Visual Data Security White Paper


Welcome to Secure’s White Paper on Visual Data Security.

As data gets ever more versatile and mobile, we want to make sure that individuals, businesses, organisations and governments across Europe are aware of the threats posed by visual data security breaches.

Simply put, visual data security is ensuring that information cannot be seen by unauthorised individuals. This is particularly important when dealing with private or sensitive information, and the threat of a breach has risen enormously with the shift in working practices towards increased mobility, flexibility and shared resources.

This White Paper has been commissioned to give some background to visual data security and  provide simple, easy to follow advice on how to prevent a breach and protect individuals’ personal data and organisations’ commercially sensitive information.

It’s not about constraining people’s working habits or holding back the tide, but about embracing new trends and empowering employers and employees to take small steps to work in a safe and secure manner.

By promoting a greater understanding of these risks and the behavioural and practical procedures that can be adopted to reduce them, we hope to enhance data security across the continent.

We hope you find the Paper of interest. For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us on

Happy reading and stay secure!

Download Full Whitepaper: Visual Data Security White Paper