consumption associated with printers/copiers/multifunction devices are considerable. Any effort to better manage these hardcopy equipment assets will have a substantial bottom-line impact.

IDC believes that "green" document management tools such as Nuance's PaperPort, OmniPage, and PDF Converter, as well as new products added to its portfolio as a result of its eCopy acquisition, are a simple way to move toward a more "green" hardcopy environment while achieving important cost and efficiency objectives. To support this assessment, IDC interviewed six current Nuance customers in North America. These customers have been using Nuance solutions for between six months and two years and have achieved significant benefits since implementing the technology. IDC's ROI research reveals that the implementation of such tools has helped these customers realize the following results:

SmartSearch Product Overview

Designed as a new direction in document management, SmartSearch has quickly become the definition of Document Intelligence for today’s business. SmartSearch offers businesses of all sizes a powerful, comprehensive and value driven solution built on the strength of Service Oriented Architecture and the Microsoft .NET platform.

Offered as a workgroup product, SmartSearch utilizes the power of Microsoft SQL Server ™ to drive the rapid retrieval of documents archived on the network. Through stored queries or content based searches, users can now locate any record in only a matter of seconds.

Once retrieved a document can be annotated, redacted or launched prior to its distribution to other users or outside parties. Easily emailed or faxed, information stored in SmartSearch is now available for others to use in their daily decision making processes. The integrity of annotated documents is always maintained as annotations are stored outside of the image file. This approach has an added benefit of allowing documents written to WORM media to be annotated.

Committed to its adherence of industry standards and open architecture, SmartSearch offers network administrators no restrictions to where records are archived. SmartSearch requires only local, mapped, or UNC drive access from the SmartSearch server for the secure storage of records to your network. Archived documents are now immediately available to users via LAN or WAN or VPN access.

SmartSearch offers options for extending the value of your investment through strategic partnerships with some of the most powerful products on the market including Kofax Capture for image and data capture, eCopy and NSi Autostore for MFP Panel Integration, Biscom and Castelle for fax management, and Objectif Lune for variable data and conditional print management archival.

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