Xerox Product Security Windows XP© End of Support: What You Need to Know

Purpose of This Document

This document provides users of Xerox products and solutions with the necessary information to help evaluate and manage risks associated with Microsoft Corporation’s announcement, via Microsoft’s Support Lifecycle policy, that it will be ending support for Microsoft Windows XP SP3 operating system on April 8, 2014. (Note: The version affected by end of support is also referred to as XP Pro). Note: as announced by Microsoft, Windows XP Embedded or XPe will continue to be supported until January 12, 2016.

Click Here for additional information from Microsoft regarding this change.

In planning for Microsoft Windows XP Pro end of support, Xerox has evaluated all of our products and solutions and has prepared migration alternatives users of Xerox products and solutions. The products listed below are the only products affected by the Microsoft Windows XP Pro end of support. If your product is not listed, no action is required.

List A: Xerox Products Impacted by Microsoft Windows XP end of support, April 8, 2014

  • Xerox DocuColor 240/250/260 & 242/252/260 with EFI EX 2XX External DFE
  • Xerox Color 550/560 Printer (sold prior to Sept. 2013) with EFI EX560 External DFE
  • Xerox Color 700 Printer with EFI EX700 or Creo CX700 External DFE
  • Xerox Color 700i Printer with Creo CX 700i External DFE
  • Xerox DocuColor 5000/5000AP with Creo CXP50 External DFE
  • Xerox DocuColor 7000/8000/7000AP/8000AP with Creo CXP8000 / CXP 8002 External DFE
  • Xerox DocuColor 7002/8002 with EFI EX8002 or Creo CX8002 External DFE
  • Xerox DocuColor 8080 with EFI EX8080 or Creo CX8080 External DFE
  • Xerox Color 800 / 1000 Press with EFI EX1000 or Creo CX1000 External DFE
  • iGen4 with EFI EX (Part #s 97S03896, 97S04230 or 97S04398) or Creo CX External DFE All continuous Feed mono products (DocuPrint 425/850, 500/1000CF, 525/1050CF, Xerox 495 & 650/1300CF)

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