Xerox® Secure Print Your Peace of Mind for Confidential Documents

Afraid of using your Workgroup’s printer or multifunction device for sensitive documents?

Most people don’t use workgroup devices for printing private or confidential documents due to fear of security.

Xerox has the answer

Use the Xerox® Secure Print feature. If you don’t want your confidential or private documents to be left in the output tray, open for viewing, or even taken by someone else, Secure Print allows you to control the print timing of your documents. You can now optimize your print solution by using a workgroup device to print all your documents, without worrying about security!

Here’s an example:

You need to print your company’s product roadmap or an employee’s development plan. In the past, you may have used a personal printer to print these types of files. With Secure Print, the workgroup printer becomes your own personal printer! Print the file, and in the print Properties section, select Secure Print from the menu (this varies from device to device: see your user manual for exact instructions). Select a passcode of your choice and send the job to be printed. The job is held in the job list until you release it. At the device control panel, type in your passcode and the document prints. You control when the print takes place! Best of all, if multiple jobs are held using the same passcode, they are all released for printing at once – making it easy and quick for you to collect your jobs.

Download Full Whitepaper: Xerox® Secure Print Your Peace of Mind for Confidential Documents