Stay Secure - Helping You Protect Critical Information

Threats to information appear more and more frequently, and the risks and costs associated with them are increasing. A breach in the security of your documents can result in:

  • Unauthorized use of sensitive information
  • Stolen, compromised or harmful disclosure of intellectual property and trade secrets
  • Fines and litigation

The threat is real and the stakes are high. What used to be a problem only for large businesses is now a concern for everyone, as new regulations are established and criminals become more sophisticated. Computer Security Institute (CSI) estimates the cost of a successful attack averages $345,000 (CSI Survey 2007,, with 46 percent of companies reporting a security incident in the past 12 months.

Where are your vulnerabilities?

If you’re not controlling physical and electronic access to your multifunction devices (MFDs), almost anyone can launch attacks against your network and information assets. Those attacks can be as simple as someone picking up documents left in the output tray, to malicious worms pulling sensitive documents off your network. Attacks can originate from some surprising sources:

  • A phone line attached to your MFD can be used to access your network.
  • Viruses disguised as print files can enter your printer.
  • Malicious e-mail can be sent from an MFD, with no audit trail.
  • The web server that manages your MFDs and printers is vulnerable to attack.

Maintaining your security is an integral part of our product development blueprint. Security is built into every device during its design phase, providing you with a range of products that offers security appropriate to your business, regardless of its size. Our comprehensive approach to security is based on four strategic pillars:

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