Smart Media Decisions for Your Wide Format Printer


If you’re seeking to get the most out of your wide format printer, media matters – more than you might expect. The days when white coated paper was your one and only choice are ancient history, given the hundreds of printable substrates now available. Too frequently media remains the last factor considered when printing a project on a wide-format machine. Yet, for best results, other than the choice of equipment, media should be a primary consideration.

Whether you have a monochrome CAD printer or a state-of-the-art color inkjet machine, you can choose from an extensive variety of media options for color and black-and-white applications running the gamut from client presentations to maps to signage. Selecting the right media may help you better achieve your goals, such as attracting new clients, streamlining construction workflow or selling more products at point of purchase.

To maximize your large format printer investment, you need to understand your media options and how to match them wisely with your applications. By guiding you in asking the right questions and heightening your awareness of available options, this whitepaper helps you select the media that best meets your needs for each specific project.

Download Full Whitepaper: Smart Media Decisions for Your Wide Format Printer