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3D Systems to Fly High at AeroDef 2014

ROCK HILL, South Carolina – February 25, 2014 – 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today that it will be featuring functional 3D printed aerospace parts and assemblies manufactured by its on-demand, cloud-based 3D printing service, Quickparts, at the AeroDef Manufacturing Summit and Exposition, being held February 25-27, 2014 in Long Beach, CA.

3DS’ Quickparts offers instant, online quotes and cloud manufacturing of 3D printed, functional, end-use parts. Aerospace companies looking to leverage quick-turn, short-run manufacturing of end-use parts for time-sensitive projects repeatedly rely on 3DS’ Quickparts expertise for their entire design to manufacturing requirements.

3D Systems Prints Dental Implant Drill Guides

ROCK HILL, South Carolina – February 24, 2014 – 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) today announced its ProJet® 3510 MP 3D printer and proprietary VisiJet® Stoneplast dental materials have been optimized for dental “drill guide” production. The ProJet 3510 MP uses 3DS’ Stoneplast dental material that is available in both clear or plaster mode, and is compatible with all leading dental software modules capable of outputting the open .stl file format for automated local or distributed manufacturing. 3DS’ wide range of digital dental solutions along with integrated dental drill guide 3D printing solutions were on display at the LMT Lab Day event at the Sheraton Chicago from February 21-22, 2014.

“Transitioning to digital workflows with 3D printing compatibility has brought a high-impact solution to the dental field. The ProJet 3510 MP and Stoneplast materials easily integrate with leading software modules enabling an integrated drill guide manufacturing solution,” said Cathy Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, 3DS.

3D Systems’ ProJet® 660 the Ultimate Solution for Hankook Tire Concept Design

Founded in 1941, Korea’s Hankook Tire is currently both the seventh-largest tire manufacturer in the world and one of the fastest growing. Now selling in 185 countries worldwide, the company has developed a reputation for high-quality tires at reasonable prices. But the tire industry comes with intense competition, and Hankook takes design and development of new products seriously. As part of their commitment to provide top-notch tires, Hankook looks for the best ways to enable rapid development and testing of innovative tire designs while keeping those in-progress designs secret.

With this in mind, the company invested in a 3D Systems ProJet® 660, a 3D printer that uses ColorJet technology (CJP) to create perfect full-color models that can be assessed for form and function. 

Myungjoong Lee , CAD professional in Hankook Tire’s design department, prints a tire design in the ProJet 660 before he leaves at the end of the day, and the final model will be waiting for him when he gets to work next morning. With the size of the models being created, it takes about seven to eight hours to build a finished mockup model overnight.

“3D printing has became part of my routine,” says Lee. “It is very attractive technology that allows us to print whatever idea we have in mind and produce it in full color.”

Lee has found that 3D printing on the ProJet 660 has reduced the communication errors between the design and engineering departments. There can sometimes be friction between the two departments during the decision-making process. Now, with detailed, realistic 3D prints on hand—to touch, review and observe—communication and decision-making in this process has noticeably improved. Meeting times for this part of the process have also improved: they are about 70% shorter than before. 

3D Systems Prints First Hybrid Robotic Exoskeleton Enabling Amanda Boxtel To Walk Tall

ROCK HILL, South Carolina –February 18, 2014 – 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) today announced that it recently debuted the first ever 3D printed hybrid Exoskeleton robotic suit in collaboration with EksoBionics at a Singularity University-hosted event in Budapest. Amanda Boxtel acted as the test pilot for this venture. On Feb. 27, 1992, Amanda Boxtel took a fall while skiing in Aspen, CO that culminated in a freak somersault. The accident left her paralyzed from the waist down. At the hospital, Boxtel's doctor told her she would never walk again. Despite her paralysis, the hybrid 3D printed robotic suit enabled Amanda to stand tall and walk throughout Budapest.

“After years of dreaming about it, I am deeply grateful and thrilled to be making history by walking tall in the first ever 3D printed Ekso-Suit, made specifically for me,” said Amanda Boxtel, referencing the custom tailored 3D printed Ekso-Suit that was created by 3DS’ designers. To obtain the perfect fit for Amanda, our designers used 3D scanning to digitize the contours of Amanda’s thighs, shins and spine and create a personalized three-dimensional base to inform the shape of the required assemblies. Sophisticated mechanical actuators and controls, manufactured and provided by Ekso Bionics, were then integrated with the more fluid components that were 3D printed from the customized scans to create the first ever bespoke suit. “This project represents the triumph of human creativity and technology that converged to restore my authentic functionality in a stunningly beautiful, fashionable and organic design,” Boxtel said.

3D Systems Acquires Digital PlaySpace

ROCK HILL, South Carolina – February 19, 2014 – 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today that it has acquired Digital PlaySpace (DPS), a proprietary, innovative and immersive digital play platform that connects brands, retailers and consumers to 3D printable play activities. Through its two leading digital play properties, DigitalDollhouse.com and Dreamhouse Designer Facebook app, the DPS platform combines home design, gaming, and community sharing to deliver a vivid 3D create-and-make experience for children and their parents. Compelling content creation, capture and customization features make it quick, easy and fun to personalize and 3D print incredible creations at home on a Cube® 3D printer, or have them cloud printed using 3DS’ fulfillment service, available on its consumer destination site Cubify™.

Jesyca Durchin, DPS founder and CEO said, “We are thrilled to integrate our virtual and actual play experiences directly into the 3DS Cubify platform. Our vision is to deliver a ‘3D PlaySpace’ for everyone. The immersiveness and fun of our PlaySpace experience enhances brand recall and loyalty, enabling brands and retailers to connect with consumers in a whole new way. We designed Digital PlaySpace from the bottom-up for publishing flexibility and scalability, and 3DS is the perfect home for our growth.”

3D Systems and Hasbro Agree To Co-Venture and Mainstream 3D Printing Play Experiences For Children

ROCK HILL, SC and PAWTUCKET, RI –February 14, 2014 – 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) and global branded play company, Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS) today announced their intent to co-develop, co-venture and deliver new immersive, creative play experiences powered by 3D printing for children and their families later this year. This partnership combines Hasbro’s world-renowned portfolio of consumer brands, extensive play expertise and retail reach with 3DS’ powerful portfolio of 3D printing products, platforms and perceptual devices to mainstream new and innovative play and co-creation experiences at home and online. 

“We believe 3D printing offers endless potential to bring incredible new play experiences for kids and we’re excited to work with 3D Systems, a recognized industry leader in this space,” said Hasbro President & CEO Brian Goldner.

3D Systems to Acquire a Portion of Xerox's Oregon Based Solid Ink Engineering & Development Teams

ROCK HILL, S.C. and NORWALK, CT - 3D Systems and Xerox recently announced a transaction designed to leverage both companies' 3D printing capabilities to accelerate growth and cement leadership positions. 3D Systems entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Xerox Corporation's Wilsonville, Oregon product design, engineering and chemistry group and related assets for $32.5 million in cash. Both companies expect the transaction to close before the end of 2013, subject to fulfillment of certain customary conditions. This agreement expands the decade and a half long collaboration between the companies, that already produced 3DS' best selling ProJet(R) series 3D printers.

"We are pleased to expand our relationship with an innovative partner of the caliber of Xerox and expect that acquiring some of the Xerox Wilsonville engineering team, together with their state-of the-art development labs and selected licensed IP, will catapult our 3D printers' development and manufacturing capabilities forward," said Avi Reichental, 3D Systems' President and CEO. "This bold step is consistent with our belief that we must act quickly and decisively to extend and cement our marketplace leadership position by taking full advantage of the window of unprecedented opportunity in front of us."

3D Printing Advancements Change The Way We Live

3D printing has made a big splash in many different markets, not just printers. It feels like every day we hear about a new use for 3D printers. Today we can already see the effect of these printers, what will tomorrow bring?

We have gathered a list of impressive advancements in 3D printing you should be aware of:

  • Functioning weapons. We can now print firearms that are ready to use.
  • Printed musical instruments.  From flutes to acoustic guitars, we are making music now
  • Eye catching art. This ranges from beautiful light fixtures to 3D prints of your child’s drawing for keepsakes.
  • 3D printed fashion. We can now print shoes, fabric and jewelry!

Revolutionizing Facial Reconstruction Using 3D Printing and 3D Haptic Design

Maxillofacial reconstructive surgery reportedly began as far back as the American Civil War, (1861 – 1865) where doctors began treating facial fractures in soldiers. In the 150 years since, it has come a long way. But even as recently as a few years ago, successfully reconstructing a damaged face or head was notoriously difficult, with surgeons often having to be highly reactive to unforeseen complications during surgery.

The Centre for Applied Reconstructive Technologies in Surgery (CARTIS), an innovative partnership between surgeons and design engineering experts in Wales, is leading the way in revolutionizing this kind of surgery by researching and developing new ways, technology and processes to prepare for successful surgery. This unique combination of skills and talents has successfully developed new approaches and solutions that are changing the way facial reconstructions are carried out.

“This is groundbreaking work,” said Adrian Sugar, Consultant Cleft and Maxillofacial Surgeon at Morriston Hospital. “The combination of being able to use the patient’s own data from CT scans, being able to ‘feel’ bone fragments in the virtual world, model implants, and manufacture custom-designed devices and implants is changing the way we approach surgery and is significantly reducing surgery times.” It is also allowing us to introduce a degree of pre-surgical planning and more accurate outcomes for the patient which was previously not achievable.

3D Systems Announces Preliminary Full Year 2013 Results

ROCK HILL, South Carolina – February 5, 2014 - 3D Systems Corporation (NYSE: DDD) announced today that it anticipates its full year revenue to be in the range of $513 million to $514 million, within its previously raised revenue guidance range of $500 million to $530 million on over 30% organic revenue growth and over 50% total revenue growth for the fourth quarter of 2013. Compared to its expectations, the company experienced much stronger professional 3D printers and materials demand and softer on-demand parts and consumer demand during the fourth quarter. As a result, the company expects to report its December backlog nearly doubled sequentially to $28 million which included multiple advanced manufacturing 3D printers orders that it plans to deliver over the next year.  These are preliminary, unaudited results based on current expectations and actual results may differ.


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