Standardization Around the Office

Continuing our discussion on standardization in a previous article, when any organization increases the number of network devices its IT department is required to manage, management costs can increase. Some of the technology that an IT professional is already required to understand in most organizations include: desktop operating systems, network operating systems, authentication servers, email servers, web servers, telephone systems, document management systems, enterprise resource management systems, databases, copiers and printers. Some organizations will have even more.

Standardization can help to reduce the number of systems that an IT professional is required to learn and maintain. This can help to allow for greater efficiencies in maintaining information systems but can also provide for a greater level of security because your IT professionals and office staff will have a greater understanding of the systems you have in place.

In addition to infrastructure management, the implementation and training of the printing device can be time consuming. Sometimes the device is as simple as plugging into the network and adding an address. However, more often, devices are added to networks that have greater functionality. From different paper drawer options to inline finishing, and from scanning to integrated document management. Printers and multi-function systems are becoming more complicated to manage because that is what is required to create the easiest interface for the end user.

Standardization provides the ability for continuity in implementation. Installing a print device for the end user is the same from computer to computer. Print driver settings are the same from device to device. In addition, if you incorporate multi-function systems, then scanning, faxing or copying is handled the same way from device to device.

You may have only a few print devices on your network or you may have many. Regardless the quantity of print devices on your network, you will likely see cost and efficiency benefits by standardizing your printer and multi-function fleet. Check out some of our other articles to find out how we can help you more effectively contain your costs and increase your operational efficiency.