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Ricoh Helps Global Energy Company Reach a Higher Standard of Document Management

Capture1 Document Management Challenges

• No global standardization
• Single-function devices
• No enterprise-wide scanning

As a member of the Fortune Global 500, this international, integrated energy company serves customers in nearly 50 countries around the world. When executives took a close at its global document management network, however, they discovered output inefficiencies that compromised productivity and cost the company millions of dollars.

The company’s fleet had grown to 5,500 printers and 1,700 copiers deployed at offices throughout the world. Its multifunction devices offered scanning with no enterprise-wide delivery capabilities. Plus, it required many time-consuming steps for the user.

As the company grew, especially internationally, fleet management became more difficult. Device management was centralized, but multiple geographic contracts complicated the procurement, service, and maintenance processes. As a result, the company decided to standardize its output device fleet and streamline document workflow for its employees.

The company sought a document management vendor that offered international distribution, superior service, and the latest technology advances. Ricoh was one of two finalists. After multiple visits with top executives at the Atlanta Technology Center to solidify IT relationships, the company chose Ricoh to implement a document management strategy for its offices worldwide.

Document Services at Rolls-Royce

Capture2 Rolls-Royce Aerospace operates in a complex and dynamic environment. With sophisticated technology and political uncertainties in many markets, they need a flexible structure to adapt to the various external influences. To achieve this, Rolls-Royce chose to outsource many functions that were non-core. Initially They outsourced support functions. This was extended to include the management of document services. Accurate, timely provision of documents is critical to the operation of a multinational organisation. Moreover, the legal implications associated with the provision of documents to the aviation authorities are of paramount importance. Rolls-Royce chose Océ Business Services as their document services partner.

After a comprehensive tender review process, Océ Business Services were appointed and awarded a seven year contract.

Choosing Océ: service delivered After the transfer process was complete, Océ Business Services set about implementing a document strategy that included:

  • centralised document production
  • wide format document management,
  • lithographic print procurement,
  • language translations and
  • technical libraries.

Océ introduced standardised operational approaches to each of the locations, ensuring that best practices were applied across the sites. ‘It’s about taking a holistic approach to document services’, says Andy Norman, Rolls-Royce Regional Project Manager.

Canon Solution Case Study Improving Legal Workflow Efficiency

Capture1 General Overview
The customer, a law firm, offers comprehensive legal services to a wide range of clients in the gaming industry throughout North America and worldwide. In a heavily regulated industry like gaming, they knew the best way to learn was by starting from the inside—working with state and local government regulatory authorities that draft gaming legislation, rules, and regulations, and provide gaming counsel services to them. Throughout this case study you’ll see how their workflow went from being manually intensive and time-consuming, to an automated cost-saving process using Canon solutions.

Customer Workflow and Issues
Law firms generate and copy a tremendous amount of paper. Draft documents, complaints, motions, interrogatories, jury instructions, settlement agreements, and appellate briefs are generated on a daily basis. Copying and scanning supporting documentation are also critical components in their document workflows. During the discovery phase of the litigation process, the use of Bates Numbers allows all these documents to be shared by multiple parties, with a guarantee that all involved are using the same document.

The customer had many challenges that affected their document distribution and device management. Their process for distributing documents was very labor intensive which became quite costly. With no document management or archival strategy, the firm was manually filing documents and placing them in cabinets for storage and retrieval. To meet requirements for document sharing, they were hand-labeling documents so that they could be viewed by both internal and external parties—an extremely time-consuming and manual process. When reviewing their document-related processes, it was apparent that better, more automated options needed to be pursued in an effort to achieve greater company effectiveness.

Simply Brilliant Braille HP Teams with ViewPlus to Put Braille in Living Color

Capture1 Objective:

ViewPlus wanted to develop a too to help people with visual impairments communicate better with their sighted counterparts.


ViewPlus teamed up with HP Specialty Printing Systems (SPS) to combine HP TIJ 2.x color inkjet printing technology with advanced paper embossing technology to produce raised color text and graphics, making it possible for people who are sighted and visually impaired, or have learning disabilities, to collaborate on the same document, communicate more effective and develop better comprehension and learning. HP SPS also helped bring the resulting product to market by providing engineering support and featuring the prototype at trade shows.

IT improvements:

• Emprint features a fully integrated solution without the need for an add-on product • Documents printed with Emprint have the same high quality as documents printed with HP inkjet printers • Emprint uses the same paper and reliable ink cartridges as HP inkjet printers • Emprint can print Braille and ink together or separate

Business benefits:

• Coupling HP color inkjet printing technology with Braille embossing serves multiple needs; people with visual impairments, normal sight and learning disabilities can work together more effective• Partnership with HP ensures high-quality printing and further bolsters credibility in the marketplace • Tripled initial sales forecasts in its frst month on the market

Paperless Environment Facilitates Significant Growth for Leading Insurance and Financial Services Company

Capture1 At Heffernan Insurance Brokers, a paperless environment is the rule rather than the exception. The Walnut Creek, California-based company, which specializes in commercial/private insurance and financial services, is ranked as the nation’s ninth largest privately held property/casualty agency by Insurance Journal magazine.*

Having experienced double-digit growth each year since its founding more than two decades ago, the company recognized the need for a technology infrastructure that could handle their workflows into the future. “Synchronizing the flow of information between our headquarters and seven remote offices became increasingly difficult because of our rapid growth,” said Mr. John Petersen, Chief Information Officer of Heffernan Insurance Brokers. “Our business processes were heavily reliant upon paper-based applications, forms and original documentation. Freeing ourselves from the time-consuming shuffling of paper would enable us to maintain our exceptional customer service levels and growth without a costlier increase in manpower.”

The etfile Electronic Document Management Solution In 2002, Heffernan Insurance Brokers embarked on a journey to transition all offline paper processes to digital documents using their existing proprietary client database application. To bridge their manual and online workflows, they turned to document management and workflow solution provider etfile for help.

etfile’s electronic document management solution is a leader in the industry and can be integrated with nearly any backend system using Canon’s high-quality scanning products for capturing hardcopy originals. The solution makes it remarkably easy for users to scan, label, classify and store paper documents, photos and e-mails, and have them automatically routed to the proper person’s workflow. etfile also includes a robust capability to search, find, verify,
retrieve and share documents once they have been scanned into the system.


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