Signage Can Add To Your Office Culture!

Printing in house isn’t just for charts, reports and figures. Think about the areas in the office you use signage: bathroom labels, fire exits, out box/in box, etc. When you have the resources to print in the office you can make your office more work friendly and also fun! Communication is key in any size of workplace and sometimes printing could be the key player.

Ways to use print to add to the office:

  • Proper Labels – Having proper labels in the office makes finding and replacing office resources more effective. Stop spending time looking for the printing paper or the “outbox” for mailing; have the location labeled for everyone to see.
  • Name Plaques – When you have an office with many different tenant it’s easy to get people confused, and worse getting their titles wrong. Having name plaques helps new employees learn names and titles of their new office family. Remember that new employees have to learn multiple names and titles while the office only has to learn the new employee’s name.
  • Message Boards – Message boards are great to keep the whole office in the loop of upcoming events and activities they need to be aware of. This is also a great place for your office to share stories and connect. A reminder about big meetings or projects helps the office to stay on track and plan around important events.
  • Safety First – As offices grow its best to have all your safety plans located where people can read them. Fire exits need to be labeled along with first aid locations. If your office has a special protocol for floods or other disasters, it’s best to have the information accessible to all employees posted in the correct locations.
  • Add Your Own Touch – Printing and labeling doesn’t always have to be black and white. Add your company logo, bright colors or a funny picture to catch eyes.

The next time you are looking for a way to further build your office culture and workflow, consider how you’re using your office signage and printers.