The Solid Ink Advantage: A ustainable strategy to improve your business output

Make every impression count
Whether you’re presenting your ideas
or proposals to clients or colleagues, it’s
smart business to make the most of every
opportunity. Color helps you stand out from
the crowd. Research shows the use of color
provides substantial improvement in attention,
comprehension, recall and response. And solid
ink produces the most impressive, most vibrant,
most consistent color in the office.
Vivid, saturated colors
Combined with Xerox’s 2400 FinePoint™
technology, solid ink ensures exceptional print
quality. This technology enhances print quality
using sophisticated algorithms to intelligently
augment dot patterns. The software uses
halftone and post-processing techniques to
optimize the image as it is applied to the print
drum while smoothing out fills and transitions
to eliminate disruptive patterns, characteristic
of laser prints.
Because solid ink is transferred from the print
drum to paper in precise state, the ink does
not spread into the paper. This makes its color
quality far less dependent on the paper’s
surface, allowing it to maintain excellent color
quality on the broadest range of papers and
media types.
Xerox solid ink printers offer four print modes
for the utmost flexibility in quality and speed. Users can choose settings that range from
Photo Mode to Fast Color Mode.

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