Tips to Help Save Paper in your Office

Since paper can actually be a pretty large chunk of what shows up on your expense report at the end of every month, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the amount that is printed in your office in a given time frame. Although often overlooked, saving paper can have a huge positive effect on how much you save in your office. Enjoying the natural byproduct of creating a greener environment is also a plus.

Employees will often set their priorities for saving paper on the back burner. Since they don’t see the monthly expense reports, they don’t realize how much they are affecting the company. That’s why it’s up to you as either the owner or the manager to promote tips that will help employees become more conscious about the amount of paper they’re using in a given month.

Some great tips to help save paper include:

  • Proofread all Documents Before Printing- If you have ever printed a large document that contains errors, you know all you need to do is to print it again. This doesn’t really become a problem until it happens all the time. Proofreading your documents before sending them to print can avoid this problem from the beginning.
  • Print on Both Side of the Paper- Unless it’s necessary to print on individual sheets of paper, the alternative of printing on both sides of the paper will help save up to 50% of the paper you print. Especially useful for internal documents, printing on both sides of the paper helps save tons of extra paper every month.
  • Rely more on Digital Means- There are plenty of ways to keep printing and paper usage down in the office. One of those ways is to rely more on digital means than to print every communication out physically. An example of this would be to send intra company memos via email instead of sending them out physically.
  • Implement the Changes in your Office- Talking about saving paper in your office is one thing, but it’s another thing entirely to implement the changes and to make sure everyone in the office is on board. The only way you’ll truly start saving paper is to unveil a plan that everyone can follow.

Now that you know some great ways to save paper in the office, you can use these tips to save money too! If you’re looking for a new strategy to save paper in the office, look no further.

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