Xerox Works with KANA to Better Serve Global Customer Base


Xerox Corporation selected KANA IQ with KANA Response for its global Welcome Centers. The KANA solution provides customer service call center representatives with automated tools and information to better handle customer issues through assisted service. In addition, global customers also have the ability to find solutions directly on the company’s customer portal. Customers can access information on hundreds of Xerox products in seven languages, allowing for thousands of Web self-service search sessions per day across the globe.

The KANA solution was implemented with a consistent user interface for access by customers and call center representatives. This common access provides agents the ability to more efficiently resolve customer problems and Welcome Center inquiries. It also significantly reduces support costs. Now that customers can access the online knowledge base, many issues can be resolved without making a call to the Welcome Centers.

Xerox‘s Challenge: Provide customer and agent accessibility to solve issues globally in multiple languages from a single hosting location using the Internet/Intranet as the backbone.

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