Document Managment

Stay One Step Ahead Of Your Devices!

Today it seems like everyone has a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone and every other device technology comes up with. What all these devices have in common is they are more then likely jam packed with memories. Some devices hold pictures; some hold passwords, and some hold important emails. If you haven’t backed up your files from your devices, you are in danger of losing all of your files and pictures. Even the best IT personnel can’t always recover lost files or recover files from a stolen device.

Cloud Computing on the Rise

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years about cloud computing. A system that integrates all of a company’s documents and files into an easy-to-use file sharing system that is remotely based rather than in a physical server, cloud computing is the next wave of technology to hit the data management industry.

The electronic storage of information on the Internet isn’t anything new. Companies that offer to store information in large online databases have been around for a few years now, boasting the safety of online storage vs. storing things physically. Their main selling point has always been the “peace of mind” approach (similar to insurance) in letting their customers know that their important information is protected against force majeure or other catastrophes.

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