Transforming Information Management to Increase Revenue and Improve the Customer Relationship

Executive Summary

Successful companies are constantly seeking ways to increase sales, to innovatively develop new sources of revenue and grow their customer relationships in order to protect and expand existing revenue streams. Rapid access to timely and accurate business information is essential to these initiatives. Without it, opportunities are missed, sales cycles take longer or stall completely, and customers can be alienated and lost.

Significant business information, particularly customer-facing information, is still initially captured in hardcopy form. Paper documents remain a significant source of business critical information for iWorkers, second only to email, and ahead of digital forms and documents. And document workflows and processes that contain relevant customer information frequently cross organizational boundaries, for example between Sales and Finance, or Finance and Customer Support.

Whether paper or digital, documents are key components of effective customer engagement. Customer facing functions like Sales and Customer Service require this information to better understand each customer, satisfy customer inquiries, close sales and promote add-on business.

This White Paper illustrates how these iWorkers, as the primary agents of customer engagement, can better achieve goals of increasing revenue and customer satisfaction with more effective and timely access to business critical documents. We’ll look at the benefits of making the right information available at the right time, the information bottlenecks and deficits that make it difficult for them to do their jobs, and ways to address making important, relevant information available and easier to use.

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