Xerox® Remote Services Security White Paper

General Purpose and Audience

The purpose of this document is to describe the system components, operability, and features available for securing Xerox® Remote Services within Xerox® products. It is intended to serve as a guide for deploying Xerox® Remote Services within the customer’s networked environment.

How to best use this document

We recommend the document be reviewed in its entirety to certify Xerox® Products and Services for use within a networked environment.

  • Review section 1 to understand the overall capabilities of Xerox® Remote Services.
  • Review section 2 to determine the deployment model that best comprehends your existing Information Security policies.
  • Review section 3 to understand the data that is sent from Xerox® Products.
  • Review section 4 to understand the technical details behind Xerox® Remote Services.
  • Review section 5 to understand best practices and recommendations when deploying and using Xerox® Remote Services.

Download Full Whitepaper: Xerox® Remote Services Security White Paper