Use Colored Printing

There has always been the debate on whether or not you should print in color because colored ink can cost more than black ink.

Color is fun, vibrant and can draw in and hold someone’s attention better than plain black and white. But is it worth the cost to print in color? Depending on what you’re printing yes, it is worth it!

Things you should not use colored ink for:

  • In-house documents and files
  • Personal documents

Things you should use colored ink for:

  • Marketing materials
  • Newsletters
  • Customer documents
  • Invoices
  • And much more
  • Documents that will be seen by clients
  • Ads
  • Flyers

There is a reason why you should use color on documents and marketing materials that will be seen by customers or potential customers. Studies have been conducted that show that using color is important for impact and effect of the document. People have a better response to things that are in color. Color attracts, influences and catches your reader’s attention. Studies have been conducted to prove that colored printing is more effective than printing that is in gray scale or black and white.

Colored printing:

  • Increases readership by up to 40%
  • Helps readers find information faster
  • Increases understanding by 73%
  • Can accelerate learning from 55% to 78%
  • It also can increase invoice payment by up to 30% when used on date and amount due

Using color will give your customers a better understanding of the material. They will also be more likely to remember what they read. 

If you would like to boost the efficiency of your prints then use colored printing!