Streamlining Paper-Based Document Processes with Distributed Capture Solutions


This white paper examines the challenges that businesses face with their existing paper-based document management methods. The paper also demonstrates how Lexmark distributed capture solutions enable employees in distributed office environments to efficiently and securely manage time-sensitive information within today’s complex business processes.

Even with the ability to transmit documents electronically, the paperless office has yet to become a reality. Inevitably, there are times when hardcopy documents created by outside sources need to be incorporated with digital documentation―for example, invoices, expense reports, medical records, contracts, legal documents, or documents that contain original signatures. With a distributed capture solution, both digital and hardcopy documents can be managed efficiently.

Distributed capture is defined as a workgroup solution that gives users at dispersed locations the ability to scan, capture and save documents in a highly secure digital format. The electronic document can then be automatically distributed via e-mail or fax, through a file transfer to a shared server folder or directory, or delivered directly into an enterprise application.

There are many cost benefits of capturing documents in real time, at the point of use, rather than using a traditional centralized scanning approach. These include: 

  • Elimination of costs for bundling, shipping, sorting, scanning and indexing documents at a central scanning facility
  • Immediate availability of files, forms and data
  • Reduced cycle time of transactional documents
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Improved compliance

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