Unlike some of our competitors, XMedius has dedicated itself to developing one of the best secure file exchange solutions for businesses: the XMediusFAX® solution. It’s why XMedius has become one of the leaders in the fax solution market.

The importance of the partner network

At XMedius, we fully understand that finding the best partner with which to have a profitable and enduring business relationship can be a challenge. That’s why the success of our partners will always be our primary objective. Our commitment is comprehensive and unswerving. XMedius partners have access to all our products and services, including the RENEWAL of support contracts and the RESALE of the XMediusFAX® CLOUD service.

Our customer service satisfaction rate exceeds 95%. XMedius customer service experts are located in both Canada and in France so that we can better serve the specific geographic needs of our partners and help them achieve their business objectives. Some competitors outsource customer service; at XMedius, our representatives have expert knowledge of our products and services because they are OUR employees.

Our partners are the best ambassadors for our brand and solutions, so we strive each and every day to fully attend to their needs and develop a STRONG BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP.

Innovation is in our DNA

We’re not content to rely on our past successes. In fact, XMedius is investing more than ever in innovation. A team of approximately 20 employees and more than 10% of our revenues are dedicated every year to improving and broadening the scope of our XMediusFAX® solution. Our specialists follow the market closely to develop a product that precisely corresponds to the needs of our clients. For every product and solution, a detailed road map enables us to optimize the reliability and profitability of secure information exchange.

Our recent developments and innovations include the launch of two mobile applications (iOS and Android), our new XMediusFAX® Cloud version 1.8, and a range of healthcare connectors (“EHR/EMR” fax connectors for EPIC/Cerner/McKesson). Also, in 2016 we obtained the following certifications:

  • Alcatel-Lucent – OXO R11
  • Citrix XenServer 6.5 and 7.0
  • Cisco UCM 11
  • VMWare ESXI 6.0
  • Cisco Unity ConnX 11
  • Avaya CM 7.0.1
  • Cisco BE7000
  • Avaya IPO 10
  • Cisco UCM 11.5
  • Microsoft Gold app. Developer


The innovations continue. Here are the new products we will be introducing to the marketplace in the coming months.

Q1 – 2017


    Hybrid mode:

  • Enables the simultaneous use of the client’s inbound and outbound internal fax lines and the shared inbound and outbound fax lines with the XMediusFAX® Cloud service included in XMediusFAX® On-premises
  • Allows for the optimization of FAX traffic
  • Enables administrators to configure and distribute the lines
  • Makes it possible to use only the shared fax lines with XMediusFAX® Cloud, while internally managing one’s fax server and the third-party applications associated with it.
  • Available by subscription or prepaid
  • Provides detailed billing
  • Enables the porting of internal fax numbers to XMediusFAX® Cloud

    Xerox ConnectKey Connector available with XMediusFAX® On-Premises Features include:

  • Fax transmission and reception from ConnectKey compatible Xerox MFDs
  • Cover sheet selection, with the possibility of indicating the subject and comments
  • Transmission to one or multiple recipients
  • Public and private directories, Favourites
  • Fax Options (Delayed transmission, priority, retries, notification options)
  • Languages include English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
  • Xerox certification
  • 3 methods of authentication; No Login (shared account), Guest Users (XMediusFAX® On-Premises internal users), Using the Login of the Device (SSO)

    Support for several authentication protocols with XMediusFAX® Cloud 1.9

  • Added support for SAML 2.x “Security Assertion Markup Language” to authenticate users with “Active Directory Federation Services” and other similar authentication systems.

Q2 – 2017


   PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification

  • Enables integration into a solution that manages banking data

XMediusFAX® Mobile Connector 2.0 (iOS and Android)

  • Enables fax list management
  • Provides signatures of received faxes and retransmission to the sender
  • Provides fax activity notifications, both transmission and reception

Ricoh MFD Connector

  • Provides support for the new Smart SDK 1.0 by Ricoh for Android
  • Ricoh certification
  • Carryover of all features available with the Ricoh ESA (SDKJ 12) connector
  • Improves the human-machine interface

Q4 – 2017XMediusFAX® Server 9.0

    Features include:

  • Personalized field management: “Create, Edit, Delete”
  • Possibility of classifying received and transmitted faxes
  • Secure Fax over IP (UDPTL over DTLS)
  • Administrator authentication via SSO (Single Sign-On)
  • Printing of broadcast notifications
  • Support for the PostgreSQL database
  • Administrative view of commands
  • And more…

At XMedius, we firmly believe in the power of partnership. To this end, we are committed to developing and nurturing profitable and lasting business relationships. As far as we’re concerned, the formula is simple: your success is our success.