Sharp Receives 2011 Energy Star® Award for Excellence in Energy Efficient Product Design

<p><strong>MAHWAH, NJ, March 14, 2011</strong> -- </p> <ul> <li>Sharp introduced LED backlit televisions which are up to 65-percent more energy- efficient than LCD CFL backlit monitors. </li> <li>Sharp promoted educational materials and programs for consumers, retailers and students. </li> <li>Sharp took a leadership role in CE industry to develop key ENERGY STAR program efficiency metrics </li> </ul> <p>Sharp Electronics Corporation has been selected to receive a 2011 Excellence in Energy Efficient Product Design Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR<sup>®</sup> program. This award recognizes Sharp’s ongoing commitment to promoting energy-efficiency amongst the <a href="">consumer electronics </a>and <a href="">business products’</a> trade and consumers, as well as the company’s efforts to lead by example in the execution of its business operations. Each year, the U.S. EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) honor organizations that have made outstanding contributions to protecting the environment through supporting and promoting energy-efficiency. Sharp will receive this award at a ceremony in Washington, D.C. on April 12, 2011. </p> <p>“This is a great honor for Sharp. The ideals upheld by the ENERGY STAR program are consistent with those of our corporate vision to contribute to the world through environmentally-friendly and health-conscious business, focusing on energy-saving and energy-creating products,” said Bob Scaglione, chief marketing officer, Sharp Electronics Corporation. “Our efforts in this area are diverse and go far beyond the products we manufacture. This is demonstrated through our recent enhancements to our manufacturing facilities to reduce energy use, our comprehensive renewable energy program for elementary school students, our free nationwide Sharp TV and printer cartridge recycling program for consumers and many other initiatives.” </p> <!--break--> <p><strong>Growing Line of Energy-Efficient Products</strong> <br />The 9 categories in which Sharp offered ENERGY STAR qualified products in 2010 include <a href="">televisio..., <a href="">room air conditioners</a>, <a href="">air purifiers</a>, <a href=" machines</a>, <a href="">audio products</a>, <a href="">Blu-ray Disc™ players</a>, <a href=", printers and multifunction devices</a>. Sharp’s AQUOS Quattron televisions, with Quad Pixel Technology, boast energy efficiency levels of as much as 67% above ENERGY STAR standards and as much as 65% above the current LCD CFL models. </p> <p>In 2010, 51 of Sharp’s LCD TV models were ENERGY STAR qualified, as well as all of its Blu-ray Disc players. For the first time, Sharp introduced ENERGY STAR qualified professional monitors, including its <a href=" series</a>, <a href=" video wall monitor and <a href=" </a>touch screen monitor. In addition, the document systems the company introduced in 2010 are significantly more efficient in typical operating conditions than earlier models. </p> <p>Sharp proudly meets, and often exceeds, the product-labeling requirements of the ENERGY STAR program and incorporates instructions in the owner’s manuals on how consumers can maximize energy-efficiency by using products’ key features and functions. </p> <p><strong>Industry Leadership in Energy Efficiency</strong> <br />Beyond offering comprehensive ENERGY STAR product labeling and in-box materials, Sharp requires that all promotional and point-of-purchase materials include energy saving information to help consumers understand the cost-saving and <a href=" benefits </a>that are made possible by efficient products. In addition, the <a href=""> </a>website provides <a href="">downloadable materials </a>including brochures, operation manuals, and other materials to encourage retailers and consumers to think in terms of energy-efficiency. </p> <p>“Thanks to the creative promotion efforts of partners like Sharp, consumers can more easily find energy-efficient ENERGY STAR products in the marketplace,” said Elizabeth Craig, Acting Director of EPA’s Office of Atmospheric Programs. “Sharp leads the way by helping Americans learn how they can protect our environment through energy efficiency. We look forward to seeing the innovative programs these partners will continue to deliver.”</p> <p>Sharp trains and recognizes dealers through its “Dealer of Excellence in Promoting Energy-Efficient Products” program and offers them additional training via the Web that ensures the benefits of Sharp’s energy-efficient products are properly conveyed to consumers. </p> <p>Sharp has expanded its leadership in the measurement of <a href=" in the television </a>manufacturing industry in 2010, drafting what has become the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) industry standard CEA-2037. Sharp is also an active participant in the EPA’s SmartWay<sup>sm</sup> program that sets high energy-efficiency standards for freight shippers in the CE industry. Sharp is a four-time SmartWay Excellence Award winner. </p> <p>The Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company <a href="">(MRM)</a>, which Sharp co-owns and operates with Toshiba and Panasonic, has grown to 350 sites located across all 50 U.S. states. Since its start in 2007, MRM has recycled 30 million pounds of electronics, and Sharp alone has been responsible for over 9 million pounds of recycled electronic material through the program. Sharp also provides consumers with free downloadable mailing labels they can use to <a href=" empty Sharp <a href=" toner cartridges</a>. </p> <p>In 2010, Sharp upgraded its manufacturing and office facilities to reflect its environmental consciousness. The company installed a significant new solar electric system at Sharp Manufacturing Company of America’s Memphis, TN, solar manufacturing facility which generates a considerable amount of <a href="">clean energy </a>for its operation. Sharp also upgraded its Mahwah, NJ U.S. headquarters’ heating, cooling and fire systems to eliminate the emission of ozone depleting chemicals from the site.&#160; </p> <p>Sharp is a world-leading manufacturer of <a href="">solar cells </a>and panels and offers the <a href="">Sharp Solar Academy</a>, a hands-on renewable energy education program for students, at U.S. elementary schools. Since the program began in 2008, it has reached more than 3,000 students. </p> <p><strong>About ENERGY STAR</strong> <br />ENERGY STAR was introduced by EPA in 1992 as a voluntary, market-based partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants associated with energy use. Today, the ENERGY STAR label can be found on more than 60 kinds of products as well as new homes and buildings. Last year alone, Americans, with the help of ENERGY STAR, saved $18 billion on their utility bills and prevented greenhouse gas equivalent to those of 34 million cars. Products, homes and buildings that have earned the ENERGY STAR prevent emissions by meeting strict energy-efficiency specifications set by the EPA.&#160; For more information, go to <a href=""></a>. </p> <p>For more information on Sharp’s energy efficient products, contact Sharp Electronics Corporation, Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ, 07495-1163 or call 800-BE-SHARP. For online product information, visit Sharp Electronics Corporation at <a href=""></a>. </p> <p>Find us on <a href="">Facebook</a>, follow us on <a href="">Twitter</a> and watch us on <a href="">YouTube</a>. </p>