Toshiba Empowers Contact Center With RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop

Replacing a Legacy System

At the end of 2008, Toshiba’s leaders realized that the current on-premise CRM solution wasn’t yielding the results they needed. The legacy agent desktop application Toshiba had in place in their contact centers was expensive to maintain. In addition, implementing changes was cumbersome and extremely time consuming, slowing the ability of Toshiba to react to changing market conditions. The company needed to make a strategic investment in a cost-effective, cloud-based contact center desktop solution to empower the business and position the company as a more customer support-centric organization.

“The legacy system was really inflexible,” explains Rhonda Watkins, Director of Call Center Operations at Toshiba. “To make changes, we had to go through a multi-step process which could take months. Because we couldn’t control it locally, the delay and expense of making changes became detrimental to enabling us to be fluid and reactive to our businesses.” 

With multiple databases for products and warranty, customer contact information, and parts and repair services, Toshiba’s agents often had difficulty locating the right information to help the customer in each call, which resulted in agent dissatisfaction and higher than desired turnover. The complexity of finding information also meant training new agents took longer and was more expensive.

Why RightNow

To find a replacement for the legacy system, Toshiba went through a rigorous RFP process that included five of the leading CRM solution providers. “We put the companies through stringent testing. The process took about a year,” Watkins explains. During the process Toshiba also looked at building an internal system. “When we showed the executives our analysis from the RFP process and the pricing, they had no doubts that the RightNow SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution was the right choice,” Watkins adds. Toshiba found RightNow’s cloud platform was designed for easy configuration and integration, unlike the company’s historic on-premise system which required coding and often a new release to make even the simplest change. The partnership between RightNow and Teleperformance, a leading out-sourced contact center provider, added confidence in the RightNow solution.

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