Visioneer OneTouch® with Kofax® VRS® Technology A White Paper

“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” It’s not often that Victor Hugo gets quoted in the world of document imaging. So you should already be expecting something spectacular. Two technologies that have shaped and influenced the art and practice of making document scanners easy to use and dramatically enhanced image quality have come together.

In 1998, Visioneer changed the way that users interacted with their scanners. Previously there were multiple steps to scan a document or photo. Launching software, setting resolution, paper size, prescan, color depth, cropping, saving, etc. And the average user who was not skilled in scanner or imaging technology had no idea how or why to make these choices. So any scanning task took up to 14 steps and some techno-savvy. Enter Visioneer OneTouch. Visioneer created buttons on scanners that let the user scan with one touch to already configured settings for different applications: scan a photo, scan to email, scan to the printer (copying), etc. Before you knew it, everyone starting putting buttons on scanners. Why? Because ease of use was ease of use was more important than any other feature including price. The steak is more important than the sizzle.

At the other end of the user spectrum was Kofax. In the high speed production market where scanners eat paper for a living, there was trouble in scanned document image quality. Document quality differed, sometimes dramatically. There were of course clean laser quality documents, but also faded copies, unclear faxes, colored multipart forms, highlighted text, etc. And at one scanner setting, some pages scanned fine and others were illegible. At speed greater than 100 pages per minute, there was  no time to go back and adjust settings for imperfect originals and then return the fixed  scan to the digital stack. So Kofax developed Virtual ReScan or VRS. VRS intelligently makes 1998 Visioneer OneTouch Ad  custom adjustments to each scanned page in a stack of mixed quality documents so that every page is adjusted to a crisp and clean image without impacting the speed of the job. This not only improved image quality for the human eye, but the computer’s eye as well since OCR accuracy dramatically increased with improved image quality.

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