Three most important scanning features

If you are looking to implement a scanning solution, it is very important that you have three, very important features. Those features are not scanning to email, scanning to folder and scanning to document management. Then, what do you think they are?

Scan to email, folder and document management systems are very important features that can not be over looked. They are never the most critical components, but these are the features that most people consider. Most often, people forget to look at the most critical features first.

Most Important Feature 1 - Ease of Use

There are so many types of systems out there right now. Some are incredibly complicated. Some required too many buttons to push for something as simple as a scan to email. They require the push of one button to enter an email, the push of another button to add the subject and yet another button to add the note. Not to mention the little screens and virtual keyboards that make any button push cumbersome.

Most Important Feature 2 - Tight Integration

In order for your scanning solution to be effective, you should look for integration with your current environment. You shouldn’t have to come up with work-arounds to tie it seamlessly to your MS Exchange server. You should be able to send an email from your scanner and have the message appear automatically in your sent items folder. If you want to password protect the system, it should authenticate against your existing server and not have to create a new password system. More over, you want it to integrate with your document management system so that you don’t have to take extra steps to get your documents where you want them when you want them there. But, remember that the definition of "tight" depends on your situation and needs. Don't confuse a product's claim of integration for solving your particular needs.

Most Important Feature 3 - Security and Compliance

Did you know that most scan to email and scan to folder are open to abuse from malicious users? In most scan to email systems, I can send an email anonymously, or worse, put someone else’s name as the return address? Did you know that in most scan to folder locations, security settings need to be turned off so that scanning can work easily on the network. These problems allow for violations in regulatory compliance with regulations such as HIPAA and SOX.

Don’t forget these key features when looking for a scanning solution.

Corey Smith has fifteen years of document management industry experience and maintains the Master the Business blog.