Toshiba America Electronic Components Completes Large-scale NAS Upgrade with F5 ARX

Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC) is an independent operating company owned by Toshiba America, Inc., a leader in advanced electronics. The San Jose, California division, which is responsible for the company’s semiconductor engineering, was facing significant challenges as it approached a lease-rollover necessitating a hardware upgrade of its NetApp™ Network-Attached Storage (NAS) environment as well as a major software upgrade. Toshiba needed a solution that would enable it to perform a complex migration of 70 terabytes of data without disruption to the critical design, verification, and test processes. By implementing F5 ARX® file virtualization, the company was able to complete the data migration without downtime. ARX has also enabled Toshiba’s IT staff to reduce operational expenditures and achieve greater flexibility in responding to changing business demands.

Business Challenge 

The development environment at Toshiba consisted of users distributed across multiple business units, as well as Sun and Linux compute nodes accessing data on multiple older NetApp devices. Toshiba wanted to move to newer NetApp devices, which required a data migration in excess of 70 terabytes (TB) in a 24x7 development environment with little tolerance for downtime.

In addition, a complex infrastructure with 10 different business units sharing many volumes across several different filers made it disruptive to expand volumes and modify quotas as each individual business unit’s needs evolved. Toshiba wanted to move to the latest version of NetApp’s Data ONTAP™ software in order to leverage the FlexVol™ capability that would allow business units to expand capacity as necessary. This required  a complex migration, consolidating data from multiple source volumes into discrete FlexVols on the new NAS devices.

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