Xerox Print Driver Platform

Executive Summary

Xerox Corporation developed a breakthrough print driver platform that significantly reduces costs and increases the efficiencies of enterprise printer management and support. This new platform has changed the way that IT administrators view and manage enterprise print drivers.

Our core driver platform (the key component of this new strategy), helps make you more productive by streamlining the user interface and ensuring a consistent experience across the majority of our product lines. This consistency has greatly simplified print services delivery and reduced end-user training and support requirements, and lowered the cost of IT print services as a result.

Two of the most innovative print drivers built on the new platform, the Xerox Global Print Driver and Xerox Mobile Express Driver, have been upgraded:

  • Xerox Global Print Driver (X-GPD) is a universal print driver that offers unprecedented ease of use for network administrators managing a diverse array of print devices across the enterprise. It greatly reduces the time and effort required to deploy and upgrade print drivers on a network.
  • Xerox Mobile Express Driver (X-MED) allows mobile professionals to quickly and easily find and use printers in any new location, without time-consuming driver installation and costly support calls.

Unlike proprietary “universal” print drivers, X-GPD and X-MED support both Xerox and non-Xerox printers, which is an important advantage for IT managers administering the typically diverse mix of print devices on today’s enterprise networks. These drivers also support 100 percent of the feature sets of most Xerox printers.

In addition, X-GPD and X-MED provide you with a consistent single interface for all printers, with real-time, dynamic reports of printer status. As a result, you can easily identify the best printer for your needs, quickly choose the correct options, and see updated consumables status without the assistance of IT.

Download Full Whitepaper: Xerox Print Driver Platform