Xerox Remote Services Security White Paper

Executive Summary

Managing a fleet of print devices while maintaining an acceptable level of security presents a unique challenge. IT staffs are forced to keep up with advances in print device technologies and ever changing security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, continuous improvement of operational processes, cost reduction-based activities, and asset utilization are routinely expected each year by senior management. Fortunately, Xerox has developed a continuum of remote services that can help. This collection of remote services is called the "Xerox Managed Print Services (MPS) Continuum of Services." Xerox enables IT staffs to choose how they want to maintain an acceptable level of security while minimizing the associated costs and improving the process of managing a fleet of print devices. The basic concepts of security such as Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Accountability, and Non-repudiation are all comprehended with the MPS Continuum of Services.

The MPS Continuum of Services can be deployed using one or more of the following models:

  1. print devices can communicate directly with Xerox Communication Servers (a.k.a. "direct connect")
  2. a Xerox application can be deployed on customer's network to collect attributes describing print devices which are then forwarded externally to Xerox Communication Servers (a.k.a. "via remote proxy apps").
  3. a combination of both models

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