3D Printers Added to Dealer Marketing’s Product Catalog Service

Today Dealer Marketing (www.dealermarketing.net) announced that 3D printers have been added to their existing product catalog service. Dealers will now be able to add 3D printers to their website product catalogs.

“We are proud to serve leading dealers in our industry,” said Darrell Amy, President of Dealer Marketing. “Many dealers are adding 3D printing to their offering and we want to make sure that these products are found on their websites.”

The Benefits of Cloud Storage

As a business owner, you have no doubt heard of cloud computing or storing information using cloud computing. As technology continues to advance, so does the way we store and process information. Cloud computing just happens to be one of the more recent forms of storing data and storing it securely. Since we’re always looking for the next big thing, cloud computing offers advantages to business owners that previous versions of storage isn’t capable of.

But what are some of the real benefits of storing your important data using cloud storage? There are some definite advantages associated with security and the ability to retrieve information. There are also many IT problems that are solved by storing your information on a cloud.

Creating a Green Office Environment

Business owners everywhere are on a constant quest to save money where they can. Although saving money and cutting costs may be on the top of their priority lists, business owners everywhere also understand the concept of corporate responsibility. Creating a green office environment contributes to a cleaner environment overall and ensures that businesses are doing their part in minimizing their carbon footprint.

Contributing to a cleaner environment starts with your company and your corporate culture. Thankfully, a natural byproduct of creating a greener office environment is also cutting waste and saving money on the reuse of equipment. This creates a win-win situation for both business owners and the environment. Implementing green office solutions today will help you save in the future.

Tips to Help Save Paper in your Office

Since paper can actually be a pretty large chunk of what shows up on your expense report at the end of every month, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the amount that is printed in your office in a given time frame. Although often overlooked, saving paper can have a huge positive effect on how much you save in your office. Enjoying the natural byproduct of creating a greener environment is also a plus.

Employees will often set their priorities for saving paper on the back burner. Since they don’t see the monthly expense reports, they don’t realize how much they are affecting the company. That’s why it’s up to you as either the owner or the manager to promote tips that will help employees become more conscious about the amount of paper they’re using in a given month.

From Printers to Preemies, the Science of Imaging Touches Our Lives

by Suzette Norris

Three years ago, Xerox Research Fellow Lalit K. (“LK”) Mestha was working on a piece of technology called a spectral sensor. It used reflected light to measure color precisely on a moving sheet of paper. Instead of touching the paper, the sensor collected information by shining light as the sheet moved, and sophisticated algorithms allowed the digital press to correct the images so it could produce consistent and accurate color quality.

As he worked, LK wondered if this approach to measurement might have other uses. Could it detect things like a person’s heart rhythm, heart rate or respiration for example? Could it one day be used to detect cancer?


4 Benefits of New Office Equipment

If you are currently working in an office environment with outdated equipment, then you know exactly how hard it is to stay productive and get simple tasks completed. The purchase of new equipment for the office makes a vast difference in the amount of work an employee is able to complete in a given day. It really makes good business sense to purchase new equipment when other printers and devices become too old and become more of a burden than help.

Some business owners will be hesitant to make a new investment when it comes to office equipment. What some of these business owners don’t realize, however, is that although the initial purchase may be high, the long-term benefits of new equipment often outweigh the initial price.

Keeping Information Secure in your Office

In the age that we live in, data security should be at the top of business owners’ minds. We can no longer simply lock the filing cabinet with a key and assume our files are safe. The fact that we live our lives in a digital world is enough for us to be very careful in terms of how we store and access our important information.

The information that we store is also not always necessarily ours. Business owners will store their client and customer information as well. This information needs extra security and care because clients trust that their information is safe with the companies they do business with.

Upgrading your Office Equipment to Stay Efficient

As a business, it’s definitely a smart decision to save money wherever you can. This can mean saving money in regard to personnel, to paper waste around the office, or by using equipment that may be considered outdated. There are definite advantages to keeping old office equipment around, but you would be surprised by the amount of money that is saved in terms of efficiency and power usage when making the decision to upgrade to a newer device.

Newer devices are known to be superior to their older counterparts in many ways. There are many factors that determine what makes newer office equipment superior, but the most determining factors include their output, the efficiency in terms of power usage, and the overall ease of use it offers employees. Investing and installing new office equipment has many advantages that are often overlooked by business owners.

Integrating your Printer Fleet Today

When copier dealers use words like multifunction, print management, and printer fleet, it is sometimes not received by ordinary business owners looking to boost the efficiency in their offices. What business owners know are things like increasing the productivity of their workflow, cutting costs around the office, and making a profit at the end of the quarter. That’s where the dealer and business owner relationship comes into play. The process of making an office more efficient in both productivity and cost is the goal of both parties.

There are several ways that business solutions providers work to reduce the cost of business operations for a company. One of these ways is through print management and the integration of a business’s printer fleet. This is really just a fancy way of saying all of the printing devices currently being used in your office and making sure that they are all operating efficiently and on the same page.

Converting your Physical Files to Electronic Files

Offices today are constantly struggling to keep up with changes in technology. As the years go on, so do advances in technology, rendering older forms of doing business obsolete. Of course, this all depends on the industry that you’re currently operating in, and the effect of technology on how your business operates depends entirely on how you use technology.
Once universal advancement in technology that almost every business can utilize is the transference of physical, paper files to electronic files. There are many benefits associated with electronic files, many which can be realized almost immediately following the transition. There are long term benefits that are also important to a company’s survival in case of a disaster or other mishap.