Xerox Software Simplifies Scanning and Archiving for SMBs

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Feb. 07, 2008 -- Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX) launched a new version of its SMARTdocument Travel™ workflow software that helps small and mid-sized businesses simplify office processes and scan and archive documents more swiftly and efficiently. "Xerox is leading the charge to help organizations unlock the power of their Xerox office multifunction systems to make their everyday work easier and more productive," said Roger Ellefson, manager of Solutions Marketing, Xerox Office Group. "With SMARTdocument Travel Express, we've made scanning and archiving as simple as pressing a couple buttons."

With SMARTdocument Travel Express, powered by AutoStore®, all that is needed is an office multifunction product to scan, index and send important documents to multiple destinations. Touching a few buttons directs the selected document to network folders, e-mail, a LAN fax, printer, Lotus Notes, or SharePoint document management systems.

In addition, the software supports document processing features that can be used to electronically index, route and store documents that only exist in hard copy. For example, a hiring manager could scan a resume received by mail or fax, index it with the applicant's name and desired position, convert it to PDF, e-mail it to the hiring manager and automatically archive the resume - all from the multifunction system. SMARTdocument Travel Express works with multifunction systems from Xerox as well as other vendors. The software can be upgraded to SMARTdocument Travel, which adds Bates stamping, a feature that places identifying dates or numbers on documents as they are scanned or processed, and advanced forms processing, such as forms recognition and watermarking.

Both SMARTdocument Travel and the Express version now work with Xerox's Extensible Interface Platform™ (EIP). EIP is a technology, based on Web standards, inside many Xerox multifunction systems that allows independent software vendors and developers to easily create applications for the device and to customize the touch screen.

Pricing for SMARTdocument Travel Express is $600 for each multifunction system connection. It is available immediately in North America through Xerox direct sales, agents and Global Imaging Systems.


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