SYSPRO - Mid-market DM

SYSPRO has announced the availability of Document Management for SYSPRO, which is described as a cost-effective, "green-minded" solution set that enables mid-market manufacturers to gain new cost and time efficiencies while addressing regulatory compliance mandates.

Document Management for SYSPRO, which is optionally available with enhanced workflow features, enables organizations to access, manage and automate the routing of all digital content, including scanned paper documents, e-mails, faxes, print streams, application files, e-forms, Web content and multimedia files. The offering is embedded into SYSPRO’s standard ERP solution set, enabling workers to access and manage these documents directly from their work screens without leaving their applications.

Document Management for SYSPRO also provides an inherent document trail that protects and verifies the integrity and security of unstructured documents. Annotations can be added to all documents, and revisions of internal documents can be produced/altered as required. The additional Workflow option provides the ability to configure document-centric electronic workflows to route documents according to pre-defined rules and with ad hoc decision opportunities.

Posted from KMWorld.