Ways to Reduce Printing in Your Office

With a large focus on cutting costs in today’s economy, reducing the amount of printing done around the office can help do just that. Reducing print volume cuts paper, toner and energy costs and reduces the amount of waste the business creates. Here are a few practical measures your office can take today to reduce its printing.

Perform a Print Audit
This will allow the office to measure how much printing is currently being done, and by whom. Unnecessary practices and those who print wastefully can be identified and corrected.


Communicate with Employees
Perhaps the most crucial step to reducing printing is to inform all of the employees that the whole company will be working to reduce printing. Give them these tips to reduce the amount of printing and print waste.

Stop Unnecessary Printing
Does everyone in the meeting actually need a whole document or would each be better suited with a one-page itinerary that includes the highlights?

Use Print Preview
Before finalizing a print job, preview it to make sure there are no mistakes. This avoids reprinting.

Duplex Printing
Print on both sides of paper to reduce the number of total page output. Also, if the document you are printing is an internal document, print on the back of a previously used piece of paper.

These are general suggestions which will help the office reduce its printing. The main idea is to get everyone informed and involved. For more information about how your office could reduce its printing costs and waste, contact us today.

This article was originally posted on Lufkin TX Copiers website Xerographix.