Two Equitrac Editions Awarded Winter 2011 Pick Awards by BLI

<p>Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging products and solutions, today announced its Winter 2011 “Pick” winners honoring outstanding document imaging software solutions. BLI’s prestigious “Pick” awards acknowledge the top-performing solutions evaluated in BLI's lab during the previous six months. Equitrac Corp.’s <em>Equitrac Office 4.2</em> and <em>Equitrac Express 4.2</em> have been selected as <em>Outstanding Accounting/Cost Recovery Solutions</em> by the editors at BLI.</p> <p>“Reducing the cost of printing and copying has become an imperative at many organizations, while for many businesses and educational institutions, being able to recoup hardcopy output expenses is an important revenue source,” said BLI Managing Editor Daria Hoffman. “The latest versions of Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express improve on an already award-winning platform to let customers handle accounting, cost recovery and print management in-house, easily and effectively.”</p> <!--break--> <p><strong>Accounting and Cost Recovery for a Range of Markets</strong></p> <p>A solution for businesses of any type, <a href=" Office</a> is designed primarily to control costs of document output and associate those costs to departments or charge them to customers’ accounts, where appropriate. The system tracks prints at the server, and can intelligently re-route jobs to specific devices to help lower TCO. Optionally, Equitrac Office allows copying, scanning and faxing activity to be tracked via an embedded application on supported MFPs or via an external terminal. <a href=" Express</a> delivers similar functionality tailored specifically for the K–12 and higher education markets, allowing schools and universities to control the cost of document output and charge prints and copies to students, faculty and departments as needed.</p> <p>“The 4.2 releases of Equitrac Office and Express illustrate yet again why this platform is the solution to emulate in the accounting and cost recovery market,” said BLI Associate Editor Carl Schell. “Key features, such as the ability in Equitrac Office to enforce duplex printing and automatically reroute jobs to specific devices, allow organizations to establish policies to promote cost-effective and ‘green’ printing, satisfying environmental initiatives while also saving money.”</p> <p>“Accounting for every printed page is the core of print management, and it arms organizations with the data that they need in order to reduce print costs, apply tighter security to document workflows, and bring about a change in their user’s print behavior,” said Gaetan Spake, vice president of product management, Equitrac. “We are pleased that BLI has once again named Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express as its ‘Picks’ for Accounting and Cost Recovery Solutions, recognizing that we are leading the way towards helping companies better manage their printing environments.”</p> <p><strong>&gt;&gt; <a href="">Check out all our Winter 2011 Solutions Pick Winners now. </a></strong></p> This article was originally posted on <a href="’s Laboratory</a>.