ABBYY FlexiCapture Platform Has Passed In-Depth Security Assessment

Moscow, Russia (January 13, 2015) The number of threats targeting software is constantly increasing, making the security of computer systems a key element of business continuity and success. Not only the loss of business-sensitive data poses a threat - there are also fraud, malicious activity, theft of personal data and so on. While the security industry has mostly been focused on finding bugs and viruses, the mistakes in how software is designed, its weaknesses and flaws - such as insecure storage or not validating data properly - can also lead to security breaches. That is why many organizations want to be sure that software systems they use are flawless not only in supporting operations required for high-performance business, but in protecting them from the impact of security weaknesses as well.

Understanding the importance of independent expert opinion, ABBYY contracted NCC group to conduct a deep security assessment of its FlexiCapture software system to ensure that it fully complies with security policies of leading companies. ABBYY FlexiCapture is a data capture platform designed to automatically transform streams of documents across an enterprise into business-ready data. The product is often used to extract and process sensitive, confidential or personal information.


Sharp Selects ABBYY to Provide OCR Functionality to New Solution

ABBYY®, a leading global provider of document recognition, data capture, and linguistic technologies and professional services, announced today that Sharp Corporation, a worldwide developer of one-of-a-kind home entertainment products, appliances, energy products and solutions, and networked multifunctional office solutions, has selected ABBYY’s FineReader Engine to provide Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality to its new solution. Delivering document recognition and management capabilities to Scan Accessory kit of Sharp MFP’s accessory, FineReader Engine helps organizations simplify their work with paper documents and more easily manage information flow.

“Our customers are looking for solutions that can take the paper documents they work with every day, and turn them into useable information across their business,” said Toyoaki Nanba, Unit General Manager, Document Systems Unit for Sharp’s Document Solutions Division. “Adding OCR to our solutions allows us to not only make information easier to digitize, but enables businesses to streamline information management processes. ABBYY is a leading provider of OCR technology, and we are happy to be working with them to deliver this critical functionality to our customers.”


ABBYY Announces Enhanced Functionality and New Pricing Approach for Its FineReader Online OCR Service

ABBYY®, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies and services, today announced the new release of its FineReader Online, a cloud-based service providing users access to ABBYY’s award-winning OCR (optical character recognition) technology for document management and conversion, from anywhere, anytime. In addition to new document conversion features and renovated interface, FineReader Online now offers more flexible pricing approach with a variety of page volume and processing time options to choose from. It now allows regular customers to convert documents more intensively for the same price and casual users to benefit from extended free bonuses.

“Launched in 2010, the ABBYY’s online OCR service is now hosting hundreds of thousands of people looking for document conversion services,” said Ivan Bodyagin, director of the FineReader Products Department at ABBYY. “Over 65 percent of FineReader Online customers convert up to 200 document pages every month using the OCR service for their work needs. Another 5 percent convert from 500 to 1000 pages per month. We tried to make our service more suitable for them first of all, yet not forgetting the needs of our more casual users.”


ABBYY Demonstrates Commitment to Japanese Market by Achieving KK Company Designation

ABBYY®, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies and professional services, today announced that it has achieved the designation of Kabushiki Kaisha (KK) corporation in Japan. With the recognition as a KK in Japan, ABBYY has been certified as a stock company in the Japanese market and will begin operating under the name ABBYY Japan Co. Ltd. in the country.

“Japan has been a key market for us since our in country office opened,” said Dean Tang, CEO of ABBYY USA. “Achieving KK status in Japan puts us in position to further grow within the country by building healthy, long-lasting relationships with OEM vendors and resellers alike.”


ABBYY Recognition Server Ramps Up Power for Document Conversion

ABBYY®, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies and services, today announced the new release of ABBYY Recognition Server, the award-winning server-based software for automated, unattended document conversion. The latest release offers new functions for more-efficient conversion of large archives, plus enhanced Microsoft® SharePoint® integration that allows turning images in SharePoint-based document libraries into searchable content. The new version also offers advanced PDF creation capabilities, new fault-tolerance mechanisms, and enhanced Arabic optical character recognition (OCR).

“While organizations are increasingly going digital to consume, share and store information, paper documents are still prevalent throughout enterprise environments,” said Aram Pakhchanian, director of Data Capture Products at ABBYY. “Recognition Server enables businesses to handle large volumes of documents more efficiently than ever, and quickly turn unstructured images, and entire document libraries, into searchable and usable information.”


ABBYY Announces Availability of FineReader 12 Corporate

ABBYY, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies and services, today announced the availability of FineReader 12 Corporate, the next generation of its powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solution. Designed for automating document conversion in business, government and academic environments, FineReader 12 Corporate offers faster batch conversion of documents; enhanced accuracy, image pre-processing options and OCR recognition speed; and a new background OCR approach, improving the user experience and efficiency.

"FineReader Corporate gives organizations an efficient way to process their documents, helping to streamline their work,” said Ivan Bodyagin, director of the FineReader Products Department at ABBYY. “The new version provides greater speed and accuracy when searching, copying, and reusing information “sealed” within document images.”


New ABBYY PDF Transformer+ Now Available for Purchase Worldwide

ABBYY®, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies and services, today announced that ABBYY PDF Transformer+, the new generation of ABBYY software for easy work with PDF content, is now available for purchase worldwide. The product delivers intuitive tools for viewing, editing, commenting and efficient collaboration on PDF documents, allowing business professionals to get started and work with PDF content with minimal effort.

“ABBYY PDF Transformer+ promises to shape the way that users deal with PDFs,” said Ivan Bodyagin, director of the FineReader Products Department at ABBYY. “It allows business professionals to navigate PDF content easily and confidently and have true control over PDF documents.”


New ABBYY FineReader 12 Greatly Speeds Up Recognition and Quotation of Text from Scans and Photos

ABBYY®, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies and services, today announced FineReader 12, the newest version of its award-winning Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and document conversion software application. FineReader 12 delivers enhanced performance for many processes and functions, including faster document conversion, the ability to quickly open documents of any length while OCR processing runs in the background, and instant recognition of a text or table area selected on the page. In addition, FineReader 12 offers enhanced accuracy for OCR on business documents and with Asian languages, as well as new image enhancement tools helping users to produce digital copies of documents with even higher visual quality than the originals.

“Serving as a bridge between paper and digital documents, OCR software is one of the essential tools to build an efficient working environment,” commented Ivan Bodyagin, director of the FineReader Desktop Products Department at ABBYY. “FineReader 12 was designed to provide a truly convenient way of digitizing paper documents and working with the content — editing and quoting text, copying and reusing data, and adapting them for searchable archives.”


ABBYY Announces Professional OCR Tool for Mac Users

ABBYY®, a leading provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic technologies and services, today announced FineReader Pro for Mac, a professional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) application for efficient document scanning and conversion on the Mac platform. The new application allows Mac users to easily edit, share, archive and search through their documents by turning them into popular electronic file formats, as well as effortlessly copy and quote text from scans, PDFs and digital photos. By providing highly accurate text recognition, intelligent reconstruction of layout and formatting, and a straightforward interface, FineReader Pro for Mac offers a reliable alternative to manual retyping.

“Professional grade OCR solutions have not previously been available for the Mac platform, leaving many users to have to deal with scaled down feature sets and miss out on much of the potential of having OCR technology as part of their workflow,” said Ivan Bodyagin, director of the FineReader Products Department at ABBYY. “FineReader Pro for Mac is designed to provide the functionality and performance to support a wide spectrum of needs, from casual document conversion tasks to rather complex projects. With its availability, Mac users can finally realize the full benefits of OCR technology.”


Automated Data Capture: A Bridge to E-Transactions

Executive Summary

Electronic transactions have multiple benefits over traditional paper-based exchanges. They are typically faster, less expensive to conduct and can even be more accurate and secure than paper. In 2009, the U.S. Treasury Department estimated that it cost nearly $3 to process a paper tax return and only $.35 to process an e-return. Invoice processing studies have shown similar cost reductions for e-invoice implementations.

That said, there is certainly no shortage of paper documents in use in transactions today. Factors such as inertia, resistance to change and the cost of converting from paper to electronic processes have ensured that billions of pieces of paper are still used in transactions annually. For example, according to Paystream Advisors, paper is the most common way for organizations to send invoices – in 2009, U.S. businesses produced more than 25 billion paper invoice documents.

In addition, according to the U.S. Healthcare Efficiency Index, there are more than seven billion paper-driven healthcare transactions that take place annually in the U.S. And the U.S. Federal government alone, not counting local and state branches, receives 49 million paper 1040 forms.

Sure, in an ideal world, these organizations could snap their fingers and make their paper transactions magically convert to electronic ones – removing considerable cost and inefficiencies from their business processes. And, albeit slowly in some cases, we are definitely trending toward more electronic transactions. But, one look at the mortgage industry, for example, where the average file size has grown to more than 200 pages, and where electronic closings are still rare, will show that we are a long way from a paperless world.


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