Xerox Users Migration Scenario's

CaptureOcé White Paper: Xerox Users Migration Scenario's

Xerox Migration Strategy - Document Production

The Xerox Migration Strategy - Document Production targets replacement of Xerox Docutech 6100 series by Océ VarioPrint 2100 series (VarioPrint 2110/2100; mid to high volume) and Océ VarioPrint 5000 series (very high to ultra-high volume). This white paper focuses on the VarioPrint 2100 series.

Figure 1 shows the growth path Océ can offer to Xerox customers:

• Coexist: An Océ VarioPrint series is added to the Xerox DigiPath/FreeFlow Makeready workflow

• Replace: The complete Xerox DigiPath/FreeFlow Makeready and DocuTech workflow is replaced by Océ workflow

Customers will benefit most with the replacement scenario. In this way

• They move from proprietary (RDO) to open systems working with market standard formats (PDF and XML)

• They have maximum productivity gains throughout the complete workflow, from submission, acceptance, preparation, production up to finishing and archiving.

However, the replacement scenario is not in all cases the best strategy. The coexist scenario is preferred in case of:

• Sites with multiple DocuTech printers with different contract termination periods

• Large DocuTech sites, where Océ has to prove that the Océ VarioPrint is a solid replacement for the Xerox DocuTech


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